Relient K.’s Forget and Not Slow Down Exceptional


Relient K. has astounded the music world once again with the release of their new album Forget And Not Slow Down.

The band has released five full-length albums, five EP’s and a Christmas collection in their ten year career.  They have also had many radio singles that are played regularly on radio stations across the United States.

Every album so far has been exceptional and Forget And Not Slow Down is no exception.

Many bands will release an album that has many old songs on it just so that the record appears to have many tracks, influencing fans to buy it.  Not so for Relient K.  Forget And Not Slow Down’s debut was on October 6, and features fifteen new tracks that have not been previously released on other records.  The album was produced by Gotee Records which has been their label company for most of their records.

Most fans, myself included, have taken to this album and boosted its popularity tremendously.  It has been the number one bestselling album on Christian websites such as since the week it debuted.  Relient K. has yet to disappoint their fans with an album.

“Forget and Not Slow Down” has the classic Relient K. feel; however, most of the tracks have more upbeat version of a Death Cab For Cutie sound.  Thiessen wrote the majority of the songs on this record while trying to handle the breakup with his fiancé.  Many of the songs reflect the pain and loneliness Thiessen was feeling at the time.

Possibly the most inspirational song is the first and the one that the album is named after, “Forget And Not Slow Down.”  This song’s chorus is the most powerful part.  Lead singer, Matt Thiessen, declares “I’d rather forget and not slow down/ than gather regret for the things I can’t change now/ if I become what I can’t accept/ resurrect the saint from within the wretch/ pour over me and wash my hands of it.”  This states that he would rather move on than dwell on the past and what went wrong.

Relient K. appeals to fans who like songs with deep meanings and lyrics which may send its listener to the dictionary for certain word definitions.  Thiessen has written the majority of Relient K.’s songs and even a few for other bands.

Owl City, an up-and-coming band that has recently hit stardom, collaborated with Thiessen for the new record Ocean Eyes.  Thiessen is respected by many artists because of his accomplishments and most new bands jump at the chance to tour with Relient K., which may in turn boost their popularity.

With the release of Forget And Not Slow Down, eager fans are left satisfied; but they eagerly await Relient K.’s next album.


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