Men’s Cross Country Sweeps Enloe


Leesville Men’s Cross Country defeated Enloe 15 to 44 Wednesday, September 2, at the first regular season meet.

The top five places were won by (in order of finish) Andrew Byrum, Will Woodhouse, Aaron Smith, Christian Klute, and Bilo Hoese, all Leesville runners.  In the sport of cross country, the score is determined by adding the places of the top five runners for each team, and the team with the lowest score (or the highest places, 1, 2, ect.) is declared the winner.  Prior to the race, the team completes a warm-up, stretches, runs strides and discusses race strategies.

Will Woodhouse, senior, said, “I just try to avoid the booby traps I set for the other team.”

Andrew Byrum, sophomore, ran a 17:07, which according to Coach Mclamb, “Is pretty dang close to a course record, if not the new record.”

After team members cross the finish line, they cool down with a short jog, stretch and refuel.

Jared Dix, senior, said, “Well, post-race I like to drink the blood of my opponents.  We really take a Viking approach to this team.  It’s slightly barbaric.” 

When questioned, the rest of the team prefers Gatorade.



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