Seniors Win Homecoming Float Contest

Photo by Amy Kreis
Photo by Amy Kreis
Photo by Amy Kreis

On Friday, October 16, 2009, the Leesville Road High senior student council won Leesville’s annual Homecoming float contest.

Beginning on the first day of school, the senior council designed and crafted its homecoming float.  The council routinely met on Friday afternoons in a classroom provided by faculty.  Aside from accommodations, however, the senior class assumed all responsibility over the creation of the float.

“[The making of] the homecoming float is entirely student-based,” said Will Woodhouse, senior class president. “We come up with all the ideas, we do all the decorations, and we all pitch in to do the best job that we can.”

In fact, participation in the homecoming float process was not limited to the senior student council.  Throughout the brainstorming and setup of the float, anyone from the senior class was free to participate. 

“We’re representing the senior class,” said Woodhouse, “so every voice matters. Everyone is welcome.”

This year’s Hard Rock Café Homecoming theme challenged each class council to incorporate rock and roll into their homecoming floats.  In view of the theme, the senior class elected to showcase the float through a live band, led by Jacob Evans, senior. 

 “I’m not even in [senior] student council,” said Evans, “I just volunteered to perform.”

As the parade progressed from the bus lot to the student parking zone, the senior band ceaselessly performed three songs, each collaboratively selected by the council.  While Evans later admitted that the band didn’t have much time to practice, the performer felt proud of the band’s efforts.

“At first I was really nervous,” said Evans, “especially since we only had two rehearsals before the [day of the] parade, but everyone really liked it so I guess we did all right.”

Clearly, Leesville agrees with Evans’ evaluation. In the week following the seniors’ win, Leesville’s daily announcements continually congratulated the seniors for winning the contest with their “phenomenal float.” So, although the school contest isn’t accompanied with an actual prize, hopefully the seniors have enjoyed the pride of a job well done.


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