Leesville hosts administrative intern

Starting this school year, LRHS has received a new administrative intern, Crystal Reardon. She will be observing the school’s activities once a week and attending school events in order to receive her administrative degree.

The process of becoming an administrator begins with 24 hours of touring with other administrators, learning their duties and how to accomplish them. Such duties include student disciplinary actions and making sure teachers are following curriculum. When one has completed the requirements of interning, he or she must write a work portfolio of reflections on his or her experience.

Reardon currently works with the school board in the English department, along with doing her internship. Previously, she has been a student counselor and taught high school and middle school English in Greensboro and Person County.

“It’s like putting the final piece in the puzzle; counseling, teaching, and now administrating,” Reardon said about working to achieving her Masters of School Administration, or MSA.

She also explains that there is no major difference in difficulty between administrating and teaching; only that the duties are different and will take getting used to.

Excited to start her interning and meet new people, Reardon is hoping to have a great experience with the staff and students at LRHS.


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