Seniors reflect before last Homecoming


When many hear the word “homecoming,” they think of the week-long shebang full of Loonie spirit, a football game and dance.

However, for senior football players and cheerleaders, it’s much more.  This October 8 is their last homecoming.

“This [homecoming] is so important to me because I’m a senior, and it’s my last homecoming game.  It is what I want to remember for the rest of my life,” said Branson Brockschmidt, football player.

Many other seniors agree with Brockschmidt, that this year’s homecoming is of great importance to them.

Devyn Youmans, cheerleader, said, “As a cheerleader, it’s important to have lots of spirit because lots of people are watching us, since this is the biggest football game of the year.”

This year, the class of ‘11 have taken away priceless lessons.

“I learned to not take anything for granted,” said Cody Piper, football player.

Kristen Ross, cheerleader, agreed, “I’m beginning to appreciate school more because I’m finally realizing that it’s ending.  I’m slowing myself down and not rushing anything because I want to enjoy every moment of it.”

Throughout four years of participating in a highly competitive sport, these seniors have learned many new skills.

Youmans learned how to be a great leader through being a cheerleading captain.

Bryan Ball, football player, said, “I learned how to work well with other people.”

“From football I learned a lot of discipline and how to put in a lot of hard work.  [I learned] if you put in hard work you definitely get great rewards out [of it],” said Brockschmidt.

Playing for Leesville has been a beneficial part of these young people’s lives.

“We have a great team and program,” Piper said.  “It’s just an good overall thing to be in.  LRHS is very successful and it stands for working hard.  [Working hard] is what I want to be known for.”

“I’m definitely going to miss playing in the Friday night lights and running out and seeing all the Loonies and Grill Team,” said Ball.

This October 8, think not of only your own school spirit and activities, but of the seniors who are closing another chapter in their lives.

“We’re going to light up the scoreboard, I can tell you that.  It is definitely going to be a fun game to watch,” said Piper.


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