2009 Grill Team: Better than Ever


grillteamThe Leesville Grill Team, a group created by the 2008 senior class, continues this year bigger than ever. In the past the team consisted of mostly seniors and a few juniors, but now the current senior leaders eagerly want underclassmen to join allowing the tradition to live on. We [the Grill Team] need everyone to join. If you have school spirit the Grill Team is for you,” said Bryce Edwards, senior.

The Grill Team cooks out every Friday from 4:30 until kickoff at Springdale Pool before all Leesville football games. Springdale is located on Leesville Road right next to the school making travel to the games very convenient. “I like having Grill Team at Springdale; it is really close so it does not take long to get to the school for the games,” said Bobby Iannuzzelli, senior. The Grill Team does not only grill out for home games, though. On away games these dedicated students fire up the grill and then journey to any school to support their football team.

The first time the Grill Team cooked out this year occurred Friday, August 21 when the varsity football team opened their season against Panther Creek High School. “It was a good turn out of seniors, a lot more than I expected, but I think we can do better,” said Andy Smith, senior. The team cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, threw a football around, and the seniors introduced our new pride flag. With “Pride” on the front, and “class of X” on the back, Edwards and Michael Wojciechowski, senior, take complete credit for their work. When the time came the grill was doused, the trash picked up, and the cars were started. One after the other, cars raced out of the parking lot heading to go enjoy the football game.

So what is Grill Team really about? Wojciechowski said, “Having fun and getting people to come out and support the team. Go Pride!” If you do decide to join the enthusiastic loonies there are only two rules to follow. The first rule, tell everyone you know about the Grill Team. Bring a friend, actually, bring dozens of friends. The more the merrier. Second rule, have fun! The whole concept of grill team is to hang out with your friends, show your school spirit, and to eat a little something something while you are doing it.

How can I become a Grill Team member?  Well, it’s simple, just show up. The Grill Team welcomes any student, freshman to senior. If you feel you need permission to come to grill team you can always ask senior grill team leaders Edwards, Wojciechowski, Iannuzzelli or Smith. They would all be happy to know you will be joining the team and will answer any questions you still have.

Grill Team will continue every Friday throughout the football season, so it is not too late to join the team and with an ample amount of support the Grill Team has potential to continue the whole school year.  “There’s no reason to stop the grill team after the football season,” said Wojciechowski. “If people keep coming, we will keep grilling.” It is your dedication and your pride that will allow the Grill Team to strive. So don’t be scared and don’t be shy, come out and support your pride!


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