Eighty Percent of Leesville Students Unaware of Fight Song


Every school has a fight song.  This song is usually played at every school game by the band to pump up the team.  However, Leesville’s fight song has left little to no impact on students because most have never heard it or do not realize they have.

Four out of five people said that they had “no idea that [Leesville] even had a fight song.”

Colleges tend to have more memorable songs and some even have words so that fans can sing along.  This not only gets the fans pumped up but also the players.

Most NC State fans know the fight song, some even know all of the lyrics by heart, but they are not all students.  Many adult fans and alumni sing along with  the students at games.

Many high schools are the same.  Millbrook High School pumps up their sporting events by playing and singing their own fight song set to the tune of Notre Dame’s; but the question of Leesville’s Fight Song still remains.

Leesville does in fact have a fight song.  We actually have a school song, too.

The fight song is set to the tune of “Washington and Lee Swing” that the symphonic band plays whenever a team needs to be pumped up.  It gets the players ready to play their best even though it does not have any lyrics.

Leesville’s school song is set to the music of “On Wisconsin” and is played at all school sporting events.  It is played whenever the team makes a goal, touchdown, interception or etc.  Though it is unclear exactly who had a part in its creation, the song was created by a teacher with the help of some students when the school first opened.  These dedicated Loonies realized the need for a school fight song,

The school song actually has lyrics too.  The symphonic band plays this song and the chorus has even sung it.  Its lyrics are: “Onward Leesville!  Onward Leesville!  Fight on for your fame!  Loyal to the Green and Blue, We proudly shout your name, L – H – S!  Onward Leesville!  Onward Leesville!  We are by your side!  So stand, cheer, ‘THE PRIDE IS HERE!’  The Leesville Pride!  (Drum line playing)  Go Leesville…Go Leesville…Go Leesville…Go Pride!  So stand, cheer, ‘THE PRIDE IS HERE!’”

“Schools shouldn’t change their fight songs…that’s how tradition gets started,” said Mr. Albert, the band director at Leesville.  “This song identifies Leesville’s teams with success.”


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