• October 16, 2019

Dalia Hasan Feature

Dalia Hasan (third from the right) stands with her team after the 2018 State Championship race. She hopes to compete in the 2019 State championship this coming year to keep

Are Young People Moving Towards the Left, or the Center?

 (From left to right: DeKeriah Webb, Leah Ervine, Taylor Potts, Sarah Cash, Tahalia Nira, Trinity Cash, Jacob Smith) Leesville students sit in a focus group to learn about Socialistic ideas

Big Mouth Season 3 Review

Big Mouth’s opening “Changes” has become a classic to fans who listen to the song at the beginning of every beloved episode. (Photo courtesy of Jacob Smith) Crude, vulgar, a


On April 14 and 21, American R&B singer Beyonce Knowles headlined the 2018 Coachella Festival performance located in Indio, California. Her performance, themed “Homecoming,” shed light on the historical black

Local Job Opp.

For teens in high school money can be essential. The need for money in your adolescence comes from what you prioritize as needs and wants. In the millennial generation money


On April 6 at noon, the gates for the very first Dreamville fest opened with thousands of hip hop fans awaiting. The Dreamville fest kicked off at Dorothea Dix Park,

The Reality of Senioritis

Urban Dictionary defines senioritis as, “a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors…” It goes on to explain common symptoms, including: “laziness” and “an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old

Toxic Masculinity

  Masculinity definition: “qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” Stoicism Strength (physical, emotional, mental) Pride Aggression Courage Independence Assertiveness Take a moment and imagine something: a tank of