Grace Ownbey

Grace Ownbey

“For my mural I wanted to create something that would resonate with a variety of people but also reflect the style of Father and Son,” said young artist Grace Ownbey. A current ASU student, Ownbey utilized her creative teachings to paint multiple pieces across the area, especially to support the BLM movement occurring across the state. 

The inspiration behind the larger mural actually came from looking through black power posters from the ‘70’s. A lot of them consist of bright, bold figures that demand attention and that’s exactly what I felt like a BLM mural needed. To be welcoming enough to grab anyone’s attention, but powerful enough to amplify the voices of the black community.

Grace Ownbey

Her animated, stylistic voice shines brightly through all her pieces. Her art is attention-grabbing, colorful, and inviting — an essential combination for street art’s success. 

“Street artists are able to create interesting compositions that attract viewers and not just those who love ‘traditional’ art.” 

Public art is the perfect medium to “breath life into places and make viewers feel welcome and empowered,” said Ownbey. 

For Ownbey, her art was a way of contributing to Raleigh’s BLM protests. “I don’t have a ton of money being a college student, and I’m not an excellent speaker but I wanted to get involved so I found my own way to speak up,” said Ownbey. 

Her murals serve as symbols of unity and power for those out protesting and fighting for justice, supporting them in their resistance. It was also an opportunity for Ownbey to connect with other artists in the area with the same mission as her.