Senior guarantees football championship


Leesville Varsity Football left tackle/defensive end Jake Joyner has guaranteed to win a State Championship for the 2010 season.

“I guarantee that Leesville will win a State Championship this year.  Otherwise I’m gonna quit school,” Joyner stated confidently after a 38 – 8 thrashing of Green Hope on August 27.

This is not the first time that #64 has made such announcements.  Two years ago Joyner guaranteed that the team would finish first in state, but the Pride fell to New Bern in the playoffs.  Last year he stated that Leesville would finish on top of the conference, but a rough second half of the season denied him this fulfillment.

Even after losing the first game of the season to Panther Creek, Joyner still believes this is the strongest the team has been in years.  “I know I’m 0 and 2 right now with my guarantees, but we will win this year.  As for Panther Creek, we could have also easily lost to them last year, so it doesn’t really make a difference.”

Joyner follows the footsteps of many famous athletes.  Former Detroit Pistons basketball player Rasheed Wallace wrongfully guaranteed multiple wins against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006.  Jon Kitna declared that the Detroit Lions would win ten games in 2007.  The Lions finished 7 – 9.  Jerramy Stevens guaranteed a Super Bowl XL win for Detroit; Stevens ended up dropping four passes and miserably losing the trophy.

Despite the past outcomes for his personal sports heroes, Joyner believes his guarantees are different.  “Those guys have nothing on me.  Leesville is gonna win the State Championship this year.”


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