Juniors Victorious in Penny War


The Penny Wars of 2009 ended successfully on Friday, December 11.  The total amount of money raised was around $435.  All the money donated will go to help needy families in the Raleigh area.

 During lunch periods of the past week, students of all grades compete to fill their class’ jar with pennies, while filling other classes’ jars with quarters, nickels, and dimes.  For every non-penny coin, the appropriate number of pennies were subtracted from the total (one quarter = negative twenty five pennies).

Though any attempt to assist those less fortunate is deemed a success, the Africentric Club, which runs the Penny Wars, was somewhat disappointed by the results.

“Last year we were only two or three dollars short of a thousand dollars,” said Nykeemah White, president of Africentric club. “We had really been hoping to make it there [to a thousand dollars] this year.” 

Despite a less successful year, students around Leesville still donated all they could and tried to do their part.  “I couldn’t donate as much as usual because I had to buy Christmas presents,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous. 

“Even though the juniors won the competition, I think there would have been a lot more participation if there was an option to donate some time other than lunch,” said Layla Shayesteh, junior.

Mrs. Lowe will pick the families that will benefit from the money raised, and the Africentric Club will go shopping for Christmas presents and food for a holiday dinner.


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