Central District All-District Band Auditions


On Saturday, January 9, members of the Leesville Road High School Symphonic Band left for Orange High School to audition for Central District All-District Band.

After arriving in Hillsborough, the group registered and received a number. 

“You literally sit and wait for hours, depending on your instrument or how many other people play [the same instrument as you],” said Courtney Tesh, senior.

While waiting for their auditions, members from various schools and bands in the district gathered in the auditorium to warm up, tune their instruments, and practice their audition pieces.  “It’s very chaotic.  Everyone is talking over the instruments, so the people playing have to practice even louder,” said Tesh.

Once a musician’s number is called, he or she plays scales specific to their instrument, performs a solo, and sight-reads a piece.

Those who ranked in the top musicians include Michael Elderkin, Betsey Unger, Mark Watters, Taylor Harrison, Andrew Wood, Courtney Tesh, Jason Nance and Jacob Montgomery. Two alternates, Caitlin Fanning and Justin Barnes, were also chosen.

These individual will now go to a clinic at Sanderson on February 5, have two rehearsals, and then perform in a concert on February 6 with a new band consisting of students from other schools who placed at All-District. 

“It’s really fun and totally worth it,” remarked Tesh. “I started auditioning in sophomore year, and I wish I had done it freshman year.  It’s a really good experience.”


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