New Airport Security Proposed


Mind reading machines seem like a far-fetched, futuristic idea that will never come true except in science fiction movies and books.  But according to recent proposals made by security experts, they could be a reality in the near future.

The purpose of these machines would be to read the body language and mind of passengers on airplanes so that bombings and hijackings will become a thing of the past.

They will become another routine step in flying, along with the metal detectors and X-ray machines already in use.

Other ideas for increasing security in airports include highly sophisticated sensors and more intense interrogations.

Though these ideas seem fascinating to some, others view it as a violation of their privacy.

If a person is nervous and fidgety due to a reason other than carrying a bomb, then they may be pulled aside for screening.  This will waste valuable time and may make the person miss their flight.

On the other hand, this step up in security would most likely cut down on the number of attempted hijacks and bombings and make air travel safer.


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