The Trader Joes Experience: Why I will Never Go Anywhere Else


I do not think I will ever shop at a regular grocery store ever again, that is, until Trader Joes’ trading hours cease to exist.

With a new location on Wake Forest Rd., opened on Oct. 30, the California grocer is now serving Raleigh with delicious food and great service.

1. The atmosphere

At Trader Joe’s, everyone is friendly. I have yet to run into a rude shopper yapping into his cell phone as he cuts corners around the cereal aisle. The guy that bags your groceries is not some ticked off high school kid, who just wants to go home and watch TV. Instead, I got Kevin who I had a nice five-minute-long conversation with. We both enjoy running and hiking outdoors, so he recommended a new Cliff bar I should try next time I head for the hills. I cannot say I received the same service from the guy with the tongue piercing at Kroger who grimaces at his shoes the whole time and fails to ask me if I found everything alright.

2. The cheap organic produce

At Trader Joes, you do not have to “sacrifice your green to go green.” Trader Joe’s has a policy of “cutting out the middle man” so you can have the cheapest price possible. As a frequent Whole Foods shopper, I was amazed when the same amount my parents spent on one bag of groceries at Whole Foods could purchase a whole cart of groceries at Trader Joe’s. Not only is the produce cheap, but it is also delicious, and because it is organic, it is pesticide free.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables at Trader Joe’s last a long time and stay fresh and colorful. My favorite fresh thing to buy at Trader Joe’s is the “homemade” black bean and corn salsa. It is absolutely perfect and is bursting with flavor, which makes it good on just about anything.

3. Good food does not just end in the produce section

Even the frozen dinners at Trader Joe’s do not contain any additives or weird ingredients that no one can pronounce. Trader Joe’s even has really great imported foods like pizza from Italy and Belgian chocolate. Every time I enter Trader Joe’s there is a new international dish to sample in the back of the store. My father is a big fan of the really cheap wine which at about 7 dollars a bottle, always makes a great present for him.

4. Job opportunities

Perhaps grocery store cashiers like Kevin, the running hiker, are so friendly because they are not just grocery store cashiers. They also prepare samples, stock shelves, take up inventory, make recommendations, taste new products, and make flower arrangements.  Workers change work stations every hour or so which allows them to do a variety of things throughout the day. Trader Joe’s will hire people as young as fifteen to help stock shelves and make flower arrangements.

I recommend Trader Joe’s because it is a cheap grocery store with wonderful service. I always feel welcomed when I go into the store and satisfied after a successful shopping trip. Now, if only doctor’s offices were the same way.


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