“Minute to Win It” pointless but awesome


The game show Minute to Win It premiered Sunday, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET, and it took me three episodes to realize that it was my new favorite inane and pointless show on network TV.

“Minute to Win It,” hosted by past Food Network star Guy Fieri, is an hour of everyday Americans completing ridiculous tasks in sixty seconds for cash prizes. These tasks include pulling all of the tissues out of a box using only one hand, using only facial muscles to move a cookie to one’s mouth, and hanging nails on a thin wire without knocking them all off.

Reviewers and bloggers alike are calling this show “lame” and “imbecilic,” claiming that the show itself is directed only at younger men.

The show itself is not getting reviews as bad as its host, Fieri. Blogger Ken Tucker calls Fieri a “Rascal Flatts reject” and that he “makes Howie Mandel look like Sir Ben Kingsley.” Cinemablend, however, disagrees, and refers to Fieri as “the show’s strongest attribute,” claiming that he brings “a level of enthusiasm to the show.”

From what I have seen of Fieri’s energy and hosting abilities, I’d say Minute to Win It is right up his alley. The show is simple and does not take a very high IQ to understand or explain. It seems to me that all of Fieri’s negative feedback is ill-spoken. In one episode, a contestant thought they completed the task, and the clock was still ticking. Fieri, along with the rest of the audience, yelled, “Go back! Go back, it’s not done yet, go back!” Fieri, a truly grown-up child, finds his niche in simple humor.

The show earned 3.91 out of 5 in the ratings. Despite the hot and cold difference between reviewers’ opinions, the consensus seems to be this: Minute to Win It is an interesting show with a lively host that select audiences are sure to enjoy for however long it may last.


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