Final Fantasy XIII


Square Enix has delivered one of the most addictive system sellers ever created with the release of Final Fantasy XIII.  The video game has already become a sensation in Asia and is creating much anticipation in the Western world.

The story centers on a mysterious world called Pulse and focuses on mechanical godlike beings called fal’Cie.  More important, fal’Cie are known as I’Cie who must fulfill a goal known as a Focus.  L’Cie help the I’Cie by summoning monsters.  Thousands of years ago, the fal’Cie constructed a paradise for humanity and called the floating city Cocoon.  The main character, Lightning, must fight her way through Cocoon and find Anima, a fal’Cie. 

While the game brings back former Final Fantasy features such as summons and Active Time Battle scenes, a new option in battle will be the “Paradigm Shift” where players will be able to switch among three different characters while controlling their actions in battle.

Also new in Final Fantasy XIII is the refined “Crystarium System” which characters gain instead of the traditional experience points.  The points can be used for enhanced abilities and increased attributes.

Final Fantasy XIII offers unique aspects in the game that makes it an intriguing experience.  The setting is a complex world with an abundance of very realistic characters.  As in other Final Fantasy games, plot advancements transition smoothly with cut scenes.

Despite the incredible plotline and game features, the complicated system can bring some confusion in the middle of game play.  For players new to the series, the abundance of information can be too much to bear.  Exploration sequences sometimes become branched out and overwhelming to the player.

However, regardless of the intricate the game play, Final Fantasy XIII’s plotline and lifelike qualities make it simply astounding.  With very few dragging moments in the story, the game is an immediate success, and players will discover the game to be very addictive and enjoyable.

Final Fantasy XIII is set to release in America on March 9, 2010 for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.


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