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Real-Sports Review

Real-Sports is an up-and-coming sports app that seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with other fans. Real-Sports seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with each other through the use of social elements in its sports app.

Like other sports apps such as ESPN or CBS Sports, Real-Sports has advanced statistics. Many app users, such as Caden Mitchell, senior, love the way the app displays its statistics. 

“I love the way the user interface lays out all the statistics, it makes it really easy to digest everything,” said Caden Mitchell, senior. 

Real-Sports differentiates itself from other sports apps through its near-instantaneous play and score updates along with its social features. 

Users cite the ability to react to every play and chat with one another while a game is happening as a key reason why they keep using the app. The ability to have your reactions to a specific play or moment is very similar to X (Formerly known as Twitter), but since Real-Sports is sports-driven you are only surrounded by sports fans. 

“Probably my favorite part of Real-Sports is being able to interact with other users as plays are happening,” said Caden Mitchell. “It provides a unique experience that I really haven’t seen in other apps.”

Another feature that draws many users is the competitive aspect of the app. Users can bet “karma:” the virtual currency of the app, on different games in hopes of gaining more karma, and rax — a currency used to get player and team cards. 

A global leaderboard of karma encourages users to keep watching games and pass each other in karma amounts. 

Henry Wheater, freshman, is one of the many users who loves the karma system. 

“I’m a very competitive person by nature, so I love challenging my friends to see who can earn the most karma”, said Wheater. 

As Real-Sports continues to grow and add new features, many users will continue to use the app with new users calling it their go-to sports app. The future looks bright for Real-Sports. 

Leesville Cold Outbreak

Over the past couple of weeks, the seasonal cold has swept over the LRHS student body. 

As is typical with the time of year and the changing weather, the common cold is making its annual appearance. 

A poll posted on LRHS Mycenean Instagram account showed that over 70% of LRHS students who responded to the poll have experienced cold symptoms within the last two weeks.

Students are discouraged from attending school when sick; students’ absences are notably affecting class sizes.

James Leonard, junior, said, “There’s a lot of people who are sick right now… there’s at least a few kids per class who are absent who are normally at school.”

While missing school can be stressful for some students, it is in the best interest of the student body for sick students to stay home.

Tyler James, sophomore, said, “There’s definitely been a lot of people out of school, but I also feel like I’ve seen a lot of people coming in when they seem like they’re about to die, haha.”

While time has begun healing the traumas of COVID-19, there is still suspicion and paranoia that surround the common cold symptoms that COVID-19 presents with.

Katie Carrigan, junior, said, “I feel like there’s still that thought in the back of my mind any time someone around me starts coughing or blows their nose right in front of me- like what if it’s actually COVID and not just a cold or something?”

In general, it is important to maintain good hygiene and sanitation practices, especially at this time of year. Students should make sure to wash their hands as much as possible and cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.

The Game Awards

Every year, The Game Awards, also known as TGA, awards 31 of the top video games, creators, actors, and athletes for a variety of categories. 

The Game Awards will reveal the winners on December 7.

Some categories include game of the year, best ongoing, best esports game, most anticipated, and many more. Each category has five to six nominees that fans can vote for.

Fans can vote for their favorite games on the TGA website and Discord server. Fan voting ends on Wednesday, December 6, at 9 pm EST.

“I voted for all the categories, but I hope The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom wins game of the year because I love it. I also want SypherPK to win content creator of the year,” said Jacob Merrit, junior, via Instagram messages.

All award categories, nominees, and voting is here.

Winners of each category are determined by a combination of the voting jury and public fan voting. Jury voting makes up 90% of the votes, and 10% is fan voting.

The event will be live-streamed 7:30 pm EST on YouTube, Twitch, X, Facebook live, Steam, IGN, Gamespot, TikTok live, Instagram live, and Kick.

Paige Wilkinson represents Leesville’s golf team at the state championship


On October 31, 2023, Paige Wilkinson represented Leesville’s golf team at the NCHSAA golf state championship. The senior was the only person on the team to advance to states. Being the only member of the team that made it to states the year before as well, Wilkinson has distinguished herself as a valuable athlete at Leesville. 

“I was really excited about it because I was worried I wasn’t going to make it,” said Wilkinson, when asked about how it felt to advance to the state championship. “I didn’t have the best season and I felt like I needed to make it, because I…made it my junior year…so I really wanted to do it for my last season too.”

Despite her disappointment at the result of her season, Wilkinson still earned all-conference status and finished 6th place at the CAP 6 conference match. After advancing to states from the NCHSAA 4A regional match, Wilkinson was set up for success at her final highschool golf match.

“We knew she was going to make it,” said Robert Patterson, golf coach at Leesville. “…she peaked at the right time to get to states.”

At states, Wilkinson finished in 67th place, wrapping up her last match as a Leesville golf player with a final score with 178. 

Wilkinson’s advancement and performance at states was no surprise to those around her; her hard work and technique is praised by coaches and teammates alike. 

“It’s been wonderful for the past four years. She’s been one of the hardest workers I’ve ever coached,” said Patterson. “She puts everything into her game and she is very committed to golf as a career.”

Even though Wilkinson was the only player on the Leesville golf team to make it to states, that does not mean that she didn’t help her fellow team members become the best athletes they could throughout the season. 

“She’s really encouraging, she would always let me know that it was okay if I made a mistake,” said Ellie Gouding, Wilkinson’s teammate and senior member of the Leesville golf team. “She would always encourage all of our other teammates and just made sure that no one was getting down on themselves.”

Gouding was the only other member of the team to advance to the regional match with Wilkinson. Although Gouding did not advance to states from there, she still noted Wilkinson’s leadership in helping her qualify for regionals. 

“She is a much better player than me, and I think it was very fun to play with her…when you’re surrounded by better players, you end up playing better, and it just brought out better play from me,” said Gouding. “I think the tips that she gave me and everything she told me to help me with my game made me a better player.”

Wilkinson has been on Leesville’s golf team since her freshman year, but her golf career began well before that. 

“I’ve been playing tournaments since I was seven, but I’ve been golfing since I was even younger,” said Wilkinsons. 

Despite the conclusion of her time as a Leesville golf player, Wilkinson’s life-long dedication to golf will continue thanks to her commitment to play golf at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

“I want her to explore all of her options, be happy, and just keep enjoying golf,” concluded Patterson. 

SAT Going Virtual

This fall semester, students took the PSAT online instead of on pencil and paper. The new change is to test if an online exam would be better for students to take.

Starting in the spring semester of 2024, the SAT will be online.

The online test has many differences from the paper test, such as a two-hour time limit (one hour less than the physical test), combined reading and writing sections, access to a Desmos calculator, shorter reading passages, and faster score delivery.

With the new changes, students have contrasting opinions on whether it makes the exam straightforward or challenging.

In a poll created by @lrhsnews on Instagram, 61% of student respondents preferred the SAT and PSAT to be online rather than on paper.

“I prefer the digital version because the reading passages are shorter and easier to understand. I also like how we get the Desmos graphing calculator which is a very helpful tool in almost all kinds of math problems,” said Kira Dugdell, junior, via Instagram messages.

Even with the majority of students preferring the online test, a handful of students would rather stick with the paper test.

“I prefer the pen and paper PSAT because I like taking my time, and the online test makes me have to rush. Also, I find it easier to bubble answers and to have the paper in front of me rather than figuring out how to use Bluebook,” said Nabi Pabon, junior.

Despite students having contrasting opinions on the transition, revisions can be made to satisfy both sides.

“I think we would need maybe 25 extra minutes per section. There should be at least two minutes per question,” said Dugdell.

Some other possible changes could be shortening the number of questions, extending the time limit, having an optional virtual or on-paper exam, and more.

CollegeBoard plans to make changes so the PSAT and SAT are more trouble-free.

Leesville’s Law and Justice Class


The Leesville Law and Justice class prepares students for a future in the legal profession. This class dives into several aspects of the legal field, including legal jargon and previous legal cases.

Throughout the semester, students work with hands-on projects and film study to learn about the criminal justice system. This class appeals to students who are interested in law, however, students interested in all professional fields can take the course.

“I chose this class because I wanted to find out if I want to go into a law profession… even if you are not interested in law it’s a good class to teach you your rights, how the criminal justice system works, and learning to think critically,” said Tillie Noyes, junior

Ms. Warren, a teacher for Law and Justice, prioritizes film in her class to utilize a hands-on approach in analyzing previous legal cases.

“My favorite part [of Law and Justice] is watching the movies like the Murdaugh case,” said Caleb Nelson, senior.

This course is available both semesters for students of grades 10-12 levels to explore the complex legal field. 

Whether you are interested in the legal field or not, Leesville Law and Justice is an excellent class to extend your knowledge of the U.S legal system as well as enhance your critical thinking skills.

Vape sensors are still an issue at Leesville


As students and faculty are all aware, Leesville Road High School is still suffering from students vaping in the bathroom this year. Vape censors were an issue during the 2022-2023 school year, and we are facing the same problems this year.

The fire alarms can detect whenever students are vaping in the bathrooms.

Across the main building and the Murphy building, many of the bathrooms have not been open since last year, which has led to fewer false alarms. They were closed last year by former principal, Mr. Ian Solomon.

“They´re really bothersome, like sometimes it will be in like rainy days,” said Richard Bui, senior. 

Bui also believes that the vape drills will not stop this year.

It’s hard for students like Sydney Cecil to get their work done. “Honestly, it’s really annoying because it will always be on the days that I really want to do my work, so I´ll go into class really motivated and then there will be a fire drill, and then I won’t do my work.” said Cecil, senior.

When asked if the bathrooms will ever open back up this year, Cecil said, “No, I don’t know if they ever will honestly.”

Mrs. Jacobs has said through the intercom that there will be punishments if students get caught vaping such as having to pay a fine. 

Mr. Kelley, assistant principal, said, “There is a fine that is associated everytime that the firefighters show up. The more times they show up, the higher the fine becomes.”

Other than closing some of the bathrooms around the schools, patrolling also has increased by the restrooms. Teachers and administrators are outside the restrooms, monitoring students going in and out of the bathrooms.

“Anytime an actual fire drill goes off, it does alert us immediately which restroom the censor was activated in,” said Mr. Kelley.

“So we do investigate that area by checking cameras, talking with folks that were in and around the area, and thankfully with the cooperation of both staff, students, and being able to use our camera system, we have caught and been able to identify several of the students that were responsible for activating the sensors,” said Mr. Kelley.

If the staff is able to identify the students, the consequences may result in a suspension, paying the fine depending on the fee that is coming in from the fire department, a mandatory meeting with the student and their parent(s), and possible ALC (Area Learning Center) time.

According to Mr. Kelley, the staff was hoping that they could get to a point where more restrooms could be open at the beginning of the year, but alarms started going off so unfortunately the restrooms will continue to be closed and there was no discussion about reopening the bathrooms.

Is Crumbl Cookie Overrated?

Let’s be honest we have all had Crumbl Cookies at least once. Everyone always raves saying it’s so good. But let’s be even more honest — It’s not that good. 

Crumbl Cookie uses publicity from TikTok to get people to buy and follow trends. That is all that Crumbl Cookies is, though, a trend. 

So what makes their cookies special?

Nothing much, except the fact that Crumbl Cookies are larger than an average cookie, are thicker and have the unknown about new flavors coming out. But having larger cookies isn’t revolutionary. Cookies everywhere could be different sizes if that’s what makes them sell well. 

With the portion sizes being enlarged, no one should consume that much sugar at one time, especially if the consumer eats more than one. I don’t mean to sugar-shame anyone, but one cookie has 76 grams of sugar. An average woman should have 24 grams and an average man should have 36 grams of sugar a day, just to keep in mind. It’s bad for our health and doesn’t fuel us properly either. 

Others might be enticed by the flavors Crumbl Cookie has, but their flavor choices are seldom consistent, and you always need to check online which ones they have in stock. It’s inconvenient. 

While critics praise their marketing strategies, I think it feeds into consumerism. What if I just want one flavor, and they don’t have it? Why didn’t the owners decide to spell Crumbl right?

There is also boxing, the popular pink box that the cookies come sold in. They aren’t special. If every company put their goods in pink boxes, would they be as popular too? 

The answer is yes. 

Consumers value the aesthetic and the appearance of items more than the practicality of the taste. Why do you think humans keep buying and throwing away clothes even when they don’t need to? It feeds into consumerism and the peer pressure to buy goods that everyone else has to fit in society. Consumers have to look at what they are buying, and Crumbl Cookies is overrated because they feed into the unnecessary consumerism that is rapidly apparent in America. 

But I think it’s time: Down with the Crumbl Cookie pressure and hype. No one should be pressured into liking anything, especially if they aren’t that special or good. People want to buy into consumerism and buy what everyone else likes, or think is aesthetically pleasing. 

The hype is purely focused on peer pressure and the fact that everyone likes them, so why should I? It’s an average cookie with an average taste. Don’t listen when critics say Crumbl Cookie is more than exceptional.

Cross Country Full Season Recap

Sadly, the end of the cross country season is over. However, the men’s and women’s cross country team have had an incredible season. 

Both teams this year advanced from regionals to the state meet. Last year, the women’s cross country missed the cut from the state meet by only a few seconds, and only the men’s cross country team made it to the state championship. 

“I thought we did good as a team making it to states because we worked really hard all season and it was really good to see that pay off. As a team we worked super hard over the summer to become better as a team. At states we did really well and we kept our spot… working together made our team stronger,” said Lily Lesher, sophomore.

The women’s team ranked 4th at the 4A East regional meet with an average time for the 5k of 20:21. The men’s team ranked 3rd at the 4A East regional meet with an average team time for the 5k of 16:39.  

“I was excited when I found out we advanced to states. I thought our team would perform well. We prepared all season to make it to the state meet, and we had a really strong squad. I had high expectations for the team over the season, and we outperformed those expectations,” said Ken Ishii, senior. 

At the NCHSAA 4A State Meet the men’s team placed 6th, and the women’s team placed 12th, respectively. 

The Ivey Redmon Sports complex is notorious for its slow finishing times, tight beginning funnel, and final runway like shoot. People fly by each other in the 200 meter stretch to score more points.

Despite the slow finishing times, the cross country team showed up to the meet firing on all cylinders. The boys beat their regional time average by two seconds, and the girls beat their regional time average by one second. 

The average team time at the NCHSAA 4A state meet for the boys 5k was 16:37 and 20:20 for the girls.

Overall, the boys and girls team did an outstanding job at the NCHSAA 4A state meet. Both teams outperformed the regionals time averages on a notoriously slow course. 

The Pools remodel on Student Life (Satire)


Leesville’s school pool has been in use since the opening of the school in 1992. Located on top of the Murphy building, students have used the pool for the swimming and diving team, class activities, as well as recreation whenever they feel like it. 

Since the polar bear plunge, things have begun to change at the pool. The polar bear plunge took place at the school’s pool on a frigid December evening many years ago. It consisted of a group of students jumping into the pool in their swimsuits, in freezing temperatures.

“The pool is great, it is a small part of what makes Leesville great,” said Suzannah Daimes. Daimes is an administrator here at Leesville who is in charge of the pool’s change. Daimes is one of the few administrators who has access to the pool.

Currently, students are not allowed access to the pool without the supervision of administrators to help prevent accidents. The renovation of the pool will allow students to access the pool with a pass, rather than having to be with an administrator. 

“This renovation is important in preventing future accidents at the pool. It is also allowing us to update how students get to the pool, with or without an administrator,” said Daimes.

The pool renovations include installing a gate around the pool, updating the cameras that protect the pool, installing a heating system for the pool, and a 12-foot water slide. “It’s a much-needed renovation and will help swimming and diving practice year-round,” said Daimes. 

“I’m really excited to be able to access the pool without having to wait for a teacher to let me on the roof,” said Victoria Smith, junior. Students like Smith may be granted a pass that allows them on the roof but must fill out a form first and speak to their counselor about receiving a pass.

The pool update has been something that has been in the planning for a long time now. Several students are happy to be able to access the pool and take a dip or go down the magnificent new waterslide during class time or whenever they feel like it.

Loonies and their Effect on the Theme


With football season coming to an end, so is the Leesville Loonies student section. Lots of students attend the football games and are Loonies. One big question remains though: How many of those students go for the football game, and how many go for the social aspect?

The Loonies’ student section has become such a tradition that section leaders are elected every year to help maintain their hype and excellence. 

Haley Lamme is one such student: “Come support our football team and to keep the games exciting and fun.” The section leaders are encouraging more students to go to games and help cheer on our football team.

Students from all grade levels feel that the Loonies are not at the games to watch football but rather go for the theme. “For the social aspect and for the theme definitely,” said Lamme. 

Lamme has seen firsthand how many students attend the game, and how they dress up according to theme and cheer on our football team. 

“[I go for the] theme and like social part, I don’t really watch football,” said Caroline Murry, a freshman.

While the football games are a big part of Leesville, most students don’t go to all of the games.  

When asked if she goes to the football games, Murry, said, “Most of the home ones, but not the away ones.” 

With many of the football games being here at Leesville, many of the students dress out according to theme to attend. With many students doing so, the Loonies section can get packed and pose issues.

Being a part of the student section, students have access to two sections of bleachers at football games. With the number of Loonies that go to the games to socialize, the section becomes very cramped and crowded. 

“We have so many people that go to the games, we need a bigger student section or our bleachers redone,” said Lamme. The bleacher section where the Loonies reside has bent seats and openings between the seats where many students have lost items during games.

While it is loved that students attend the game for themes and socialization, issues have arisen that make it hard for them to do so. The student section at Leesville not having enough space is one, but also the fact that the bleachers belonging to the student section are breaking. Student leaders believe that these issues can be fixed by allowing the student section to have jurisdiction over more than two sections of bleachers.

Juniors will take the ACT in February

All juniors will take the ACT on February 27, 2024.

The ACT is a required standardized test for all high school students in the 11th grade, and all 10th grade students are required to take the PreACT.

Some juniors who have taken the PreACT talked about their perspective on the format and feel of the test.

Patrick Cook, junior, said, “It was formatted pretty well, it was definitely in a digestible way, except I wish there was more time for the math section.”

The fact that the test is timed and in sections can stress some students out.

“It was pretty easy, when it came to just the basics, but how much time they gave us to think about it and answer was pretty short and really stressful to keep up with time,” said Chris Azamar, junior.

The test has different sections, English, mathematics, reading, and science. The ACT also has an optional writing section.

Avery Hobbes, junior, said, “I like the format, how it was split into 4 different sections…for the most part it was relatively easy, like, the questions were pretty easy to read and it wasn’t too difficult.” 

Students are preparing for the ACT in different ways, some are taking a prep class, and others just study away.

 “I’m just studying and looking over what I’ve learned already,” said Azamar, Which can be a great and quick way to study as he has already learned the content and just needs a refresher.

There are also ACT/SAT prep classes available, which can help students prepare for the test.

Cook said, “[I’ll] probably find some test book to help study.”

Resources are available in the Media Center for those who want an ACT book, like the one pictured above.

“I think it’s pretty serious and not something you should just leave it be, not procrastinate over it,” said Azamar.

The most important thing when taking tests is to not stress. These tests benefit students and help them move forward toward college.

Alice In Wonderland coming to LRHS auditorium Nov 16-Nov 18


Our school’s theater department puts on three shows a year: the fall play, the spring musical, as well as the theater ensemble show. This year, the fall play is Alice in Wonderland. The Theater department is taking this classic story and bringing it to life for all that attend. 

“I’m excited for everyone to see it, just like the set and all the cool costumes and the characters. We’ve put a lot of work into it, and I’m just excited to put it on stage,” said Julianna Tomesello, senior. Tomesello plays the role of Alice in our school production of Alice in Wonderland.

The story of Alice in Wonderland follows a little girl named Alice as she falls down a rabbit hole to a magical place known as Wonderland. We follow Alice as she tries to find her way back home, as she learns some valuable lessons along the way.

This magical place contains creatures of many different types. It has classic storybook characters like Humpty Dumpty, as well as some lesser-known characters and creatures. 

To bring these characters to life, the cast has put in  “A lot of work, a lot of character work, and a lot of animal work,” said Duncan Evans, senior. Evans plays the Griffin, a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. 

The work these actors put into creating their characters is immense. “We’ve been working since September, it takes a lot of time after school, we’ve all put in a lot of our extra time to do this,” said Joley Myers, senior. 

Myers plays the role of the Cheshire Cat.  “This is the most different character I’ve played, it’s challenged me, so I’m excited to see how that turns out.” all the work that has been done for this production, by actors, directors, and people working behind the scenes, does not go unnoticed.

The cast in this show are not the only people working hard. They need, and truly enjoy, the help of people who work behind the scenes of the show. “Costumes, my favorite costumes in the play,” said Evans. 

Many of the costumes for fantasy shows like this one take lots of time and effort, even for human characters, like the Queen of Hearts.

“I play the Queen of Hearts,” said Ragine Griffin, sophomore. Griffin is another of the many actors who have been working hard to prepare for this show.

“I am most excited for Cue to Cue and pre-Cue to Cue because it means we are so much closer to the show,” said Griffin. It is unanimous with the actors that being able to perform their characters on stage is one of the most exciting parts about being in the show.

“Honestly, I’m excited for everything because this is my first show, and I’m just really excited to be onstage, and all the people seeing the hard work we put into this,” said Christian Rodriguez, junior. Rodrigues plays Soldier Number 1 and truly feels nothing but excitement for this show.

“I love being in here. I love the cast and I love the show,” said Rodriguez. The love of this show doesn’t just come from the cast, but from small things that the audience will also enjoy. Visual effects like character details are just a few of the things that are truly bringing this story to life for the audience.

This show is unlike anything Leesville has done in years prior: It consists of a lot of work to truly bring this fantasy world to life. Leesville’s theater department has been trying new things over the years like their first farce last year, and bringing this first fantasy show to life. Things like lighting, sound, and the set make this story as creative as possible. 

The set plays a key role in this, consisting of high platforms, vivid colors, and more. As described by Myers, the slide in the set is very out of the ordinary, and helps and a more whimsical aspect to the show. The slide was carefully constructed by student set builders and is used by many of the wonderland characters in the show.  Carefully crafted details like this are what make this show so whimsical, truly bringing wonderland to life.

This show will be taking place in the auditorium, with shows on Thursday the 16, Friday the 17, and Saturday the 18 at 7 pm as well as a matinee show on Saturday the 18 at 2 pm. 

What are the biggest stressors for students?

Stress can come in many different forms and for many different reasons, and can be a danger to students especially who are still learning how to deal with life in general.

Causes of stress

There are many reasons why stress takes over.

Sometimes people just have a lot on their plate. “The biggest stressor for me is the three AP classes that I am taking this semester. This is a big stressor because I have to balance my heavy workload on top of my job,” said Nate Reardon, junior.

Balancing class with work and finding time for the in betweens is a harbor for stress to build and build.

Some things affect many students. “I think the biggest stressor for most people is Societal expectations,” said Reardon.

Societal expectations are explained as the expectations that society has for everyone else in society. A simple example of this can be making friends.

The process of making friends can be very difficult, and stressful. Especially for people who are socially anxious. Social anxiety can hold people back from many things — making friends, getting a job, and even working on group schoolwork.

Ms. Albanese, counselor at Leesville — over email — said, “Although stress looks different for everyone, some of the biggest causes of stress for high school students include Worrying about what others think, toxic/unhealthy relationships, reacting/responding to social media, bullying, self-identity, and effective communication skills with friends and peers.”

Time management can also be a cause for stress. “Making time for studying/homework, balancing school, work, family, self-care, and social life, and inconsistent sleep schedules (too much or too little),” said Albanese.

“Events, circumstances, or situations that can cause stress are a natural part of life. The definition of Stress is defined as a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation. It is a natural human response that pushes us to address challenges and threats in our lives,” said Albanese.

How to deal with stress

However, there are ways to handle stress. 

Reardon said, “I can relieve my stress through spending time with my family and friends or meditating.”

Meditating is a very good way to relieve stress, as it can allow people to really clear their minds for deep thought.

Some people do guided meditation through the use of an app, while others have trained themselves to just sit down and clear their minds without that guidance.

Spending time with good friends is also a great reliever of stress. Just going on a walk and talking with friends can help relieve stress.

“We can choose to learn, cope, and get motivated from stress, or we can choose to avoid it which typically leads to unhealthy habits and possibly harmful situations,” said Albanese.

As a counselor, Ms. Albanese has seen the different ways that stress can affect students, and how it can be treated.

“There are a lot of things students can do to help manage stress. They can include: Daily or weekly journaling, sleep regulation, set short term and long term goals, exercise regularly, talk to Someone (trusted friend, adult, or professional), limiting caffeine, sugar, and other addictive or illegal substances, healthy diet, having gratitude, mindfulness, meditation or moments of deep breathing, volunteer or help others, make a morning and bedtime routine, listen to calming music, create art, and playing/learning a musical instrument,” said Albanese.

Stress is a burden, but there are ways to handle it and decompress.

Calling all Swifties


Over the summer, there was a lot of hype surrounding Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but not everyone was able to attend. On October 13, 2023, a movie version of the concert was available to see in theaters.

Most of the people attending this movie are Swifties, the fanbase for Taylor Swift. Many Swifties decided to dress up and make going to see the movie almost as big of an event as going to see the concert. 

“I saw it early premiere on a Thursday. I had a special outfit and went with one of my friends,” said Emily Moseley, junior. Moseley was one of many people who were able to see it on Thursday, October 12, 2023,  in North America, just a day before it was premiered worldwide.

Many had to wait to see the movie when it was more commonly available to see. 

“I saw it on Saturday (October 21),” said Lincoln Short, sophomore. Short was one of many people who dressed up for the movie and attended with his friends, but many wonder why all of this was done if it was just a concert for one fanbase.

Moseley said, “Taylor Swift is for everyone it’s a lifestyle.”

 Many Swifties believe this to be true and don’t just listen to her music, but take it so far as to shape aspects of their lives to represent what she sings about in her music. 

But even with these beliefs, some don’t think the Eras tour movie benefits many moviegoers other than Taylor Swift fans. “It’s all Taylor Swift and if you don’t know anything or care about her at all then you wouldn’t like it,” said Short. 

Even with the power she holds on her so-called Swifties, Taylor Swift’s new movie isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for an almost 3-hour-long Taylor Swift jam session with friends, the eras tour film is perfect for you, and in your local theater.

Trying the Pocket Notebook

Recently I saw online a trend going around about kids my age wanting to get out of the social media phone addiction cycle and wanting simplicity to create more meaningful memories and relationships. In a tech-filled world, kids have resorted to writing to get simplicity, aka the pocket notebook. 

I’m all for lessening screen time, especially at school when we are on our computers in every single class. The minimum amount of time in front of screens for me is four hours. So I decided, why don’t I try a pocket notebook?

While at school, I’m only allowed to use my pocket notebook, and I’m not allowed to look at my phone. Except yes, I do have my phone on me at school, just for safety and as well for educational purposes only. I also want to permit the use of music, since it doesn’t harm me or keep me on my screen, so I decided I can still listen.

So for the next week, I’ll be using my pocket notebook, and my first step was decorating as seen above. Inside holds my calendar, to-lists, paper games, doodles, and notes. 

So far, I’ve already looked at my phone once, keeping myself entertained is the real issue. My brain craves the dopamine that my phone gives me. I’ve resorted to drawing in my pocket notebook. I also wrote my calendar for the week, as well as my to-do list. I think this is going to be a lot more difficult than I originally thought, but it’s good to break the phone addiction cycle. I want to become less dependent on what my phone gives me. 

By the end of day one, I had intermittently used my notebook with the use of my phone. It’s difficult in a technology-filled world to ignore your phone completely because you need it for specific tasks. 

Over the week, I continued to use my notebook trying to become less dependent on my phone. I will say I don’t think I’ll go back to using just my phone, but I don’t think I can just use my pocket notebook. 

The real issue with the pocket notebook is that it’s not simulating. I have a hard time staying engaged, I often get bored with just sitting around with paper and pen. It turns out there isn’t much to do. I can only read my book and play paper games for so long when I get bored. 

Other than the boring factor, I love using my pocket notebook. Similar to the idea brought about in the book, “Building a Second Brain,” by Tiago Forte, who introduced the idea that we shouldn’t have to depend so heavily on our minds to keep up with everything. Rather, Forte suggests that we should keep all of the information online, building a system of writing notes and organization that is our “Second Brain.” 

My pocket notebook feels very similar to that idea. I keep all the notes, reminders, and ideas in an organized way. My notebook has helped me free up space in my head where I no longer have to rely on my working memory. It has also helped me know where my assignments are and what I need to do. I don’t miss assignments as often since I can keep better track of them. 

Honestly, I love my pocket notebook. I think it’s super helpful, and I’m online less often. The week was difficult because I did need my phone for some aspects. But I think my notebook and my phone work in conjunction together. 

I would highly recommend having a pocket notebook and adding it to your organization method. It’s easy to use, and super helpful. I would recommend it strongly for anyone who has ADHD, like me,  because it can keep everything in one place, and you’ll find that you’re not forgetting. assignments anymore

Leesville has live chickens for food class


Last week, LRHS Foods and Nutrition teacher Sharon Schwinger finally got her long awaited wish: chickens! 

Dubbed Bernadette and Karen, the two hens are the newest addition to Leesville’s community. 

Schwinger has been trying to get chickens for Leesville for a while, but it was only with the arrival of a new principal that she was able to achieve her dream. 

“I’ve been trying to get chickens at least since the start of last year…but I’m very excited that our new principal was very okay with us getting the chickens,” said Schwinger. “I think it’s really important to show these kids [Foods students] how it all connects into the cycle of our food.” 

Schwinger’s goal is to use the chickens in order to educate her Foods students about the food cycle. Students will collect eggs from the hens to cook with, compost the egg shells and additional waste from the chicken enclosure, and then use the compost to fertilize their garden. 

The chickens will be cared for by a combined effort of the OSC program, Schwinger’s Foods classes, and the LRHS Earth & Sustainability Club. Maintenance will include feeding the chickens, collecting and selling eggs, and cleaning the chicken coups. 

“I love chickens because they are cute and fluffy,” said Rachel Pelton, senior and enthusiastic Foods student. “I…want to help take care of them,” 

Located outside of the visual arts classrooms in the Murphy Building, the chickens’ enclosure will include two coups assembled by Leesville’s construction class. Once completed, the enclosure will allow the chickens to be safe from possible predators while still being visible for curious students to see. 

Real-Sports app review

Real-Sports is an up-and-coming sports app that seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with other fans. Real-Sports seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with each other through the use of social elements in its sports app.

Like other sports apps such as ESPN or CBS Sports, Real-Sports has advanced statistics. Many app users, such as Caden Mitchell, senior, love the way the app displays its statistics. 

“I love the way the user interface lays out all the statistics, it makes it really easy to digest everything,” said Caden Mitchell, senior. 

Real-Sports differentiates itself from other sports apps through its near-instantaneous play and score updates along with its social features. 

Users cite the ability to react to every play and chat with one another while a game is happening as a key reason why they keep using the app. The ability to have your reactions to a specific play or moment is very similar to X (Formerly known as Twitter), but since Real-Sports is sports-driven you are only surrounded by sports fans. 

“Probably my favorite part of Real-Sports is being able to interact with other users as plays are happening,” said Caden Mitchell. “It provides a unique experience that I really haven’t seen in other apps.”

Another feature that draws many users is the competitive aspect of the app. Users can bet “karma:” the virtual currency of the app, on different games in hopes of gaining more karma, and rax — a currency used to get player and team cards. 

A global leaderboard of karma encourages users to keep watching games and pass each other in karma amounts. 

Henry Wheater, freshman, is one of the many users who loves the karma system. 

“I’m a very competitive person by nature, so I love challenging my friends to see who can earn the most karma”, said Wheater. 

As Real-Sports continues to grow and add new features, many users will continue to use the app with new users calling it their go-to sports app. The future looks bright for Real-Sports. 

Why IGOR is Tyler, The Creator’s Best Album


Tyler, The Creator 

Tyler Okonma, also known as Tyler, The Creator is an American rapper, lyricist, and producer known for his music, lyrics and for being one of the members and founders in the musical group; Odd Future. From Spotify, Tyler averages 27.7 million monthly listeners. 

Tyler has seven studio albums, releasing a new album every two years. His albums include Goblin (2011), Wolf (2013), Cherry Bomb (2015), Flower Boy (2017), IGOR (2019), and Call Me If You Get Lost (2021) and The Estate Sale, a deluxe version of Call Me If You Get Lost, which was released earlier this year in 2023.


To be honest, I love all of the songs on IGOR in their own way.

However, one song that stuck out to me on his album is “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU,” Tyler has done this on previous albums where the tenth song of his albums are “double songs.”

This is my favorite song because of the overall nostalgic and happy feel of the song, the light guitar in the background as well as Tyler’s voice in the first part.

I enjoy the second part of the song, “THANK YOU” which is a more sad-sounding song which balances out with “GONE, GONE.”


While all of his albums are good in their own way, Tyler´s IGOR album is the best in my opinion.

Throughout his album, Tyler tells a story through his songs about an alter ego, Igor caught in a love triangle and how his relationships with others changes.

According to a poll, 57% of Leesville students listen to Tyler, the Creator.

I love everything about IGOR from the different genres of music used in his album — soul, hip hop, electronic and R&B music. Flower Boy is a close second for me.

Naptime in high school


Preschoolers have the luxury of half an hour to an hour of time to nap during the school day. Yet, pre-schoolers are the ones with the least amount of work and responsibilities. 

High school students are prone to falling asleep in class. According to a poll posted on the @lrhsnews account, 72% of students who responded have already fallen asleep this school year.

Some students have to do homework, work late hours, and do chores at home. With all of these responsibilities it is very hard for students to get a proper amount of sleep at night.

“Nap time would be beneficial for all highschool students because we’re all working from 7:00 AM to late in the evening because of homework, and a break is needed.” said, Diya Patel, senior,

If high school students were given the opportunity to have a designated time in the day where they could rest for 30 minutes, then productivity could skyrocket. According to napping and teenage learning study, there is a positive relationship between napping during the day and having a stronger cognitive performance.  

The study shows that a midday nap can help process information learned during the day and increase attention span. Students often become tired midday after being overloaded with information.

Napping during school will also help prevent the dreadful after school naps. Students often fall asleep after school which wastes their free-time in the evening. If students were given the chance to relax before it would lower the need to sleep after school. 

How it would work at Leesville Road High School

Based on a separate poll posted on the @lrhsnews account, a whopping 90% of students voted that they would like a nap-time during the school day. 

The schedule at Leesville Road High School is jam-packed, with only seven minute passing periods and a thirty-four minute lunch break. It’s hard to see where the school could add in a 30 minute break.

Lunch can’t be considered a possibility for a nap-time either, as students need to use this time to eat. So replacing lunch isn’t an option.  

The only way to fit in a nap-time would be to lengthen the school day, but no student would want to stay later in the day, so school would have to start earlier. Seeing as many students arrive earlier than the regular start time at 7:25 A.M. anyways, this isn’t an outlandish idea. Most students are either wandering the hallways and cafeteria or sitting in the student parking lot by 7:00 A.M. Starting school twenty-five minutes earlier won’t disturb many students and will allow for a break midday. 

While some may argue that having to go to school earlier, means teenagers would lose extra sleep at night, it’s proven that napping midday can increase the quality of sleep at night according to the Napping and Teenage Learning study. While students would have to wake up earlier they are still making it up during the day as well as getting other benefits of midday napping.

Revisando los programas de la década de 2000

Desde mi punto de vista, los programas de televisión estadounidenses fueron prosperando en el pasado, cuando había pocas plataformas de redes sociales, no había teléfonos inteligentes y no había respuestas instantáneas a través de Google. Pero hoy en día, estos shows no son realistas.

Desde finales de la década de 1990 hasta principios de la de 2000, la escuela secundaria o los primeros años de la universidad sirvieron como foco central de numerosos programas de televisión de cultura popular alrededor de la escuela secundaria o los primeros años de la universidad.

Naturalmente, se trata simplemente de series de televisión ficticias con argumentos inverosímiles y actores que son al menos diez años mayores que los personajes que interpretan. Aún así, existe una clara división intelectual entre series de ahora como Riverdale o Outer Banks y Gilmore Girls (2000) y Gossip Girl (2007).

Los programas de televisión de la década de 2000 se centran más en política y libros que en cultura pop y entretenimiento. En cuanto a lo que pasa un adolescente, los personajes son un poco más realistas. Sin duda, hay tramas irreales que se inventan para hacer que el espectáculo sea más emocionante y dramático, pero todavía hay una corriente de adolescencia.

Obviamente, estos programas no son muy realistas.  Algunos se superponen entre sí y se conectan a través de experiencias de la adolescencia, mientras que otros ignoran por completo estos asuntos. Sin embargo, quienes mejor los juzgan son los adultos/padres de nuestra generación, así como los adolescentes que crecieron en esos años.

Tomemos como ejemplo a Gilmore Girls, este programa tiene la experiencia más realista de la escuela secundaria. Los estudiantes están estresados ​​por temas lógicos; tareas, exámenes, universidad y calificaciones.

Sin embargo, cuando se trata de asuntos verdaderamente importantes, como la vida familiar y el crecimiento personal, este programa no logra retratar relaciones saludables.

Un ejemplo de esto son Rory y Lorelai (los dos personajes principales) estas dos tienen una relación perfecta entre madre e hija. Son mejores amigas por encima de todo y este estado de amistad era un desastre, lo que muchos observadores toman como un mal ejemplo de cómo debería ser una relación entre padres e hijos.

No estoy diciendo que los padres y sus hijos no deban ser amigos, absolutamente deberían serlo. Pero debe haber un espacio entre estas relaciones, los padres merecen un nivel de respeto que los amigos no tienen. De la misma manera que los niños merecen un nivel de cuidado y protección que los amigos no pueden brindarles.

Josefina Hanna, madre y fanática de Gilmore Girls, expresa su preocupación por los temas ignorados en este programa.

“La dinámica familiar no es realista en absoluto, no sólo la dinámica del personaje principal, sino también la dinámica entre Luke y su hija.”

Luke, el dueño de un restaurante en Stars Hollow (el pueblo en el que viven), uno de los personajes principales, tiene una vida familiar extraña durante toda la serie.

Se le ve bastante solo en su mayor parte del show, y, de repente  en la temporada 5, de la nada encuentra a una hija de 10 años, April, que inmediatamente se convierte en parte de su vida.

“Encontró una hija de la nada, lo cual es un poco extraño y, a menudo, no sucede en la realidad, pero incluso si sucediera, la trató como a una cita para jugar, no como a una niña,”,dijo Hanna.

Mientras tanto, un programa como Gossip Girl se centra más en los dramas románticos dentro de los grupos de amigos de la escuela secundaria y rara vez menciona el hecho de que las solicitudes universitarias y los estudios tienden a ocupar mucho tiempo en la vida de un adolecente.

En un mundo de riqueza opulenta, muchos de los adolescentes de este programa pasaban las noches y los días bebiendo y divirtiéndose. Realmente es algo fuera de lo común, adultos actuando como adolescentes, adolescentes actuando como adultos, ¡y nadie hace nada para detener el desastre que es este espectáculo!

“Aunque no es imposible, estos niños son privilegiados y tienen acceso a estas fuentes, pero el programa exagera la capacidad y los límites de la forma en que les afecta más adelante en la vida,” dijo Hanna.

Otro tema que este y muchos otros programas ignoran es el bienestar de los adolescentes. En Gossip Girl, Blair, uno de los personajes principales, sufre un trastorno alimenticio (bulimia).

Sin embargo, los productores y creadores de este programa ignoraron por completo este trastorno. Molestando a muchos adolescentes por la falta de sensibilidad y respeto hacia el trastorno.

La estudiante de sexto año, Noah Anderson, comenta sobre la mala cultura alimenticia y relacionada con este programa.

“Es muy perturbador ver cómo le restan importancia a esto. Es un tema grave que debe abordarse más a fondo- muchas niñas admiran a estos personajes y eso genera muy malas expectativas sobre cómo es su relación con la comida.”

Anderson mira este programa desde una perspectiva adolescente y desearía haber visto, desde más joven, las imperfecciones y la naturaleza poco realista de este programa.

Si bien hay más cuestiones y problemas culturales de esta época, también hay algunas cosas maravillosas que la acompañaron.

La década del 2000 trajo a la cultura algunas características, ideas y tendencias cinematográficas excelentes. Entonces, si bien es evidente que hay algunas fallas en sus programas, está claro que sin ellas, no estaríamos donde estamos hoy social y culturalmente.

Hanna está de acuerdo con esto y termina su entrevista con un sabio conocimiento:

“Obviamente, estos programas están destinados a ser dramáticos; no realistas. La realidad es dura, por eso encendemos la televisión y nos olvidamos de nuestros problemas. Pero sería un poco más interesante ver que estos programas tratan problemas reales de una manera que influyan las generaciones más jóvenes, en lugar de crear expectativas falsas.”

Atleta Destacado: Adam Saib

Con una impresionante carrera futbolística de más de una década, Adam Saib, senior, se ha convertido en un miembro importante del equipo de fútbol de Leesville Road High School.

La pasión de Saib por el fútbol comenzó hace trece años, cuando empezó a jugar en clubes de fútbol. Esta experiencia le dio la oportunidad de jugar en el equipo de fútbol de Leesville su primer año de clases.

Saib sirve como la barrera defensiva para el equipo, asumiendo el papel de portero. Sus responsabilidades como portero demuestran su capacidad para mantener su compostura durante momentos difíciles en cada juego.

Cuando se le preguntó sobre su recuerdo favorito en Leesville, Saib menciona dos grandes momentos: ganar la Copa del Condado de Wake (este año) y el último juego del año (el año pasado). 

El segundo tiene un lugar especial en su corazón, ya que marcó el último partido bajo el entrenador Paul Dinkenor, “Dink”, creando recuerdos con sus compañeros de equipo y su querido entrenador.

“Ganar la copa fue, por supuesto, surrealista, especialmente en mi último año, pero el último partido de Dink siempre me recordará grandes momentos con un liderazgo increíble y compañeros de equipo que me apoyaron”, dijo Saib.

Mientras Saib se prepara para dejar LRHS y entrar al mundo más allá de la escuela secundaria, la posibilidad de continuar su carrera futbolística a nivel universitario sigue indecisa.

Por otro lado, planea estudiar biología con la esperanza de marcar una diferencia en este mundo mucho más allá del fútbol.

“Quiero trabajar en una carrera que realmente marque la diferencia, no simplemente sentarme en una oficina y trabajar de 9 a 5.”

Lejos del campo de fútbol y de las actividades académicas, Saib encuentra consuelo en la música. Le gusta escuchar a sus artistas favoritos y asistir a conciertos.

“Me encanta ir a conciertos porque hace que escuchar música sea divertido y tener buenos recuerdos con amigos y familiares.”

La trayectoria de Adam Saib como jugador de fútbol en LRHS ejemplifica la dedicación, el trabajo en equipo y la importancia de encontrar un sentido de pertenencia dentro de una comunidad escolar.

The return of the original Fortnite map

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the past six years. Since its release, the game has been influential to the video-game community by breaking several records.

Throughout the years, the game has made changes to the gameplay, scenery, game modes, cosmetics, and more.

Every season, the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, introduce a new theme and often change the map and weapons to match the theme. For example, in season X the theme was futuristic, and there were spots on the map with futuristic buildings.

However, in the upcoming season, Epic Games plans to return the map from chapter one: season five on November 3, 2023. Along with the map, weapons are returning, too.

“Honestly, the return of the map is like the McRib [from McDonalds] coming back. It’s a moment when something amazing returns,” said Ari Cooper, junior.

Due to the return of the old map and weapons, many users who quit playing Fortnite may plan to return to the game.

“I plan on returning to the game because I prefer the original state of the game. I am sure others will come back too,” said Sammie Rivera, sophomore.

The update will allow many players to have a taste of nostalgia which could lead to a new future for the game.

LRHS Trick or Treat review

LRHS held its annual Trick or Treat event on Oct 24, 2023. It included a haunted house and several club stations offering a variety of Halloween games and activities.

Clubs, honors societies, and sports teams all had the opportunity to set up a classroom space or station for the event. 

Ishika Verma, junior, said, “I loved seeing all the groups working together to decorate their classroom doors and setting up their stations… I think the trick-or-treaters really enjoyed all the decorations and costumes.”

A few of the clubs had the opportunity to have their station in the Collab Space giving them room to offer games and interactive activities for the Trick or Treaters; even some of the club members participated.

Brody Crafts, junior, said, “Earth and Sustainability Club had a bunch of different games for the trick-or-treaters to play and get candy from… Some kids even came back a couple of times to play the games over and over.”

Trick-or-treaters also had the option to go through LRHS’s very own haunted house.

Students volunteered to set up and work the haunted house which included several different scenes and sections, each with their own spooky factor.

Adam Zeiders, senior, said, “I worked the lights for the haunted house… we worked really hard to set up all the different scenes and props for the haunted house but I think it turned out really cool.”

Some students acted as scare actors for the haunted house, jumping out at trick-or-treaters and dressing in creepy costumes. 

Overall, students and trick-or-treaters all got to dress up and have fun playing games and giving/getting candy at LRHS’s Trick-or-Treat event.

LRHS Marching Band wins final competition

The symphonic band at Leesville Road High school placed first in every category and won Grand Champion at the Western Alamance Band Competition.

The Symphonic Band is Leesvilles premier audition-only band where students learn advanced techniques and musical concepts.

At the Western Alamance competition, the LRHS symphonic band was the last band to perform and played some of their best music like “Americans Salute” and many more.

“It was the last performance of the day, so we got to perform our show ‘Americans Saluteand overall we made some great music,” said Luke Lesher, senior.

“This competition was for the symphonic marching band, and we have a lot of categories like drum major, best drum major, the music performer, musical effect and that’s all I can think of but we won every single one,”  said Lesher.

“Since we had been preparing well, we knew we were going to do well,” said Lesher.

While performing, a major problem that some of the band members faced was the sun in their eyes. 

“During the competition I probably as well as others could not see the drum major due to the glaring sun in our eyes, but it was a lot of fun, and we got first place,” said Lesher.

Teacher Spotlight: Señor Florence

Mr. Florence, or Señor Florence as his students call him, teaches Spanish I and II at Leesville and does his best to help the students feel comfortable and have a good time learning Spanish.

Sr. Florence said, “When I first got my job, [too] my manager, I said ‘I’m gonna be a psychologist’ and he said, ‘nah you gonna be a teacher’ I was like dude I don’t even know you what are you talking about and here I am, I don’t know how many years later, teaching classes so, I like it”

After a long and fun career of teaching, Sr. Florence said, “I’ve been teaching for a long time. I don’t keep track because I love it so much.”

His students find the class fun and full of energy, Zakery Beard, junior, said, “I think he’s very bright, and very vibrant. You know, he’s always making jokes that’s really funny, and he’s always like picking on people, but it’s in a really funny way and helps me learn.”

Adelyn Ashley, sophomore, said, “He’s crazy, like straight up crazy. Like all over the place, energetic.” 

Sr. Florence keeps the class engaged with games and activities, like trials for students who made mistakes.

However, these trials help the students to learn how to do the right thing in a fun way.

Sr. Florence also said, “I really like showing kids how to connect with each other, and I enjoy connecting with them too, so that, you know, outside of my classroom they still want to talk to me a little bit.”

During the interview, Sr. Florence also talked about studying abroad and the benefits it can have on your outlook.

Sr. Florence also said, “Everyone should take the time to experience something outside themselves…you don’t truly know who you are until you are in a different — completely different situation with completely different people…make sure you go somewhere, go many places outside of your home.”

Sr. Florence wants the best for all of his students and he will continue teaching and impacting student’s lives.

Student Spotlight: Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr.

Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr. is currently a junior at Leesville Road High School, and an active member of the Leesville Road High School community.

Before high school, Colbert-Lewis Jr. attended Brier Creek Elementary, where he was an active member of the student newscasts, and then attended Pine Hollow Middle School.

Life at Leesville

Colbert-Lewis Jr. is an active member of the Leesville Road High School community, acting as a member of Varsity Cheer, Executive Council, Photo Club, and represents the school as a Leesville Liaison.

Acting in many volunteer positions, Colbert-Lewis Jr. loves assisting the school. “I always thought it’d be cool to have some benefit to the school,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. 

In the Executive Council, Colbert-Lewis Jr. enjoys creating events for students. “I remember any time I participated in a school event it made me want to join Exec [executive council] because I thought it was so cool how there are students running it.”

Colbert-Lewis Jr. is also a member of the school’s varsity cheerleading team, and can be seen performing at Leesville’s sporting events. “I enjoy the team aspect. Ever since being a part of a team, I think it’s really cool that there’s a sense of unity… I think it’s really fun to work out with people, try to get better and grow as a group.”

Interested in many subjects, Colbert-Lewis Jr. singled out a few of his favorites. “I’m interested in studying law. I’m also really interested in science,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. 

Elaborating, Colbert-Lewis Jr. said, “I love learning more about the human body and love learning about how to protect it in the court of law as well.”

Coming from a family of educators, his father, Sean Colbert-Lewis Sr. is the Associate Professor of History & Education at NCCU. Also, his mother Danielle Colbert-Lewis is Head of Research and Instructional Services at NCCU. 

“I always think that I was blessed to have two parents who were both educators… I feel as though I’ve always had strong leaders in my life,” said Colbert-Lewis Jr. Throughout his life, Colbert-Lewis Jr. hopes to emulate his parents, “I hope to have the same positive influence on other people [as they have.]”

 Life Outside Leesville

Colbert-Lewis Jr’s.’ life remains busy outside of his academics. In his free time, Colbert-Lewis Jr. is a member of the Leesville Photo Club and holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

After high school, Colbert-Lewis Jr. is looking forward to different job opportunities. “I do want to be a lawyer. Learning about law taught me how a lot of what we do or say can honestly be used against us, and I feel as if learning about the law is the best way to protect yourself.”

This past summer, Colbert-Lewis Jr. attended a Law Academy summer program at Georgetown University, attending legal lectures and discussions from recognized legal professionals.

Besides the law, Colbert-Lewis Jr. holds a passion for fashion. Revering brands such as Louis 

Vuitton and Gucci, Colbert-Lewis Jr. has stated that he dreams of entering into the modeling industry.    

Colbert-Lewis Jr’s. fashion aspirations aren’t just restricted to his future, as he can be seen around school in a myriad of trendy clothes, never taking an outfit for granted.

Colbert-Lewis Jr. takes a very active role in life, both in and outside of Leesville Road High School, “I feel that life is about trying new things,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. This dedicated student is sure to have a promising future ahead of him.



What is NaNoWriMo?

In 2006, NaNoWriMo officially became a nonprofit organization and not only do they have the NaNoWriMo challenge every November.

NanoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month, an annual challenge for people that enjoy writing stories to write a complete novel the entire month of November. They also have an event called Camp NaNoWriMo and Young Writers programs.

According to NaNoWriMo, they provide encouragement for those to be inspired and creative when writing stories and achieving goals in the community.

The Challenge

The NaNoWriMo challenge is to write 50,000 words throughout the entire month. To keep track of how many words you wrote, you can sign up to NaNoWriMo and make an account. 

When you do, you can access more info such as how-to pages, and also join virtual events held by the company.

In 2022, 51,670 people met the goals and became NaNoWriMo winners with 21,326 young writers (which is K-12th grade).

The website also offers writing-related resources, virtual events, and much more. The challenge officially starts at 12:00 am November 1 and ends at 11:59 pm November 30.

The organization is working on building communities all over the world. You can participate and get involved in local groups to volunteer.

NaNoWriMo is a fun challenge to inspire those who enjoy writing and literature to pursue their dreams to become novelists.

Senior Night


Leesville Road High School has a senior night every year that’s celebrated during sports games. This year, senior night was celebrated during the varsity football game against Athens Drive, and the volleyball game against Cardinal Gibbons on Oct 17 and 19.

The original date for the football game was Friday however it was changed due to weather. 

The theme at this senior night football game was neon out. Where students sported bright neon colors, like pink, orange, and green.

The band, cheer, and dance team put on their best performances, cheering on the football team leading to them winning the game 64 to nothing.

To recognize the class, they spotlight every senior on dance, football, cheer, and band. The students walked with their parents down the football field, as seen on the @lrhsnews Instagram post

It’s important to have events like these that highlight the graduating class, to help them leave their mark on the school. It shows the Leesville pride spirit. 

Bus Driver Shortage Continues


Wake County public schools have been experiencing bus driver shortages for the past couple of years. With 315 bus driver positions vacant, this school year is no different.

Almost daily, the announcements come on during class to inform students that certain routes won’t have a bus driver that afternoon. Giving students less than half a school day to find an entirely different way home after school. 

Kyla Alston, sophomore, said, “It was time to go home and the announcements were like “route 24, will not have a driver,” so I just went with my mom.” 

The reason for the bus driver shortage in Wake County is mostly due to their pay rate, that’s why in 2021 bus drivers went on strike to protest their low pay wages. 

As a result of this strike, the Wake school board increased pay and gave a bonus to permanent bus drivers. However, the Wake County district never fully recovered from the protest. 

On September 29, 2023, the announcements at Leesville Road High School came on announcing that multiple buses would be late and asking for teachers to excuse the people who came into class late. Students are missing class time due to this issue. 

Bus drivers are an essential part of school, without them some kids have no way to attend class. Their low wages are unacceptable. 

Kids are missing class and getting home late in the afternoon due to this shortage and the small increase Wake County gave them before in 2021 is clearly not enough. Remember to thank the bus driver today.

The History of Bojangles


The Beginning of A New Fast-Food Chain

In 1975, Richard Thomas, former president of KFC, started and worked at a restaurant called Sunny’s in Charlotte, NC. Another businessman, Jack Fulk worked at a Hardee’s in Wilkesboro, NC where he introduced Hardee’s scratch made biscuit.

Hardee’s is a separate restaurant chain that started in 1960 in Greenville, North Carolina initially known for their burgers, fries, and shakes. To this day, Hardee’s is still running and are very successful for their quality food such with continuing their made-from-scratch biscuits, thick burgers, and their hand-breaded chicken tenders.

Sunny’s wasn’t performing very well as a business.

One day, Thomas and Fulk met up in Charlotte and invested in a new restaurant. In July 1977, they started a quick fried chicken restaurant with no dine-in that had delicious one-of-a-kind cajun spice flavored fried chicken and not long after released Fulk’s inviting biscuit which made sales drastically increase.

When figuring out a name and concept for the restaurant, Fulk heard on the radio a song titled Mr. Bojangles  and that was how Bojangles got its name.

More locations started to open in the south in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sales and Profit

According to Zippia , Bojangles’ yearly revenue is around $547.4 million dollars.

The restaurant franchise also has 7,500 employees and now has over 800 locations, 346 of them are in North Carolina.

Sharp Sheets  estimates that Bojangles has an annual profit of 182,000 dollars each year. They make nearly 2 million dollars in sales.

Bojangles Today

More Bojangles locations opened as people throughout the South enjoyed their food with more locations popping up in the North as well in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland as well as a location in Honduras.

Numerous Leesville students enjoy getting Bojangles including Xcipriss Fenner, junior.

“[I] probably [like] the cheddar bo biscuit,” said Fenner when asked what her favorite meal at Bojangles was.

 Bojangles is a restaurant originally from North Carolina with incredible success known for their delicious chicken, and tasty biscuits.

Wendy’s Frosty Review

Fall is here and that means pumpkin spice everything. The popular fast food chain Wendy’s has announced that they will be creating something brand new that nobody else is doing. 

This fall, Wendy’s is shaking things up with a seasonal twist that everyone is always looking forward to. The pumpkin spice frosty has been available since September 12. 

I’m just gonna come out and say that I think this frosty is going to ruin Wendy’s frosty reputation. Usually, I love the Wendy’s frosties but pumpkin spice in the frosty I’m guessing is not a very good combo.

These were just my initial thoughts of the drink before tasting. 

I arrived at Wendy’s and was surprised at the line. It was circled all the way around the drive-thru.

When I got the frosty, my reaction was this is pretty good because it smelled good. However, I was not going to let the smell dictate my opinion. 

Overall, Wendy’s did a great job. I am happy to say I was surprised. It tasted a little bit more like pumpkin pie, but regardless it was very good.

This is something I hope Wendy’s keeps bringing to the menu every Fall. It almost tastes like pumpkin eggnog which gave me a little taste of Christmas. 

I think that this was a good choice on Wendy’s part. Maybe, instead of getting your pumpkin spice latte, you will go for this one next time. 

Senior night

Leesville Road High School has a senior night every year that’s celebrated during sports games. This year, senior night was celebrated during the varsity football game against Athens Drive, and the volleyball game against Cardinal Gibbons on Oct 17 and 19.

The original date for the football game was Friday however it was changed due to weather. 

The theme at this senior night football game was neon out. Where students sported bright neon colors, like pink, orange, and green.

The band, cheer, and dance team put on their best performances, cheering on the football team leading to them winning the game 64 to nothing.

To recognize the class, they spotlight every senior on dance, football, cheer, and band. The students walked with their parents down the football field, as seen on the @lrhsnews Instagram post

It’s important to have events like these that highlight the graduating class, to help them leave their mark on the school. It shows the Leesville pride spirit. 

New Track Update

While the LRHS track has only been done for a year, it already has some problems. 

The problems include improper drainage systems, wear in lane one, chunks of track being pulled up, and gum and other candy stuck to the track from the gym classes. 

The condition of the track is still very nice but it is starting to show wear. 

Many other sports have walk on or set things on the track during their events. For example, football puts tables and bleacher benches in lane one and does not move them back after games. 

“Considering it is only a year old, I think it could be much better. Honestly, there are a lot of problems with the track… Lane one has deteriorated already from the rain and the fertilizer… we are watering the track half the time because of the football field sprinklers,” said Luke Lesher, senior. 

The Track and Cross Country team are tired of picking up the benches and tables out of lane one. 

“I hate it when we go out to the track to do a workout and there are things like benches and tables in lane one, not that it is hard to move but it’s just annoying because it is every time we go out. It just makes us have to spend more time out there not doing what we are supposed to do,” said Sam Brown, junior. 

The track’s condition for only being a year old is sub par, however it can get better if everyone does their jobs and makes an effort to preserve the track. 

Why I Cycle for Sport


Many students at Leesville Road High school participate in some form of sport. For some, this means being on a Leesville sports team. For me, it means cycling outside of school on a daily basis. I believe that cycling is a way to relieve stress, explore my surroundings, and workout in a way that is both enjoyable but challenging. 

Have you ever felt bogged down by an upcoming test or lots of homework? I sure have. During these moments of stress, I’ve found that cycling is the best medicine. The dopamine hit I get from the first push of the pedals is something I find hard to come by in other places. 

This reaction is not too unusual, and is actually expected in most individuals. According to a study published by Harvard Health, “The mental benefits of aerobic exercise have a neurochemical basis. Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.” When I cycle, I experience these exact symptoms, but at elevated levels compared to most other sports. After my ride, I find that my head is usually clear and I can return to doing homework or studying without a persistent feeling of weight looming over me. 

Another big draw of cycling for me is being able to see the world from a new perspective. I love nature, and cycling allows me to soak up as much as I want, whenever I want, at a pace that is neither too fast nor too slow. The feeling of cycling down the Raleigh Greenway at speeds close to 20 mph is one of the best in the world, especially when it’s in a part of town you haven’t explored before. 

While the greenway is great and all, exploring varied environments is a big draw for me. Everyone knows that you can hike and drive Mt. Mitchell, but cycling is my favorite way to get to the top. Cycling to the top allows you to see all the views that driving would, but at a slower pace so you can take in everything more. Perhaps the mountains don’t call to you. Well, cycling NC route 12 is a great way to explore the outer banks as you are only a few feet away from the ocean at times. 

Cycling has also allowed me to see the extremes of our country. Take cycling up to Hurricane Ridge from Port Angeles in WA as an example. You start at sea level, and 20 grueling miles later you tower above the town and ocean at an impressive 5,242 feet above sea level. The transformation from mountain to sea in such a short distance allows for cyclists to see breathtaking views and stunning vistas that many drivers miss as they are simply going too fast to be able to view for an extended period of time. 

However, the biggest reason I cycle is for the perfect balance of exercise and enjoyment it provides. Everytime I go for a cycle, I never feel like it was too easy nor do I feel it was so hard that it sucked all of the enjoyment out of everything. Perhaps the most fun part of cycling in my opinion is entering races. Races allow you to gauge how you’ve progressed while also scratching the competitive itch that many people have. As an added bonus, finishing on the podium after a race is one of the best feelings for an athlete. 

Springdale Estates History


The neighborhood consists of about 300 homes built around the 70s. Many of the younger residents attend or attended Leesville but this sadly wasn’t always the case. With LRHS being built in 1993, numerous high schoolers before then had to attend the next closest high school, Broughton.

“There was nothing really past our neighborhood. The highway wasn’t there, there was no development, and around here was very rural,” Allison Nani, a resident of Springdale for 30 years explains.

Growing up without a high school close by was difficult for many of the former residents.

“Leesville would have been less than half a mile from my old house versus 10 miles away from Broughton, which does not seem far but it was. Most of my friends lived close to Broughton and they joked that my sister and I lived out by the cows because the whole Leesville property used to be a farm with cows on it,”  said Nani.

Springdale Estates was mainly developed by Mr. Lester C. O’neal. The main road connecting all of the homes was named after him, O’neal Road. What used to be his office is now an extension of the neighborhood named “Baybridge.” This area was newly built in the early 2000s, so many residents attended LRHS.

“Yes, it was difficult because I could never just run over and visit my friends, and they couldn’t just come over quickly either,” said Nani. She believes that if Leesville was around at the time she would have more of a closer relationship with her friends.

“I think the biggest difference would have been my connection with my friends and their families; I never saw their parents. I never saw any of my friends in the grocery store or church, so if Leesville was built, I feel like I would have had more of a sense of community,” said Nani.

Although Nani didn’t enjoy living in the middle of nowhere, she felt as though living in the city would have been too busy. She explained that “Springdale at the time was beautiful, very undeveloped, and looked at now as what would be the countryside. I miss the underdeveloped land and large farms.” 

Now that Leesville is built, many kids nearby can get to school quicker, have a specific community, and participate in after-school activities without worry. The development and history of Springdale Estates and the community is captivating to experience.

Energy Drink Addictions

In the hectic world of school, many students wanting to earn good grades rely on energy drinks to get them through the day. 

Energy drinks help many students earn through long study sessions. Energy drinks insure that students get their work done on time. 

While the names and flavors of the energy drinks can be things like candy flavors, the ingredients pack a punch with loads of caffeine, sugars, and other ingredients. 

“I drink them (energy drinks) because I like the flavors of them. Also, when I’m tired it gives me something to wake me up,” said Evie Whitt, senior. 

While yes, these drinks may appeal to your taste buds, they might not be the best for your body nutritionally. 

According to GoodRX, energy drinks do not have any positive effects.  “Energy drinks may lead to negative health effects, such as dehydration, anxiety, and insomnia.”

The bad part about energy drinks is that they are addicting. One energy drink every now and then to get through a study session may be okay, the long term effects are still unknown. Short term effects show that they are addicting but long term effects (5 years) are not known because they have not been out for long enough. 

“I think that energy drinks aren’t good for you because once you have one everyday you start to have a reliance because you are addicted…there are lots of other ways to get energy other than energy drinks,” said Adam Saib, senior.

The quick boost they may provide might seem like a lifesaver, but it could also create a cycle where you find it harder to function without them. 

Sure, Red Bull might give you “Wiings” but what goes up must come down. Energy drinks are okay in moderation like most things, but when students are drinking energy drinks everyday, it could potentially pose a threat to their safety and wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom. 

Best Halloween Candy for LRHS students

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. They dress up in weird costumes they normally wouldn’t, go through haunted houses, and most importantly eat a pile of candy.

If someone went up to a kid and asked what their favorite candy was, there would be several answers, but some would be repeated the most.


M&MS has been popular since the first time it came out in 1941, over the years since its founding, the brand has expanded its items, letting there be a selection of products for people to choose from. Among these, the Peanut M&M is the favorite.

“I love M&Ms. I think they are one of the most iconic candies, They have so many different flavors and packets they are amazing for everyone,” said Marco Puma, over text.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are extremely popular for their slogan “sour than sweet,” The candy can be eaten by anyone who likes sour gummy candy. 


Hershey’s chocolate is a classic candy. People who are lucky enough to stumble upon a house that serves king-size candy bars, will probably select a Hershey bar. There are several different products that Hershey offers: normal milk chocolate, almond varieties, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, and many more. A few were limited editions that we might never see again 

Candy is something everyone can enjoy. Whether people like sour, gummies, or chocolate. Halloween is an enjoyable time to spend time with friends and get free treats. 

Slow Pulp Yard Album Review

Slow Pulp is a semi-underground band. And I don’t mean that in a cringy way. According to Spotify, they only have 1.6 million monthly listeners. Just to get a range of how many listeners, Taylor Swift has 100.6 million monthly listeners. 

Slow Pulp consists of four band members Emily Massey, Alex Leeds, Teddy Mathews, and Henry Stoehr. Slow Pulp is an indie-rock-pop band, originally from Madison, Wisconsin, formed in 2015. 

Now this band might seem irrelevant, but it truly is one of my favorites and is worth checking out. Slow Pulp is also coming to Raleigh on October 29, 2023, playing in Morocco Hall. You can buy tickets here, on their official website.  

Now on to Yard — the idea behind this album is a childhood yard, with green grass, summer and sprinklers; similar to the album cover. I could honestly listen to this album on repeat, Each song is great, which makes it hard to pick favorites. 

Drumroll please the number one song off Yard in my opinion is…….”Yard”

Ironically the song “Yard” is such a fun unique song that is different from the rest of the album. It’s almost like they captured a moment and inserted it into a song. It’s uncensored, and shows the realities of life and how it just moves forward. 

“Yard” is probably the selling of her childhood home. Which I’m biased about, because two years ago I moved out of my childhood home and it still holds a special place in my heart, so I relate to how Slow Pulp feels about their childhood homes. 

I would place “MUD” as number two on the album. With a more sad and melancholic vibe, than the other songs on the album. It is about missing someone and being stuck inside yourself. I find this song very calming, and it reminds me of a calm rainy day reading in my room. 

Number three, I have mixed feelings about, “Broadview.” Honestly, this song would be number one on the list if it wasn’t for the country folk song feel and the harmonica. I love the message and the beginning feel of the song, but country is my least favorite genre of music. 

Now that we have gone over the top three songs, number four is “Carina Phone 1000,” a really twangy acoustic guitar song, and it reminds me of grass, rain, and dirt. It makes me feel like I’m watching and observing life happening from afar.

At number five on the album is “Cramps.” It is a blaring rock/low-level metal type of song, and I love rock songs with loud guitars; angry music. Even though it sounds super cool, it’s not super emotional, it could easily be another rock song. 

Number six out of ten, “Slugs” has a rock, indie vibe. It’s about love, and wanting to repeat the memories like a good summer song over and over in your head. 

Next at seven, “Doubt.” It is an electronic, rock, pop, and indie song. The only reason this isn’t higher is because it repeats throughout, and is a pretty simple song. “Doubt” was also released as a teaser song before the album came out, so I’ve already listened to it excessively. 

Number eight, nine, and ten in order, “Gone 2,” “Worm,” and “Fishes”

“Gone 2” is another melancholy song that is a staple of all my playlists. “Worm” all the thoughts that swirl around your head. Lastly is “Fishes” which I had a hard time putting at the bottom, but because of the carnival noises in the background at the end of the song isn’t something that I love, it’s too loud for such a quiet and somber song. 

Sick New World 2024

Sick New World is a music festival taking place on April 27, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The concert features a variety of genres including hard rock, alternative, metal, industrial, and nu-metal.

Sick New World allows for the metal genre to have a major festival platform. The festival invites new up and coming bands to give them a chance to perform with a large audience.

System Of A Down and Slipknot are the headliners for the upcoming festival. Along with them, 65 other artists across five stages plan to perform. Some notable bands attending include Alice In Chains, Slowdive, Sleep Token, and more.

“I am a huge fan of some of the performers attending like Slipknot, Alice In Chains, Slowdive, Duster, The Garden, Superheaven, Freshwater, BABYMETAL, Loathe, System Of a Down, and 6arleyhuman,” said Claudia Wright, junior, via iMessage.

General admission for the concert starts at $325, GA+ starting at $550, and VIP starting at $650.

“I am thinking about attending because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to all my favorite metal bands play live,” said Wright, via iMessage.

Metal fans can buy tickets online using resources such as Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub, and more.

Football rivalry — Leesville Pride vs. Gibbons Crusaders


The game the Loonies have been waiting for is upon us: Leesville vs. Gibbons. This Friday October 27, the Pride will be playing the Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders away from home.

 If you’re not familiar with these two teams you may ask Why is this a rivalry game?

The Leesville Pride has had a couple of losses to the Crusaders in the past. Last year losing to Gibbons by a blow out. This year’s team has come back bigger, stronger, faster.

Ben Kolstad, head coach for Leesville football, said, “We know we are gonna have a battle. We are not gonna give up big plays.”

These two teams are very similar when it comes to coaching style and even the amount of talent they have on the field.

Leesville is currently 8-1 only to have lost to Wakeforest. While Gibbons current record is 7-2.

Elisio Torres, senior, said, “We have been working countless hours to be prepared for this game, and I think we have all realized how important this game means to us all.”

Leesville’s football coaching staff has made sure their players are locked in for the upcoming game. 

Deandre Goldston, junior, said, “My goal coming into the game is to be confident and be prepared for what the other team will do on the field.”

This is the game to watch as the season comes to an end. Let’s support the Pride for yet another win!

Boygenius’s sophomore EP “the rest” resonates with fans


On Friday, October 13, the indie folk-rock trio boygenius released their sophomore EP titled the rest. 

The band released the brief EP on the tail end of their first album, the record. Coming nearly seven months later, the rest includes four tracks that diverge from the tracks on the record. 

  1. Black Hole 
  2. Afraid of Heights 
  3. Voyager 
  4. Powers 

While the record includes a tracklist of uniquely cohesive songs ranging from folk ballads to head-banging rock anthems, the rest lacks the diversity of boygenius’s debut album. The EP seems to live up to its name, resembling “the rest” of the songs that didn’t quite make the cut for the album. 

Even so, the new EP seems to resonate with fans of boygenius due to the excellent lyricism they include. Written mostly by Lucy Dacus, one of the members of the band, the lyrics in the rest include a sense of vulnerability that distinguishes it from the record. 

“I got to hear all four of the songs on the rest live before it was released, because I saw boygenius live at Madison Square Garden,” said Ashton Layh, passionate fan of boygenius. “I think it was…so good, and I think it was a perfect way to end this series of music that they’ve been releasing lately, and it’s a totally different vibe from the record.”

With the release of the rest, boygenius is capping off an era of their music, coinciding with the end of their national tour. As their shows come to an end, fans of boygenius can only wonder how long it will take to receive a second boygenius album, given that the band took a five year hiatus between their first release and their first album. 

The LRHS cross country team going into regionals 


On Saturday, October 28, both the men’s and women’s LRHS cross country teams will compete in the NCHSAA 4A East Regionals cross country meet. 

The race will be at the Wakemed Soccer Park cross country course in Cary. The course is a 5k, roughly 3.1 miles long, and will determine which teams will make it to the final race of the cross country season: the NCHSAA 4A State Championship. 

The regional meet will allow the top twenty-five percent of teams in the region to advance to the states in Kernersville on November 4. Based on the entries for the meet, it’s likely that while six men’s teams will advance, only five women’s teams will. 

Going into the meet, the men’s team is ranked third in the region. With an overall average time of 16:08, the team is heading in  as one of the favorites to advance on to states. Ahead of them in the region is Broughton, their conference rival, and Hoggard, located in Wilmington. 

On the other hand, the women’s team is ranked fourth heading into regionals. With only five teams advancing to states on the women’s side, the team is going to have to fight hard to defend their current ranking and advance to the state championship. Sitting with an average time of 19:33, they’ll have to compete with Laney and Athens Drive in order to continue on to states. 

“I’m excited to see how everyone as a team does,” said Zoë Etheridge, senior and captain of the cross country team. “We’re all faster than we’ve ever been, stronger than we’ve ever been, and a whole bunch of girls broke 20:00 [minutes] for the first time at Cap 6.”

Last cross country season, Etheridge was the only member of the LRHS women’s cross country team to advance to states. The entire team did not continue to states, as they finished sixth place and only five teams advanced. But, Etheridge had the opportunity to compete individually as one of the top twenty-five finishers in the race whose team did not make the cut. 

“States alone was very lonely…,” said Etheridge. “But this year, we all really want it, [Coach] Gamble wants us to want it, and that’s what matters when it comes to states — who wants it more.”

Travis Scott plays one concert, cancels the other in Raleigh

Earlier this month, popular artist Travis Scott began his “Circus Maximus” tour. On October 13 and 14 of 2023, he made his way to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Travis Scott is a talented rapper, singer, and producer.  With his performances, he has taken the music industry to the next level. 

The artist is currently on tour where he not only attracts fans with songs from his newest album Utopia, but also performs beloved classics that have captivated his devoted fan base over the years. 

Utopia was released on July 28, 2023 and has been a huge success. He released the album on his most popular album, “Atroworlds” two year anniversary. 

On October 13 and 14 of 2023, Travis Scott was scheduled to perform in Raleigh, NC. His first show, that Friday, was a great success. Both nights, his shows were completely sold out. 

After fans witnessed the first night of Travis Scott’s show in Raleigh, their excitement soared after seeing highlights of his performance shared across social media. Many fans were eagerly anticipating night two, until it was announced that the show was postponed. 

Despite the anticipation, Travis Scott has left his fans in suspense by not yet offering a reason for postponing the show. There has been no reason given for the change and no reasoning announced. 

Many fans are understandably frustrated with Travis Scott for not providing any further information about the postponement of night two in Raleigh. 

After investing a significant amount of money, time, and excitement into the event, they were extremely upset to learn just hours before the show that it wouldn’t be happening as planned. The lack of explanation has left fans feeling left down and eager for answers. 

“It was really frustrating that Travis Scott postponed his concert just hours before the show. I was really looking forward to it and was very excited, so it sucks that he has yet to give information regarding the reasoning of why he postponed the show and whether he’ll come back to Raleigh or not,” said Katelyn Gill, senior. 

Fans are increasingly vocal about their desire for Travis Scott to provide an explanation for the sudden postponement. They just want to receive more information or get their money back. 

Holocaust and Genocide Class important enough to be required


Holocaust and Genocide has been a class at Leesville since 2009, and the class teaches vital information that every student should know. 

Throughout the course, you learn about the different genocides that have happened in history. The class starts with the first modern genocide — the Armenian genocide — and goes all the way up to genocides that are currently happening, such as the Uyghur genocide in China and the genocide by the Sudannesse government against their own people in Darfur (a province in Sudan). 

While in the class, you also learn about the important signs of what leads up to a genocide. These major steps show the average citizen what to look out for in a country that could be in the early stages of genocide. This is obvious to see in the fact that most Americans don’t know that the United States is currently around the 2 stage of genocide against the LGBTQ+ community.

The importance of the class is that it shows students at Leesville the true amount of atrocities that the Nazis committed in the Holocaust. Most people only spend a day on the topic freshman year and just learn that 8 million people die and that 6 million of those people are Jews. But as freshmen, they don’t completely understand how awful these crimes are and even many adults can not wrap their heads around 8 million people. 

The freshmen don’t learn about the extent of the experimentation done by the Nazis such as when Nazis would try to test new drugs for their military that would end in the subjects death commonly Most people in highschool don’t also learn about how at Bergen-Belsen the prisoners were starved to the point that when given food by the British during liberation tens of thousands would later perish because their stomach shrunk so much that when they did eat that food their stomach exploded killing them.

Not only does Holocaust and Genocide focus on the Holocaust but also many other genocides that most people will go their entire lives without knowing anything about such as the Armenian genocide in Turkey. During this genocide, the Armenians where only targeted because the leaders in charge needed a scape goat and in a predominantly Muslim nation it was easy to blame the Armenians who are predominantly Christian. During this genocide, the Armenians wereforced to walk from Turkey all the way to present day Iraq with little food and water. Stories have come out about this genocide of the soldiers forcing kids into piles and stabing the pile until everyone on the outside is dead. Most people will never learn about the atrocities of Turkey because it is not ‘common history.’

Holocaust and Genocide should be a required class because it gives people a new light on just how awful the acts of not only the Nazis are but also governments such as the current Turkish government, or the genocide in Rwanda and the neighboring D.R.C. (Democratic Republic of the Congo). The class also gives its students an idea on what to look for in a government for signs of a possible genocide.

Foods Class New Garden

At Leesville, a lot of things happen in the main building, but Mrs. Schwinger’s class is putting the Murphy Building on the map with their new Foods II garden. 

Currently, the Foods class of the Murphy Building is working on finding out where the food they make actually comes from. 

Mrs. Schwinger is working on teaching her students not only how to cook food but also how the food they cook gets to their kitchens. 

The Food class’s new garden helps the students understand that farmers don’t always have it easy when growing crops for people to consume and that some people have to grow their own food. 

“This is Food II Honors, and we have a unit in our class that is all about local foods, and I think it is very important for the students to learn where your food comes from and how to grow it. I hope that one day… when you are planting something you remember this experience and say that was pretty cool,” said Schwinger. 

Knowing where your food comes from is extremely important, whether you are at the grocery store or at a restaurant. Knowing how the food you consume is prepared and sourced makes the eating experience so much better.

“I think the garden really shows how and where our food comes from and also the struggle that farmers and larger companies go through trying to grow crops and other animals… it lets you really see everything,” said Michael Watson. 

The Food garden has many different plants in it such as Romain and buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli, celery, sweet peas, radishes, Swiss chard, and collard greens. 

“My favorite plant in the garden is the radish. The radish is kinda like the underdog in the whole thing because there is only one so it’s kinda like the L ratio. I kinda just like it because it stands out,” said Adam Saib.

Most of the class likes the radish the most because there is only one in the entire garden. Although some of the students understandably said the plant they like the most is the one they planted themselves.

“My favorite plant in the garden would probably be the lettuce over there in the third box down because I planted it. I planted all of the lettuce so it’s nice to see my hard work grow,” said Watson. 

The Food class garden shows to both the students in the class and the students all around Leesville an example of where our foods come from. It is important for people to know where your food comes from and this garden does just that.

Panic Point

Panic Point has been in North Carolina for 13 years now. It has been the number one horror attraction in North Carolina for a decade. 

Panic Point gained popularity by being a seasonal event, much like the state fair, coming around September 23 through November 4 this year. With scary actors and attractions that can be up to 30 minutes long, it’s an appeal that everyone wants to see at least once. 

Eventgoers will be able to see people from all over the state, maybe even from another state as well.

The location has five main attractions, with a couple of sideshows: The Haunted Forest, The Dark Trail, Killers in the Corn, The Howling Hayride, and The Menacing Maze. 

The haunted forest is their main attraction, it is half a mile long and has several scares along the way, it is claimed to be the scariest of them all. 

“I go to Panic Point each year and it never gets old, I love being able to go to an actual horror attraction that immerses me into the world of horror and doesn’t just try to jump scare me every minute,” said Natalie Padden, senior.

Not only are there actors in the attractions, but there are some that walk around while people wait in line. They can scare you when you least expect it. 

While there, people tend to get extremely frightened, but it’s important to remember that it is all just a show and it is not real. A rule that must be followed if one attends Panic Point is to not touch the actors — they may scare you, but they will not harm you. 

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular ROBLOX games ever created. The developers of Blox Fruits, Gamer Bot Inc, released the game in 2019. Since the initial release, the game has become a multi-award game.

Blox Fruits is a game based on the pirate anime, One Piece. For legal reasons, the game is a loose copy of the anime.

In the game, users can “become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets.”

The general idea of the game is to follow a storyline, grind to level up, and to fight in pvp (player vs player).


The storyline is based off of the same order of arcs in One Piece. There are three different seas in the game.

“I love how the islands go in chronological order of the anime’s arcs. It makes me feel like I am on the same journey as Luffy, [the main character of the anime, One Piece,]” said Carter Knox, Blox Fruits and One Piece fan.

The first sea contains fifteen islands and requires users to reach level 700 before advancing to the second sea. The second sea contains eight islands. However, most users spend most of their time on the main island due to quests. Users must be level 1500 to advance to the next sea. The third sea contains seven islands and is currently the last sea.

Users start off on the pirate starter island and complete quests to level up. After reaching certain levels, they can travel across the sea to other islands to complete quests.


Blox Fruits has four different fighting mechanics available. These include a melee, a gun, a sword, and blox fruit.

Users have stat points that allow them to upgrade their fighting abilities. Points are awarded from leveling up. However, there is a cap limit for the amount of points a player can use to upgrade their fighting skills.

Users can create types of builds like sword, melee, and blox fruit build.

The sword fighting style is when a user specializes in their sword ability for combat. There are five different rarities of sword: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythical. The mythical swords are the most desired swords as they have increased damage and defense. Swords are obtained via defeating bosses or purchasing from the shop.

The melee fighting style is when a user specializes in martial arts for combat. Users can purchase martial art styles throughout the map. There are 11 styles available, with four in the first sea, four in the second sea, and three in the third sea. Fighting styles are obtained via teachers scattered around the map.

The gun fighting style is when a user specializes in guns for combat. There are currently 13 guns available in the game. Guns are obtained via bosses, or by completing certain quests.

The blox fruit fighting style is when a user specializes in blox fruit powers for combat. There are currently 35 blox fruits available. Each fruit has unique abilities and some are more powerful than others. Fruits are obtained via shop or trading.

“I am a blox fruit user because I have the awakened buddha fruit, and it’s overpowered,” said Knox.

Users aim to master their fighting style to conquer the land and to dominate in pvp.

Pirate crews

Players are able to create and join pirate crews once they reach level 300. Pirate crews allow users to create large alliances and complete the storyline together.

Pirate crews have a shared bounty that combines the total bounty of all its members. To create competition, there is a leaderboard ranking crews with the highest combined bounties.

Several groups in the Blox Fruits community host pirate crew pvp competitions where they compete in duels to crown the most powerful crew.

Blox Fruits has continued to grow in popularity and produce updates frequently. ROBLOX fans have high hopes for the game as it has a 94% like ratio and 22.6 billion visits as of October 19, 2023.

Homecoming Dance of 2023


Leesville’s 2023 Homecoming Dance was held on Friday, October 13. This is the first time any dance has been held at Leesville since 2017. 

The executive council pushed to bring back the homecoming dance this year, but it had been canceled in years past due to low turnout. But Leesville students came together to vote it back for this year. A whopping 800 students purchased dance tickets and most were able to attend the dance as well as the football game.

Since so many students showed up, it caused a little bit of a hold-up with the checking-in process. The line was through the restricted gym hallway and down the sidewalk in front of the school. Many students were unaware that identification was needed to get into the dance, so they had to be looked up in the student ticket list. This took more time than expected causing the line to move slowly. Students were getting impatient in line so for the next dance additional faculty could be used to help check-in.

The dance was held in the auxiliary gym and food and drinks were provided in the hallway outside of the gym. A burger meal had to be ordered ahead of time, but snacks were there for everyone.

Kevin Dang, sophomore, said, “It wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be corny and cringe but it turned out to be a lot of fun and everyone was actually dancing.’’ 

Students knew most of the lyrics and were able to sing along. A  few of the songs even had a dance that went along with them such as “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, “The Wobble”, and even “The Cha-Cha Slide”. Some of the other favorites of the night included Lucid Dreams, SkeeYee, Driver’s License, and Deli.

I think it is safe to say that the 2023 Homecoming Dance was a pretty big hit. 

Madison Watson, freshman, said, “I hope that there is a homecoming dance next year and my friends, and I would be open to a Winterfest dance as well.” 

The successful Homecoming Dance will help push towards a possible Winterfest Dance. This will give Leesville students something to look forward to in the upcoming months or until next year.