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Petland: Where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption. 


Petland is a pet store located in Morrisville where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption. 

Since the puppies tend to usually spend time behind glass waiting for someone to take them home, Petland offers a free 60-minute session with as many dogs as you can fit in that time.

One at a time, the dog of your choice will be picked out and brought straight to your play area.

Although playing with these dogs is fun, to participate, making a reservation is recommended for young adults under 18. 

Most of the dogs are super fun and energetic to play with because of how young they are.

Petland offers many different breeds of dogs including golden retrievers, french bulldogs, huskies, and poodles. 

Some people come and fall in love with a dog and end up being able to take them home that day averaging around $3,000.

Puppies are expensive, so Petland offers financial support options for new and old dog owners.

Their “Special Financing” is a great way to afford to take home a puppy that day with no down payment.  

All you need to do is fill out an application online or in-store and once the application is submitted, one of our Pet Counselors will help you get ready to take home an adorable puppy. 

Petland is filled with all kinds of pet needs. Pet food, toys, beds, and more are all offered at a great price for pet owners. . 

Stop by Petland for a fun experience playing with the dogs or for pet needs. 

Why Leesville should have a longer lunch period


With more time to eat, students are less likely to rush through their meals, promoting healthier eating habits. 

Our upperclassmen are also less likely to drive recklessly during a longer period.

Many of our students who can go off-campus experience feeling rushed with such little time.

“I usually end up rushing back to school depending on how far I go for lunch. I always want Chick-fil-A but end up always rushing with no time so I usually try to go somewhere closer,” said Lily Westbrook, junior. 

With a longer lunch period, students have the opportunity to eat a more balanced meal, which can improve their health and energy levels, and allow students more time to socialize with their peers. 

Social interaction is essential for developing friendships and creating a sense of belonging within the school community.

A longer lunch break also gives students a mental break from their classes and allows students to relax and recharge, which can help to improve academic performance.

When students are well-fed, rested, and have had a chance to socialize and relax, they are more likely to be focused and engaged in their afternoon classes.

“I feel like with more time I’ll be able to eat without rushing, and eat more healthy food which will make me focus better in my last classes,” said Shane Oxenford, sophomore.

This can enhance their school experience and provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

Overall, a longer lunch period can contribute to the development of high school students by helping physical health, socialization, stress reduction, and academic success.

Jojo Siwa a trending artist with a new image

Jojo Siwa is a name that has been trending on the internet in recent months because of her new image. 

Since the release of her song, “Karma”, in April 2024, the internet has been all over Siwa and the controversy revolving around the songs origination, claiming that she had stolen lyrics that had belonged to Mylie Cyrus and Brit Smith. 

Siwa has responded to the allegations by claiming that she didn’t steal the song, telling TMZ reporters on April 12, “I did not steal anything” and “there is no such thing as stealing.”

As time passed, the internet eventually grew tired of the controversy created around Jojo Siwa, that is until teasers for a song titled “Choose Your Fighterwere released on TikTok and YouTube, bringing relevancy back to Siwa.

Although Siwa gained slightly more popularity with the release of this new song, most of the feedback received was negative. Many criticizing the lyrics and the voice in the song, claiming that Siwa had stolen the vocals from the original artist.


Since Siwa’s transformation, the internet has been able to witness the drastic changes she has made in many aspects. Her style, the topics of the songs she releases, and even her public persona have changed entirely.

Both her songs, “Karma” and “Choose Your Fighter”, have lyrics that heavily revolve around her past relationships with Avery Cyrus and Katie Mills, alluding to topics such as cheating or using Siwa for fame.

As videos began to trend of Jojo Siwa’s upcoming song, people began to criticize the lyrics heavily. “She keeps singing songs about her exes when she only has two, she needs to move on from them,” said Victoria Taton, senior.  

Eventually, people began to question if it was even Siwa’s voice over the track for a majority of the song, claiming that it sounded like a completely different person. Emeline, the original creator of the song, was given credit for the vocals, claiming that Siwa should give credit to the artist for stealing her work.

Comments all across her social media accuse her of stealing Emeline’s vocals while continuing to hate on Siwa’s choice to remix the song. “It doesn’t even sound like her in the song, it sounds like they just autotuned the original song,” said Syd Worth, junior. 

Siwa has yet to respond to the controversy related to the alternate vocals, but instead releasing a video to TikTok on June 1, 2024, battling the idea that she was stealing songs by stating “I don’t WRITE my songs. I SING them,” claiming that she is a singer, not a songwriter. 

Public Presence

From the beginning of Jojo Siwa’s transformation, she has made sure to keep her presence on the internet by posting regularly on social media to promote her songs.

However, one recent event soared her back into the limelight; her trip to Disney World.

People quickly began to mock Siwa’s actions, claiming that she was faking being drunk for attention.  “It was embarrassing to watch, she should have a better social media manager.” said Ava Kapuscinksi, senior.

Very soon after she gained the internet’s attention with her antics while performing Disney’s Drink Around The World, she announced the upcoming release of Choose Your Fighter

Siwa continues to promote her transformation from childish music with various social media containing inappropriate themes or using vulgar language while the internet continues to ridicule her. 

The release date for Choose Your Fighter has not yet been confirmed, however versions of the song can be found on YouTube, released by unofficial accounts. 

Bridgerton Season 3 is Finally Here!

The long awaited season 3 of Bridgerton is finally here! The last season having come out December of 2020, fans have certainly been waiting and have high expectations. Early May it was revealed that this season would diverge from the book series by centering Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) rather than Sophie Beckett and Benedict Bridgerton from the fourth book An Offer from a Gentleman. 

While some say the 2 part release has left the plot feeling rushed, most have taken the change quite well. Fans are enthusiastic that the ‘wallflower’ Penelope who has been pining over Colin for 2 seasons will finally get the friends to lovers romance she deserves. 

At the end of season 2, Penelope has her heart broken by Colin when she overhears him saying he would never dream of courting her. She has not only no prospects but no friends when Eloise discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, the pamphlet gossiper who published a story revealing Eloise’s secret tryst with the lower class political radical Theo Sharp. Penelope only wanted to protect Eloise from dangerous radicals and from being falsely convicted by Queen Charlotte for being lady Whistledown. Viewers certainly hope they can reconcile their friendship this season. 

“Polin” is not the only romance blooming this season. Francesca Bridgerton has been thrust into a love triangle with Lord Samadni from Vienna, a match hand picked by the Queen, and John Sterling Lord of Kilmartin who shares her love of music. Benedict Bridgerton all the while is having a secret primarily physical engagement with the widowed lady Till Arnold and the producers have introduced a new character Lord Marcus Anderson, brother of Lady Danburry, to accompany the Bridgertons mother Violet. 

With so much going on this season, Bridgerton fans cannot wait to see what happens in part 2!

5 things you can do to build your college resume

High School is all about educating students but also preparing them for their future life. It is supposed to guide students along the way and help them figure out their interests and knowledge in different fields. 

The goal is that students have it easier after the 4 years of high school to decide what they want to do once they graduate. 

Going to college is a common interest and something a lot of students try to achieve. In order to apply for university, students start early in high school to prepare and fill their resumes.  

Getting a scholarship or financial support sounds tempting to a lot of people since college costs are often really high. Therefore, many factors, such as a good CV or resume, play into the decisions colleges make about their students’ enrollment.

Standardized test scores or GPAs are also important for the consideration of applicants. In order to feel confident and ready for college, here are some tips below about how to build your college resume for a successful application process. 

  1. Extracurriculars

When thinking about college applications, a lot of students consider participating in extracurriculars. It is not only a fun activity inside the school life that connects the students, but also looks very good on the future resume. 

Ashley Stanziale, sophomore, is part of the Leesville JV cheer team and uses that as an opportunity to learn life skills for college. “I think it is a good way to get together with all kinds of people and it prepares me to work with different groups.” 

  1. Prepare for the SAT or ACT

Standardized testing, like the SAT and ACT are often part of the key requirements for college applications. Roughly 1.3 million students in the US took the ACT last year, and about 1.9 million students took the SAT during their high school career. 

Students usually take these tests in their junior year of high school which gives them the first two years to prepare for them. In sophomore year, there are practice and pre-SAT/ACT options. 

Since the outcome of the tests is fundamental and a basis for a successful college resume, it is crucial to spend time and effort preparing for it. 

  1. Wake Tech classes

Leesville students have the opportunity to enroll in Wake Tech classes through the Dual Enrollment or College Career Promise program and can participate in these while still in high school. That is a common and effective way to add on to the college resume and gain experience for their future lives. 

Alexis Cook, junior, shares the opinion that taking a college class is a great opportunity for students. “You get to experience the college environment while still being in high school and the GPA boost is always nice,” said Cook. She is enrolled in a college class at the Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh.

Cook can tell from experience, what possibilities there are to make a good college application: “I’m taking college classes right now, I’m working part-time, and also looking for an internship over the summer. I am a part of the National English Honor Society, National Achievers Society, Student Council, and many more fun clubs!”

  1. Internship

Taking part in an internship is another great activity to add to a college resume. However, it is not only that, but also a chance for students to experience the real work-life first-hand and get a sneak peak into different jobs. 

This can open the students’ minds and views while being part of a job of their choice. That can help students to gain more knowledge and assist them when determining their college major and the direction they want to go. 

  1. Volunteer

Lastly, students can volunteer at different places. A popular job that a lot of students do during the summer is being a camp counselor. 

Depending on the student’s interest, there are many volunteer offers they can apply for. Whether it is a camp with kids or a farm with animals, there are always places in need of some help and young assistance. 

Gaining experience and knowledge while working as a volunteer looks great on the college resume again. Volunteering especially shows the students’ engagement and will to help out and learn new skills. 

Leesville Exchange Students Review on America

This year Leesville welcomed five exchange students from Europe — Elsa Hermann, Ines Hernandez, Salma Mekki, Rebeka Mayerova, and Daniela Freund–all juniors. 

One decision brought them together in North Carolina. After talking to them, I think it is safe to say that their decision created lifelong friendships and lifelong memories. 

The girls arrived here in August and were placed with different host families. They have made the most of their year here and wanted to share all their thoughts as they prepare to head back home.

Elsa Hermann

Elsa is from Stuttgart, Germany. She was inspired to be a foreign exchange student by her brother who went aboard a few years ago.

Hermann said, “I always wanted to see a different way of life, go to an American high school, and make international connections.”

When she first arrived, she was shocked by how big everything was, and that one store could have so many things. She was also surprised about the amount of plastic people use here, but she adjusted quickly.

While at Leesville, Hermann played lacrosse, ran cross country, danced in the spring dance concert, and joined various clubs.

Her favorite American slang she learned was “She eats’ ‘, “slay’ ‘ and “munching’. She plans to take all of the new slang back to Germany, even though she might receive some weird looks. 

This year Hermann had the chance to travel to Washington DC, New York, Florida, Georgia, and California with her host family.

When it comes to host families, Hermann was fortunate to have such a loving family. They treated her like their own and were a big part of her experience. Hermann said, “I will definitely stay in contact… my plan is for them to dance at my wedding.”

Hermann gushed about how welcoming and kind everyone had been to her. Alongside her friends and host family, she will also miss Chick-fil-A and the fun of American high school. 

“This year I became more independent, more confident, and more open. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, and that’s something that will help me later in life,” said Hermann.

Overall, Hermann gives America 100/10, and she can not wait to come back and visit!

Ines Hernandez

Ines is from Madrid, Spain. She wanted to become an exchange student to experience new cultures and socialize in another language. 

Hernandez was excited to play American sports and try new fast-food chains. She joined the lacrosse team and the junior powderpuff team. She loved the pep rally and going to prom. 

Most of her weekends consisted of hanging out with friends, going shopping, and attending concerts. She took many trips to the beach, went skiing, and visited Disney World!

When it comes to American slang, Ines has learned a lot. She keeps a list in her notes app called “words that make me laugh/impact”. This list includes “tuxedo, thunder, Coachella, buzzcut, ostrich, esophagus” and many more. 

Along with food, the culture can also be shocking. One thing Hernandez was shocked by was how much people burp because in Spain it’s considered rude to burp in public! She was also surprised by how early everything started here.

“This year has changed the way I talk to people. I have learned how to not be shy and be who I am. I also tried to learn how to do a backhandspring but it didn’t go well.”

Hernandez said, “I’m going to miss school. It is actually so fun here. I’m also going to miss all the sports and dances because we don’t have that fun stuff in Spain.”

Hernandez said, “I give America a 9.5/10 because perfection does not exist!”

Salma Mekki

Salma is from the south of France. She grew up watching American television and has wanted to experience what she calls “her American Dream” ever since. She wanted to learn how other people live and embrace different cultures. 

Salma swam and ran track for Leesville and was the lacrosse team manager. She also performed in the spring dance concert and played in the powderpuff game.

She took several trips to the beach, but her favorite trip was going to Oak Island over Memorial Day weekend. She enjoyed trying seafood at Fishy Fishy.

Her favorite American slang is the phrase “be so for real”. Her friends commented that she says it all the time!

When asked what the most shocking thing about coming here is, Mekki said, “The people and friendship. we [in France] don’t have the same way of thinking and the same way of living. It was hard to get used to at first.” 

Mekki is proud that this year she improved her English and gained new life experiences. She told me that she feels more mature and understands the world so much better now.  

Mekki lived her American dream, giving her experience a 1000/10.

Rebeka Mayerova

Rebeka is from Prague in the Czech Republic. She joined the exchange program to learn about a new culture and go to an American high school. At her school in Prague, it is very common for students to do an exchange year — so common that twenty of her classmates also decided to live abroad this year. 

Rebeka was placed with the same host mom as Salma, and the three of them spent many weekends traveling to the mountains and beach. When they weren’t traveling, they went to festivals, museums, and shows all over the Triangle.

During one of the beach trips, she tried alligator bites, which surprisingly she didn’t find too bad. Her favorite restaurant here was Mongolian Fire, where they cook your food right in front of you.  

Mayerova said, “I’m going to miss the people mostly. I think the people make the place.”

When asked how this year impacted her Mayerova said, “I feel like I’m aware of more stuff, like before I was just in my small little bubble but now I’ve discovered more things”

She gives her American experience a 100/10!

Daniela Freund

Daniela is from Munich, Germany. She wanted to do an exchange year here to improve her English, have new experiences, and meet new people. 

Freund and her host family traveled to Maine over Memorial Day weekend, she enjoyed the beach there and spending quality time with her host family. 

The most interesting food Freund tried during her stay was fried pickles. She said it wasn’t the worst thing, but she definitely would not eat it every day. Her favorite restaurant was the Mexican restaurant Salt and Lime.

She was most shocked by how much fast food Americans consume, and how many fast food chains there are. She was also surprised by the amount of car usage and our lack of public transportation.

Freund said, “My favorite phrase I leared was ‘he’s a good egg’; my host parents say that one a lot.”

Freund values the friendships she has formed here, especially with her host family. As she heads back home she will miss them most of all. 

Throughout her time here, Freund said, “I have become more open to different ways of life, and I’ve gained so many experiences that have shaped me.”

Daniela gives America an 11/10!

Thoughts from Leesville

We have heard what our international friends had to say about the United States, but what do we have to say about them? 

Ava Maclamore, sophomore, met Salma in speech class. She said “Salma is so funny, and she gets along with everyone…and is really easy to talk to.

Eva Wilson, sophomore, met Elsa in AP psychology. Wilson said, “She impacted me so much this year by becoming one of the most meaningful friendships I’ve ever had. To know someone who brings so much positive energy to my life was such a refreshing feeling. It was truly an inspiration and a gift to have as a part of my sophomore year.”

Elijah Bare, junior and Daniela’s host brother said, “ [The exchange students] have been an amazing group of friends. I have learned so much and experienced so much from them…I won’t forget them, especially Daniela, I think I have made some lifelong friendships.”

Abby Coughlin, sophomore, said, “ Ines is one of my best friends, she so funny and fun to hang out with and I’m so sad she is going to be going back to Europe so soon”

Coughlin also got to know Rebeka, she said, “Rebeka is so nice and kind and I am so glad I got to hang out with her.”

Leesville has been overwhelmed by the love and culture the exchange students brought to us this year. We have been so lucky to have them and they will be thoroughly missed next year. 

Day trips in North Carolina: 6 fun places within 90 minutes of Raleigh


North Carolina Zoo is a fun family friendly day trip to take. It is located in Asheboro, NC and it is around an hour 36 minutes away from Leesville Road High School. 

Not only can kids enjoy it, but teengagers and adults can enjoy going to the zoo too. They have different regions of animals which are Africa, North America, and the desert. 

Not only can you just view animals. But you can also feed a giraffe, view a canine show, kids can ride a carousel, walk through a butterfly garden and a treehouse trek that is for all ages. 

Wet N Wild 

Wet N Wild is a waterpark and is located in Greensboro North Carolina. It is just over an hour  away from Leesville. 

Wet N wild is a fun place for not only teenagers but for any age with there being 40+ attractions. A ticket to have access to all the rides cost $39.99. 


Carowinds is an amusement park that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is about 2 hours and half away from Leeville. 

Carowinds has 60+ roller coasters with some of those rides being family friendly. Not only do they have roller coasters, they also have a really big water park. Their daily passes cost $39.99 which includes access to all rides and access to the waterpark.

Top Golf

Top Golf is a place where people can play different types of golf games.There are four Top Golf located in North Carolina which are located in Durham, two in Charlotte, and another in Greensboro. The closest location from Leesville is Durham which is around 20 minutes away. 

Each bay can hold up to 6 people and costs $28 per hour. Not only do people golf, they also can enjoy the food there and adults can enjoy adult beverages. 

Pilot Mountain 

Pilot Mountain state park is a place where people can either go hiking or horseback riding and is about 2 hours and half minutes away from Leesville. 

At Pilot Mountain, there are plenty of activities to do like camping, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, going on trails, bird watching, fishing, and paddling. 


In North Carolina, there are a bunch of beaches to go to. The most popular beach is Emerald isle which is about 2 and a half hours away from Leesville. 

This is a good place people can go to if they want to relax and chill at the beach. People can also do surfing, kiteboarding, fishing, or paddle boarding. 

Emerald isle is known to have the bluest water in North Carolina, which is why Emerald Isle is a popular place that lives in North Carolina too. They also 


This year, Repticon was hosted in Raleigh on May 25 and 26, 2024. Tickets for this event span from $6-15 depending on how many days a person chooses to participate, and their age. Children four and under enter for free.

At this convention, you can expect to find panels of different companies discussing various topics regarding wildlife. Some topics include proper care, how to choose the right animal for you, and showcasing of pythons and other snake species. 

Like many other cons, you can purchase merchandise including posters, accessories, and many more miscellaneous items. Repticon, however, offers a unique opportunity to its participants, allowing them to buy some of the animals being showcased.

For those who aren’t interested in purchasing their own animals, most can be handled with care and supervision, and unlike stores that put animals on display in horrible conditions and little attention, Repticon animals are delicately cared for to eventually become pets.

“It gave me an opportunity to see a bunch of different animals and the ways people preserve and present their hobbies … There is art as well, I bought one of the butterfly displays,” said Victoria Taton, senior.

The main purpose of Repticon is to spread awareness about owning exotic animals and the proper care that comes with owning one. Panels are typically held on the first day of the con and can range from showing off different types of animals to the specific and proper care for each of them.

Repticon is recommended for all ages for those curious in owning their own reptile and/or amphibian, or those just wanting to hold and spend a day with animals.

Repticon will be returning to the Agri Supply Exposition Center in Raleigh on August 10 and 11, be sure to visit and experience Repticon for yourself!

Monaco Grand Prix

Over the weekend, Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc secured his first home course win. Over the past 6 years, Leclerc has had some unfortunate races in Monaco.

The Monaco curse has been broken. Leclerc, in his first and second seasons, did not get the chance to even start his races due to car malfunctions. Then in his third season he started the race but did not finish. 

Finally after 3 brutal years of not starting or finishing, Leclerc finished 4th place on the grid. Then the following year he finished 6th. 

After 5 years of bad luck, the Monaco curse was lifted and leclerc got his first home crowd win. Leclerc is the first monegasque winner since 1931. 

From the beginning of the weekend, leclerc dominated the grid finishing with the fastest time on the grid during qualifying. His fastest lap made him able to start at pole position. 

From the start Leclerc showed his composure by getting off of the line fast. He continued to hit fastest sector times throughout the race. 

The grandstands he saw built as a kid were roaring from him as he raced around the 2.1 mile circuit.

Leclerc continued to hold his composure leading the whole race around his home streets, eventually leading him to the win. 

To celebrate winning the race, Leclerc jumped into the harbor, along with the Scuderia Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur. 

Connections: Controversial or Cool? A game that connects people.


The New York Times has a variety of word-based games for people to play on their website. One of their biggest hits was Wordle, a strategic guessing game that was released in 2021. However, a new game that has garnered large amounts of attention from the public, and that is Connections.

Connections was released on June 12, 2023, and currently is the second-most-played New York Times game, after Wordle. The game involves matching four words out of sixteen that share something in common- meaning there are four groups of four synonymous words. 

The May 24, 2024 Connections. The differing colors indicate the difficulty level of the group. (Screenshot Courtesy of Nadia Ferjani)

The game is run by Wyna Liu who writes new Connections every day. She has recently gained traction on social media based on the difficulty of her categories. People have made jokes about the specificness of the categories. Such as Stephen Rigatoni’s TikTok which lists off made-up categories to poke fun at the intricate categories that Wyna creates. 

There are many TikToks like Stephen’s and people don’t necessarily see them as exaggerations or jokes anymore as some categories have been extremely particular. Some past categories that people have noted as “outlandish,” or “impossible,” were: “What a mole can be,” (Animal, birthmark, spy, unit). “Fruit homophones,” (Bury, current, leachy, pair). “Shapes of capital Greek letters,” (Circle, horseshoe, pitchfork, triangle). 

While there may be complaints brought up from players on social media, it all seems to be in a good spirit. Especially considering the outrageousness of the categories is what often draws more players in. In 2023 Connections racked up over 2 billion plays in total, which technically was only in the span of half a year since it was released in June. That’s an estimated average of ten million plays a day. 

While the categories continue to stir up complaints, the Connections game remains popular to this day and the writer Wyna keeps her spirits high. 

The upcoming generation of high school track athletes


There are over 4.14 million people who run track and field in the world. Most people associate Track and Field with Usain Bolt, a Jamaican Olympian who holds the world record for the 100-meter dash. 

While he still holds this record, the upcoming generations are going to break this record soon.

Many would say these athletes are “built differently.” 

The top-10 high school athletes at the moment could hold their own against a D1 collegiate athlete. For those who don’t know about the track world, there have been some outstanding performances in the past spring season for high school athletes. 

The classes of 2025-2027 are running extremely competitive times, and the upcoming high schoolers are gonna be even harder to compete with. 

Some of the well-known high school athletes include Quincy Wilson running under 45 seconds in the 400, Jordan Anthony who runs a 20.35 in the 200, Sadie Engelhardt who runs a 2:03 in the 800, and more.

Many are wondering why these kids are running such fast times beating collegiate athlete. Although the spring season for 2024 is over, the summer season has just begun and for the best of the best at New Balance outdoor nationals. 

New Balance Nationals is a popular track meet known for its extreme competition and cool bag. During the past indoor nationals, most of the records were broken in 2022-2023. 

The top male runners for this year for sprint events are the class of 2025-2026 and for distance 2024 was on top. For females, sprints 2024 was on top but the classes of 2025 hold the distance records. 

If you are interested in seeing how these young athletes compete in the u20 track meet for Team USA. These will be the youngest competing for the U20 Title.

Beats or Airpods


Beats and Airpods are two of the most popular headphones on the market. Each of these devices have its own features and benefits. Let’s compare the two and see which one is better.

Beats by Dre are owned by Apple, and have stylish design and power. These headphones were developed by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Many athletes favor Studio Pro Beats because of the features they hold.

They come in various models, including the Solo, Studio, and PowerBeats Series. Each version caters to different needs and preferences. These headphones include features like noise cancellation, long battery life, and Bluetooth.

These headphones offer elite listening for both casual and professional use.

“I think beats are better because they produce a louder bass production and sound quality,” said Darren Mears, sophomore. 

On the other hand, Apple’s Airpods have had a large impact on the wireless earbud market since they were released in 2016. They’re also known for its compactness and convenience of the headphones pair well with all iPhones. 

The AirPods lineup includes the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, offering different options based on your preference.  All of the AirPods lineups are earphones except for the AirPod Max which are over-the-ear headphones.

These headphones have many features: active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and hands-free Siri access. Airpods provide an excellent listening experience for everyone.

“I think that AirPods are better than Beats because they tend to be more comfortable when you’re working out or doing anything that involves being active. Especially if you have piercings, they won’t squeeze your ears like Beats do,” said Allex Williams, senior.

When comparing Beat and Airpods there are many factors including design, sound quality, comfort, and price. While Beats have a bold and stylish design, Airpods are known for their comfort.

The price range between the two is very similar ranging between 150-600 dollars. The most expensive of the two is the Airpods Maxs and when compared to Beats Studio Pros they are the same headphones with a different design for double the price.

If you are looking for something more convenient, Airpods are the way to go but. If you are looking for comfort, Beats are the way to go. Which headphones do you prefer? 

LRHS seniors’ final week of school

As the final week of school approaches, seniors across Leesville are full of excitement. The years of hard work and dedication, friendships, and memories are about to unfold in events that mark the end of their high school journey. 

Last week’s Senior Spirit Week set the tone for the final week of school, with students showing their school pride, dressing for the desired theme. 

From Dress Like Little You, Dress as Future You, Anything but a Backpack Day, Green Out, and Decision Day, students showed out with great school spirit. 

The class of 2024 participated in a friendly kickball tournament last week, another fun event to prepare seniors for their final week of school. 

The excitement continued into the long Memorial Day weekend, providing a well-deserved break for seniors to recharge and reminisce about their high school adventures. 

Whether it was a relaxing weekend at home or a weekend out with friends, seniors got to enjoy their weekend before a bittersweet farewell. 

As the final stretch begins, seniors are finishing up their last two days of classes this Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet, these classes are filled with anticipation and class parties, leading up to the senior events. 

Thursday morning brings Senior Assembly practice, a chance for students to rehearse their roles, speeches, and placements for the upcoming ceremony. Students are expected to arrive in the main gym at 8:30. 

Friday comes, the peak of the week; Senior Assembly Day. Seniors will need to arrive at the gym at 7:45, wearing their full graduation attire. Families and friends are invited to the assembly to share the special moment with their seniors. 

Following the assembly, students will have the opportunity to walk throughout the school, revisiting where it all began before their final goodbye. 

After the assembly, the festivities will continue, and the annual senior picnic will be held shortly after the assembly. Students will gather with their friends and classmates, playing fun outdoor games and enjoying food and treats. 

As the sun sets on Friday night, seniors have the opportunity to gather one last time before graduation. Senior Sunset will occur from 7:00 to 9:00 at night. This event will be held on the football field along with the senior picnic. 

Seniors who have met the criteria; a B average and fewer than 10 absences–are exempt from exams. With exams waived, seniors will officially start their summer with great enthusiasm. 

As seniors can start enjoying their summer, they will need to attend graduation on Sunday, June 9, 2024, as the final hurrah. 

In the end, the final week for seniors is not just about saying goodbye but celebrating the journey, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

As students embark on the next chapter of their lives, they carry with them the lessons learned, the bonds created, and the spirit of their senior year.

Are the lockers a waste of space?

The locker bays are a space for students to eat lunch, work, or just hang out, but are they practical to still have around?

A poll posted on the LRHS Newspaper Instagram showed that 98% of students do not have a locker at school. Only 2% of the responding students said that they have a locker. 

Considering the data that only 5 students who responded to the poll have a locker, I think that much of the locker space could be repurposed into areas similar to the collaborative space downstairs, and — while likely expensive — the locker bays in the murphy building could probably fit one to two classrooms in the spaces.

According to the Wake County Cost Model Estimate Guide, a major demolition — the category the lockers would fall under — would cost approximately $6.91 per square inch to break down.

Also, costs increase by a certain amount when building in an occupied school. The guide states that there is an increase of “17% on an occupied campus to account for this difference and 14% for a vacated existing campus. For vacated high school campuses (as in during the summer), the factor can be as low as 10%.”

The guide states that a complete overhaul of a large high school’s furniture would cost $2,409,463, however, the guide also states that “Addition & Major Renovation projects will have budgets developed specifically for that project,” and this project would likely be considered as an addition.

“I think since lockers are obsolete these days, they should be replaced for something more productive. I think that a free study area for students to relax, do homework or study would be a much better use for that space,” said Bella Burks, senior.

While the project would be relatively expensive, the school should condense into one locker bay, and make the school a generally more comfortable place to be.

Senior Spotlight: Adelia Jackson 

Adelia Jackson, born in Ansan, South Korea is currently a senior at Leesville Road High school. She moved to North Carolina at age four but only spent a few months in Raleigh before moving to Nebraska. 

After moving around during her early life she settled down back in Raleigh at thirteen and started eighth grade at Leesville. Her freshman year was online however due to Covid-19 and didn’t get to experience high school fully until her junior year. However she still used her time productively, her sophomore year she taught English to refugees in Jordan on Zoom. She was apart of Key Club and technical theater as well. 

The summer after Jackson’s sophomore year she studied abroad in Morocco, thanks to Mrs. Ballew for writing her recommendation letter. Jackson spent three weeks there and the trip made her realize what she interested in and passionate about. When she returned she was eager to venture out again. 

Jackson’s junior year was stressful, with AP classes and standardized tests she was counting down the days until the school year ended. During her junior year she spent lunch periods looking for a new place to explore, this is when she found her love for New York. She researched schools in New York that were cheap on her chromebook so she could apply later that year in the fall. 

When she finally got to her senior year she was accepted to New York University with a scholarship! This is what made her realize the value of high school, putting her time at Leesville into perspective. She reflected on everything throughout the year, whether it be the teachers, or the shrubbery outside. She spent time with her friends at lunch and participating in Mock Trial, for example Shahed Abdel-Nasser, another senior.

“I originally met Adelia in middle school, but we reconnected after quarantined. I’ve had multiple touching conversations with her that show just how down to Earth and caring she really is” said Abdel-Nasser.

 The two were officers on the Mock Trial club and competed together in the State rounds. “She is so funny, smart, genuine, and I know she has a bright future ahead of her,” she continued. 

“My friends were the biggest reason why senior year was enjoyable,” said Adelia Jackson.

 “I met Adelia in eight grade, she is one of the most understanding people I’ve ever known. She’s also really funny and overall cool.” said Zarie Harvey, senior. 

Alongside her friends, Jackson’s mom was also a big motivator throughout high school. Jackson witnessed her mom earn her certificate in Radiology from UNC Chapel Hill. 

Now in Jackson’s senior year, she wishes to advise freshmen to “never assume someone’s story, because oftentimes people will be silently struggling… don’t pretend to be nonchalant; it’s okay to care about things.” She also warns to “never start skipping classes because it’s a hard habit to get out of.” 

On her way out Jackson will pursue her future in New York City, continuing her habit of moving around. She says shes interested in law but will enter university as undecided. Jackson enjoys the uncertainty of her future and said, “I’ll always remember my time at Leesville.”

Stuffed animals

Almost every child develops a strong attachment to a stuffed animal they receive at a young age. Stuffed animals provide comfort and security for little children and serve as a childhood memento for those more grown up. 

As kids get older, they lose their attachments to their toys. Instead of holding the stuffed animal every night to go to sleep, they may leave the stuffed animal on their bedside table, or worse, stick it in their closet.

However, not all people disconnect from their toys in this way. Some people still care for their childhood playthings and may even sleep with a stuffed animal into adulthood.

Functions of Stuffed Animals

Chloe Cragg, sophomore, had a favorite stuffed animal as a child. She had an arctic fox that she got from Canada.

“It had the premium spot on my bed right next to me… It’s like there’s someone there with you making you feel safe,” said Cragg.

Stuffed animals can alleviate the worries of young children by providing something to hold. If a child thinks a monster is under the bed, a stuffed animal can protect against that fear.

Natalie Vargas Kitchens, sophomore, also has a stuffed animal from her youth that holds special meaning for her. She has a Beanie Boo penguin with a Santa hat that she calls Panga. 

“Panga was a little friend for an only child,” said Vargas Kitchens. 

The stuffed penguin does not just serve as a playmate for Vargas Kitchens. It also symbolizes the bond between her and her father.

“My dad got her at a gas station, so it reminds me of my dad because he always works on holidays and doesn’t travel with us,” said Vargas Kitchens.

For Vargas Kitchens and others, stuffed animals represent connections with loved ones. When you hold a stuffed animal someone else gave to you, you feel close to that person even though they are not there.

Mya Whittington, senior, also has a childhood comfort item, but it is not an animal, it is a blanket.

“I still sleep with it. It’s comforting. Its smell reminds me of home and happiness,” said Whittington, over text.

Whittington has had her blanket since she was little, meaning it holds many memories for her. Stuffed animals and blankets can serve as reminders of childhood and take us back to earlier years.

Why People Sleep With Stuffed Animals

Humans feel comforted by physical contact, especially in the form of hugging. Hugging someone can calm you down because it releases dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain, which elevate mood and reduce anxiety. 

When a parent leaves the room at night, a child may get scared, and a stuffed animal can substitute for a hug from mom or dad. This comfort is also why people may hug a pillow at night to fall asleep. 

Stuffed animals do not just provide a sense of security. There is a biological response that comes from the act of holding an object tightly, causing a person to relax and have an easier time getting to sleep. Weighted stuffed animals and blankets can be especially helpful to relieve stress because of the extra pressure.

Should Teenagers Use Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are generally associated with children, and most people stop using them when they get older. When kids become teens, they tend to age out of toys, and that includes their stuffed animals.

Some teenagers may think it’s lame to sleep with a stuffed animal, or simply have one in their room because it is childish. However, getting older does not mean that a stuffed animal cannot provide you with comfort.

“If that’s what you’re into, then use a stuffed animal, I’m not judging. I probably will bring mine with me [to college] for a little piece of home,” said Vargas Kitchens.

Some teens may take their favorite stuffed animal with them when they move away to college or a job. A stuffed animal can provide solace to people who are away from their parents for the first time and feeling homesick.

“We should absolutely sleep with stuffed animals, they’re great,” said Whittington.

Teenagers can definitely use stuffed animals if they want to. People enjoy stuffed animals for sentimental reasons, or because they can help relieve stress. If you have not picked up your childhood stuffed animal in a while, go give it a squeeze, and you may find the same security you felt as a little kid.

The Happiness and Positivity Club

The Happiness and Positivity Club is one of Leesville Road High School’s newest clubs. 

It was founded by Kaylee O’Brien in the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

On the third Tuesday of every month, the members of the happiness and positivity club join together to learn about different ways to boost happiness and mental health. 

Some of the topics members have learned about include the importance of having healthy relationships and how celebration can increase happiness.

During every meeting, the club members work together on activities that can spread joy to the students and staff around the school community. Some of these activities allow students to gain service hours if needed.

This year, members created staff appreciation cards, compliment boards, and inspirational posters. 

“I enjoy the activities we do because they are fun and creative,” said Daniela Schemenauer, sophomore. 

The club is very laid back, and everyone is welcome to join.

There are free snacks available to members at every meeting. 

Along with the snacks, there are occasionally prizes and goodies, such as stress balls and plushies, that are given complimentary to all attendees. 

During activity time, members are always laughing and having a good time together while music is playing in the background.

Although the Happiness and Positivity club had its last meeting earlier this week, the club is still going to be holding meetings during the upcoming school year.

Overall, joining the club is a great idea.

“I always have a good time and I enjoy seeing my friends,” said Sarah Lynn Rajaratnam, sophomore.

The Happiness and Positivity club is perfect if you are hoping to make friends and learn about boosting your inner happiness. 

Everyone is welcome to attend club meetings, so might as well stop by next year. Who knows, you might love it!

Sakamoto Days Anime

Recently, TMS Entertainment released the first trailer for the studio’s upcoming anime, Sakamoto Days. The series (based on Yuuto Suzuki’s original manga) follows Taro Sakamoto, a legendary hitman who gave up his life of crime to run a convenience store with his new family.

The trailer, released by TMS Entertainment, shows off the adaptation’s impressive animation and showcases many short clips from the first few episodes of the series. The short video displays both the series’ high-octane action, as well as its calmer comedy moments.

Sakamoto Days is set to have many prolific animators working on the show. The series will be directed by Bakumatsu director Masaki Watanabe, and character design will be headed by You Moriyama, who has previously worked on shows like Death Note, Attack on Titan and Dr. Stone. The anime’s production studio, TMS Entertainment, has previously released highly-acclaimed and action-packed anime such as Lupin III and Baki Hanma.

While the entire voice cast of the anime has not been announced, TMS Entertainment revealed that voice actor Tomokazu Sugita will take on the lead role of Taro Sakamoto. Sugita is a very prolific anime voice actor, as he has previously voiced characters such as Gintoki Sakata in “Gintama,” Katakuri in “One Piece” and Joseph Joestar in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.”

The “Sakamoto Days” anime has been scheduled to release in January 2025, but no official announcement has been made on where it will be streaming.

So What Do We Do Now?


AP exams took place between May 6 and May 17, but students in AP classes this semester still have to go to class. Between now and the end of the school year, what are these students doing in class?

“We’re doing test corrections, a project and just studying for the teacher-made exam,” said Kevin Dang, sophomore. Most AP classes are doing projects like the Human Geography class that Dang is a part of.

There are positives and negatives to having APs during the different semesters, and many students find a struggle In dealing with this.

“[I prefer] the spring for sure. I think it’s really hard to self-study and have to keep yourself motivated to do that and make sure you remember all the stuff from the fall semester,” said Lillian Hogg, sophomore.

Students who have their AP class in the fall have the entire semester to learn the content, but most forget their learning by the time their AP test rolls around. Students who take their AP course(s) in the spring are cut short a few weeks since the AP tests are given a few weeks before the semester is over.

“I think there are pros and cons to both. I think the con of having it in the fall Is that you have a full semester before you take your exam so it is a little harder to remember everything and you actually have to review, for the exam versus the classes that I took this semester I didn’t really study a whole lot for my exams I felt more prepared because all the content was fresh in my mind because I just learned it,” said Clara Davis, junior.

Even with the struggle, many students choose to take AP classes over academic or honors, for many reasons. Those who take it in the spring semester have a few weeks after the AP exam where they complete projects and other assignments that their class didn’t have time for before the exam.

 Should the Physical Newspaper be ended?


There is a lot of work and preparation that goes into preparing the physical newspaper for the students of Leesville, but is all the work worth it?

It starts with  The  Mycenaean news writers raising 500 dollars through ads from local businesses. If the newspaper team does not reach the 500 dollars, then there is no newspaper that semester, this almost happened for the April 2024 issue. 

Once the newspaper team raises the money, Newspaper has to log into school computers to map out the pages of the paper. To create these pages, writers have to write some new articles to put on the page and make sure that the articles are relevant when the paper is published.

All of this has to be done several days before the paper is officially published so that it is then sent off to the printers. After all of this is completed, the paper is distributed to the students of Leesville. 

The enthusiasm of some students who receive the newspaper makes all of these struggles worth it. 

“I like to see what people have to talk about, see what’s going on. I like the fun and games page, I like that crossword puzzle on the back,” said Alli Reese, junior.

Even though there is this enthusiasm, many students differ in opinions of the paper, some students love receiving the paper and make a day out of it, but there are some who haven’t heard of it all that often. 

“Honestly no cause I kind of forget about it,” said Sydney Clemons, senior.

Those who do receive the paper have many reasons they enjoy receiving it. “I like all the different sections in it,” said Daniel Lee, sophomore. 

Some people don’t read the school paper for varying reasons of their own. Some don’t have an interest in it at all. 

“Normally I don’t read the school newspaper because I have my own stuff,” said Braiden Brown, sophomore.

There is a common struggle with the paper — a majority of people don’t read the newspaper for different reasons. 

Most of the articles written for the newspaper aren’t in the physical copy that gets passed out to the school, instead, they are put on the website. When asked if they’d heard about the website, those interviewed gave varying answers of No. 

Many of them believe that the website and newspaper in general are not advertised enough. “No, definitely not, I only see it when they come into class,” said Clemons. 

Even with efforts by the paper to better reach the students like social media, many students believe that the newspaper doesn’t get advertised to them enough. “No, I only see it on Instagram reels and stuff,” said Lee.

So then why does all this work if the students don’t read it? Of those students who do read it, many of them have strong opinions on why they like getting the physical newspaper. “I definitely would [be sad] because it gives me something to do in pretty much any of my classes if it’s print day, so I would definitely be sad,” said Reese.

Many students have expressed this same feeling of sadness they would feel if the physical newspaper was ended, no matter if they read it or not. “I think it gives a decent amount of art students something to do and I like all the different parts and seeing all the different things other students do,” said Lee.

The physical newspaper is something that connects the school, “I get to see what’s going on around the school and what’s special,” said Brown. The physical print helps bring the school together to see the hard work of countless other students around the school. 

Even with all of the differing opinions, the physical newspaper is still widely cherished, with many hoping to cherish it for years to come.

Unsung Heroes of Leesville Road High School

This year National Teacher Appreciation Week was held from May 5 to May 10. At Leesville Road High School, teachers were honored with cake, posters, and breakfast. Not all of the faculty here at Leesville are teachers, these members of the faculty sometimes get forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle of a regular day in high school.

7:25, classes start here at Leesville, but not all students who will attend school throughout the day are in class at this time. 

Some students arrive at school late for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s an appointment or waking up late, all the students must go to the attendance office where they will see Ms. Rodgers.

Ms. Rodgers started working here this year. “I look forward to seeing them every morning, late or after an appointment, but I’m always happy to see them.:

“Just being a friendly face and getting to say, ‘everything going to be ok, everyone is late’, and help them get to class and do their best,” said Tina Rodgers, staff. Mrs. Rodgers greets all students with a smile. She works in the attendance office making sure students can get to where they need as soon as possible.

10:30 – 12:42 During this time of the day, students attend their lunch and third period, but in two different waves. This means that the Lunch Ladies have to make lunch two times so that all of the students who want a hot lunch can have one. 

“Seeing the kids come at lunchtime, getting to see how they enjoy themselves at lunch, and just coming in to make the food every day for them,” said Jennifer Buck, staff.

Ms Buck has worked here for 22 years. Throughout that time, she has formed many relationships with students. Through these relationships, she has learned a lot about the students. “I prefer to make chicken sandwiches for y’all, ’cause I know you guys love your chicken sandwiches,” said Buck.

Ms. Buck’s relationship with students spans far further than just knowing what they prefer for lunch, she provides students with advice that can last a lifetime. 

“Coming into school and know what your plans are going to be when you leave, because as I told one child, the world out there is ugly, and if you do not have a plan and know what you’re gonna do if you’re gonna go to school,  or if you’re going to work if you do not have that your gonna fail. I told this to one student a long time ago, and he says he still thinks about that,” said Buck.

1:30 ish

Lisa Mejia, the receptionist at the front desk these past two years, does a lot of work at Leesville. 

Speaking both English and Spanish, Ms. Meijia answers questions, phone calls and emails from students, parents and admin. She also helps students find other admin, and checks students out of school if they have appointments or are feeling sick. 

“Students are my favorite and most challenging part,” said Ms. Mejia. Even when she is busy handling many people and jobs she said. “I do everything with love and you can ask me anything.” 

It is amazing to have such a warm person working in the main office to welcome students, parents and admin. Ms. Mejia wants the students to know “If they can dream it they can do it.” said Mejia.

2:18-3:00 — At the end of the school day the library is open to any students, as a quiet and welcoming space for students after school. “My favorite part of my job is talking to students about books and connecting them with a book they will enjoy,” said Mrs. Fields, staff.

“The library is open to everyone and we want to provide whatever the students and staff need,” said Ms. Fields. While most students only go to the library to get a book for their English class, it is open to students all throughout the day. Whether in the morning at lunch or after school, students meet with friends or do their homework.  

“I wish students knew that the library we are a resource specifically for them and we can help them with a variety of things not just checking out a book,” said Ms. Fields. The librarians check out and put away books, help students find references, use the online database, and research new books to add to the library. 

The library is also a place for students to read, do puzzles and relax. 

These amazing staff members do so much for the school. Leesville would not function without them, and while they are not celebrated with a national week of celebration, we appreciate them and their hard work everyday.

Unsung Heroes of Leesville Road High School

This year National Teacher Appreciation Week was held from May 5 to May 10. At Leesville Road High School, teachers were honored with cake, posters, and breakfast. Not all of the faculty here at Leesville are teachers, these members of the faculty sometimes get forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle of a regular day in high school.

7:25, classes start here at Leesville, but not all students who will attend school throughout the day are in class at this time. 

Some students arrive at school late for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s an appointment or waking up late, all the students must go to the attendance office where they will see Ms. Rodgers.

Ms. Rodgers started working here this year. “I look forward to seeing them every morning, late or after an appointment, but I’m always happy to see them.:

“Just being a friendly face and getting to say, ‘everything going to be ok, everyone is late’, and help them get to class and do their best,” said Tina Rodgers, staff. Mrs. Rodgers greets all students with a smile. She works in the attendance office making sure students can get to where they need as soon as possible.

10:30 – 12:42 During this time of the day, students attend their lunch and third period, but in two different waves. This means that the Lunch Ladies have to make lunch two times so that all of the students who want a hot lunch can have one. 

“Seeing the kids come at lunchtime, getting to see how they enjoy themselves at lunch, and just coming in to make the food every day for them,” said Jennifer Buck, staff.

Ms Buck has worked here for 22 years. Throughout that time, she has formed many relationships with students. Through these relationships, she has learned a lot about the students. “I prefer to make chicken sandwiches for y’all, ’cause I know you guys love your chicken sandwiches,” said Buck.

Ms. Buck’s relationship with students spans far further than just knowing what they prefer for lunch, she provides students with advice that can last a lifetime. 

“Coming into school and know what your plans are going to be when you leave, because as I told one child, the world out there is ugly, and if you do not have a plan and know what you’re gonna do if you’re gonna go to school,  or if you’re going to work if you do not have that your gonna fail. I told this to one student a long time ago, and he says he still thinks about that,” said Buck.

1:30 ish

Lisa Mejia, the receptionist at the front desk these past two years, does a lot of work at Leesville. 

Speaking both English and Spanish, Ms. Meijia answers questions, phone calls and emails from students, parents and admin. She also helps students find other admin, and checks students out of school if they have appointments or are feeling sick. 

“Students are my favorite and most challenging part,” said Ms. Mejia. Even when she is busy handling many people and jobs she said. “I do everything with love and you can ask me anything.” 

It is amazing to have such a warm person working in the main office to welcome students, parents and admin. Ms. Mejia wants the students to know “If they can dream it they can do it.” said Mejia.

2:18-3:00 — At the end of the school day the library is open to any students, as a quiet and welcoming space for students after school. “My favorite part of my job is talking to students about books and connecting them with a book they will enjoy,” said Mrs. Fields, staff.

“The library is open to everyone and we want to provide whatever the students and staff need,” said Ms. Fields. While most students only go to the library to get a book for their English class, it is open to students all throughout the day. Whether in the morning at lunch or after school, students meet with friends or do their homework.  

“I wish students knew that the library we are a resource specifically for them and we can help them with a variety of things not just checking out a book,” said Ms. Fields. The librarians check out and put away books, help students find references, use the online database, and research new books to add to the library. 

The library is also a place for students to read, do puzzles and relax. 

These amazing staff members do so much for the school. Leesville would not function without them, and while they are not celebrated with a national week of celebration, we appreciate them and their hard work everyday.

The Golden Years, Joshua Basset’s side of the story


Joshua Basset is best known as a musician and an actor but plans to release his first album on July 26. This past Friday, May 17, he dropped one of the first singles of the album, “The Golden Years.”

Bassett starred alongside Olivia Rodrigo in the Disney+ hit show High School Musical, The Musical, The Series. The two had a relationship outside of the show. Their real life relationship ended in harsh feelings between the two actors.

Olivia Rodrigo came out with the album Sour in 2021, with many of the songs referencing Basset and the relationship between the two.  

On this same album, Rodrigo called out Sabrina Carpenter for her relationship with Basset during the while he was dating Rodrigo. Carpenter came out with songs as a response to the allegations from Rodrigo.

Throughout all this, Basset mainly stayed silent, until a few months later, when he came out with several singles, many of which had references to both Carpenter and Rodrigo. 

It’s been years since all of this occurred, with most of the issues fizzling out, but Bassett’s new album is expected to be a rebuttal to the songs previously released by both Rodrigo and Carpenter.

The first single released is “Golden Years” and discusses his feelings regarding a specific person. The song has an upbeat melody and lyrics that can be related to many who are in love or are in love. 

The song discusses memories of a time when Basset experienced love and follows his reminisce in these memories. While Basset doesn’t name the person he is discussing in this song, he says “Oh how I’m missing those brown eyes,” said Basset. 

Fans have interpreted these lyrics in different ways but nonetheless are looking forward to seeing what else Bassett creates on his new album.

Who even cares about college baseball?


Every Memorial Day the NCAA runs a selection special for D1 college baseball. The teams in the selection special change from year to year, as the selection special shows what teams made it into the NCAA championship. This is broadcast on ESPN for anyone to watch, but who cares about it?

Not many people watch the selection special, “I didn’t even know this was a thing or existed until you asked me about it,” said Brian Adronavitch, junior. 

Only the 64 Division One teams included in the bracket, all of their fan bases, and anyone else interested in the championship watch the show, not nearly enough to be deemed “important” or “Popular”.

The selection show is not important in any way shape or form, it only lets the teams know where they are going for the NCAA championship and who they are playing. The information that is broadcasted on this special can easily be found elsewhere after the special airs. 

The results of this selection special have nothing to do with the championship anyway, it doesn’t give the teams any information needed to succeed, or reasons why they should go and play these teams. The players have to rely on pure instinct during the game, so it doesn’t even matter who they play or where.

The teams in the championship have relied on their pure instinct to get them thus far in the season, and that instinct is what will get eight teams to the Men’s College World Series in Omaha Nebraska. 

This selection special and college baseball, in general, is far less important here at Leesville, especially considering we have 3 local college teams in the championship. Of those two teams, three are hosting other teams on their campus for this championship, providing Leesville students with lots to do as summer begins.

“I’d rather take out the garbage and have it spill out all over me than go watch the college championship,” said Adronavitch. No students at all will be attending these games and have no interest in college baseball, AT ALL.

77 Days of Summer Vacation: How Should You Spend It?


Seniors have a lot to look forward to at the end of this school year, such as senior sunset and graduation, but what should they expect after? With the school year ending on June 12, less than a month away, students should begin thinking about their summer plans.

Summer is an opportunity for all grades to work towards their goals and relax without the stress of school. What exactly should each student be focusing on over the summer though?


If you’re a freshman this summer is no time to start stressing over the future. While it may be beneficial to keep programs, clubs, and other activities you would like to join the next school year, it isn’t necessary to. Spending this summer going to the beach with your new friends from high school is completely substantial. 

However, if you’re a freshman who’s set on starting your scholarly journey ahead of everyone you can do so this summer by brainstorming a club to start, researching your classes, preparing for the practice ACT and practice SAT, or looking for a part-time job. 


Sophomores, the summer before your junior year can be daunting as that is the year most consider the hardest; While you should begin preparing for a tougher school year this summer should also have a good mix of enjoyment and leisure as well. 

By this summer most of you will be 16, which is an ideal time to get a job. You should also be looking at registering for driver’s education courses to get your permit or getting driving hours with your parents to get your license before junior year; With your license, you’ll be able to drive yourself to school if you have the privilege. 

This summer is a good opportunity to think about college and what you want to do after high school as this will determine how your junior and senior year will play out. While it’s scary, the sooner you start the easier it will be in the long run. Starting to commit to extracurriculars and passions you have this summer will reflect well on college applications. So if you have a hobby or an issue you are passionate about, spend some time this summer researching how to expand those interests. 

Other than preparing for the battle that is junior year spend some time outside, with your friends, and relax as the time you have to do so will soon be slim. 

“This summer I’m going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, being a camp counselor for a cheer camp, and also working,” said Josephine Slifer, a sophomore. Slifer has perfectly balanced her summer for fun and productivity. 


You just survived the year 70% of students view as the hardest. While it’s a relief to be on break the so-called “grind,” doesn’t stop with the release of school. Common App opens August 1 for the 2024 cycle of applications. This means that the summer is a perfect time to work on your applications and account profile on the website so you aren’t overwhelmed when school starts again. 

This summer is also when you will want to register for the SAT and ACT so you have scores to submit on your college applications. It is also the last summer to have fun with your friends with the peace of mind that you still have one year left. So make sure to wind down from the chaos and reflect on yourself and your high school experience as you’ll need to be able to put it down in writing on applications. 


Congratulations on graduating! Now that you’re on summer break and reality is sinking in it’s time to spend this summer with your family and friends before potentially moving away. 

Throwing a graduation party and/or a going away party is a perfect way to celebrate and get useful gifts for going off to college or whatever you have planned. 


The one thing all of these summers have in common is relaxing and having fun. While it’s useful to be productive to some extent, it’s called summer break for a reason. Without the summertime to recharge students would be left burnt out, so enjoy the sun and don’t overwork yourself this summer. 

Tips to doing well at LRHS cheer tryouts

Leesville Road High School cheer team is having tryouts July 31 and August 1. There are over 30 students trying out for the cheer team. Here are tips for doing well.


In cheer, there are different types of jumps like toe touch, hurdler, pike, etc. With jumps, it is very important to have pointed toes in any jumps to make it look prettier.

Along with pointed toes it is also important for the height of the jump to be high and maybe higher than other people trying out. 

Then to complete the jumps with pointed toes and high jumps is making sure arm placement is right when jumping. For different jumps requires different arm placements. If the arms are not in the right placement it can make the jumps look bad even if toes are pointed and the height of the jump is good.


Tumbling plays a big part in cheer when trying out because depending on what type of tumbling is being thrown or how much tumbling is being thrown can boost a tryout score by a lot. 

A minimum level of tumbling to be thrown should be a cartwheel or a roundoff. It will gain points in the tumbling section but not by a lot.

For the Leesville cheer team, it is recommended to have a standing back handspring or a roundoff back handspring. When throwing any type of back handspring, it is important for legs to be straight and arms to be locked out. 

Throwing back tucks is not required but is better to throw it because it will gain more points than a back handspring would. When throwing a back tuck it is important to make sure the height is good and to rotate fast enough in order to land the tuck.

Throwing advanced tumbling like back handspring series, back handspring tuck, roundoff back handspring tuck, roundoff back handspring layout, or roundoff back handspring full will boost the tumbling score by a lot. 

A very important thing when it comes down to tumbling is sticking the tumbling which means to land a tumble without moving or stepping after landing. 


Stunting plays a huge part in cheerleading because that is the majority of what people do in cheerleading. With that it is very important to use good techniques when stunting to make the stunt feel and look better. There are different positions in a stunt group which are the main base, side base, flier, and backspot. 

To be a strong main base or side base, it is important to be strong enough to hold up a stunt. Going to the gym daily to lift weights or doing exercises helps become a stronger base and make basing easier. It is also important to use good technique because if not using good technique it can cause injuries to the body. 

To be a strong flier (the people in the air) it is very important to know how to squeeze and use body control on different parts of the body. Doing exercises to work on the core and working balancing on one leg or even on the hands will help to become a good flier.

To be a good back spot it is important to a stronger leader because backspots are the leader of the stunt group. With back spotting it is also important to be a fast thinker and have fast movement because when something goes wrong in the stunt group leaving the flyer to fall, it is important to know how to respond in the right way. 


Even though motions can’t gain as many points as tumbling, stunting, or jumping, it is easy to max out the amount of points in the motion section if the arms are in the right placement and if the motions are sharp. 

The main thing with having good motions is making sure the arms are tight and are not sloppy. It is really easy to have sloppy motions without noticing in the evening, so in order to work on having good motions is looking in the mirror and doing the motions. 

Overall, what coaches and judges look for in a cheerleader is making sure they have a positive attitude and can be coachable. It’s very important to have a positive attitude because a cheerleader should light up the room and should make everyone be in a good spirit. 


YouTube sensation MrBeast, known for his epic challenges and generous giveaways, has just announced his latest project: “BEAST GAMES.”

This new show is set to premiere on Prime Video, and it’s got everyone buzzing with excitement.

In “BEAST GAMES,” contestants will face a series of intense and often outrageous challenges. 

“I think MrBeast is gonna do some crazy challenges. He’s definitely going to send someone to space,” said Isiah Pearce, senior.

Think of it as a mix of a game show and a reality TV show, but with the wild and creative twist that only MrBeast can deliver.

From high-stakes obstacle courses to mind-bending puzzles, the competitors will need to be at the top of their game to win.

The show will feature a diverse group of contestants from all walks of life, all aiming for the grand prize of five million dollars.

“I will win because of my unique talents and spend the money in under a minute,” said G Banks, sophomore.

“BEAST GAMES” is set to launch this summer on Prime Video. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to watch some epic challenges and root for your favorite contestants.

If you are 18+ and interested in participating, apply here.

What is One D&D?

A staple of many tabletop gaming tables, the hit table-top role playing game “Dungeons & Dragons” will recieve a new massive update in the coming months. Titled “One D&D,” this new movement aims to modernize the current D&D experience, enhance the universality of D&D rulesets, and enhance the digital experience for “D&D” players.

“One D&D” also holds the purpose of being the most beginner-friendly edition yet. The vast amounts of content and editions may make it confusing for new players to get a grasp on the new content, but this article serves to summarize the incoming update.

What’s in “One D&D?”

Although it is a large overhaul of current D&D mechanics, “One D&D” is not technically a full new “edition” of “D&D,” rather it is a massive set of optional overhauls to current D&D races, classes, and various general mechanics.

The mechanics of each vanilla (main) class and race have been overhauled. Entire abilities and traits have been added or removed from some races, while some have only seen minor stat changes. For example, the basic “Human” race has been removed, and has been fully replaced by the previous “Variant Human,” and the “Dragonborn” has been granted Darkvision and a reworked Breath Weapon.

Classes have seen some of the largest overhauls, with general class-changes including a universal Level 3 start for all subclasses, and the ability for classes to now maximize a stat to 22.

Specific classes have had varying changes made to them. Monks and Fighters have been granted many new features and have been overall buffed, while previous powerful classes such as Sorcerer and Totem Barbarians have seen nerfs.

Weapon Proficiency and Mastery has also been doled out to the “martial” (non-magic classes): Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue.

Many non-combat changes have been made as well, such as the creation of “Bastion” rules, allowing for player characters to construct and manage their own castles and forts.

How does it relate to “D&D” 5th Edition?

The most recent and widely-played version of “D&D” is its 5th edition, released in 2014. This release was intended to act as a beginner-friendly version of “D&D,” a far cry from the laborious and math-heavy 4th Edition.

“One D&D” contunues to improve quality of life, as the rulesets are based off of the current 5th edition. The rules are so similar, in fact, many fans have taken to referring to “One D&D” as Dungeons and Dragons 5.5 Edition.

Digital improvements with “One D&D”

In recent years, many D&D fans have advocated for the improvement of quality-of-life for online D&D players. Before the acquisition of D&D Beyond by Wizards of the Coast, any physical “D&D” sourcebooks purchased could not be redeemed online and would have to be repurchased at full price. With the release of “One D&D” however, all sourcebooks will be bundled with an online edition compatible with D&D Beyond at no additional cost.

Wizards of the Coast has also partnered with popular virtual tabletop service FoundryVTT to produce a new virtual tabletop. This virtual tabletop service will be officially integrated with both “D&D” sourcebooks and campaigns. The virtual tabletop is supposedly being developed in Epic Game’s new Unreal Engine 5.

When will “One D&D” release?

Currently, the only form of publicly available “One D&D” content can be found through the Unearthed Arcana releases on D&D Beyond. These weekly blog posts included rule sets for the updated classes, races, and roleplay/travel mechanics. These sources, while official, are not the final product. The fully complete rulesets will be released through sourcebooks. 

The release of the official “One D&D” sourcebooks have been scheduled across several dates through 2024 and 2025. The updated Player’s Handbook will be released on September 17, 2024, the Dungeonmaster’s Guide on November 12, 2024, and the Monster Manual on February 18, 2025.

Do teachers at Leesville have favorite students?


Every person is born with bias and who we choose to surround ourselves with can shape our perspectives and biases. 

Every teacher has biases whether they want to or not. Bias can turn into discrimination depending on how it manifests. A good teacher doesn’t let bias control them or define how they treat a student. On the contrary:  teachers who give in to this bias tend to have negative impacts on their students which can turn into student favoritism. 

Favoritism is when a teacher gives an unfair advantage to a specific student or group of students:  better grades, not marking tardies, leniency on certain behavior, gift giving, assignment overextension, preferred equipment usage, or giving the best seating or spots, and rude behavior with no previous provoking actions. 

Favoritism as defined by the Dictionary is, “the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.” However, favoritism is built into humans as we all have opinions and preferences. The distinct line is crossed when other students suffer because of preferential treatment.

Overall, favoritism can show up in other ways as well, but the main form of teacher to student favoritism is when they gain an unfair advantage above the other students in the classroom. 

A teacher’s bias is also different from student favoritism. A teacher’s bias is the cause for favoritism, as a bias leads to who the teacher decides who receives preferred treatment. Bias might show up in appearances, clothing styles, social ideals, religion, race, and gender. These are contributing factors that can lead to student favoritism.

As well, there is a difference between having favoritism toward a student and just overall treating students differently. Having favored students is harmful to the rest of the class and gives an unfair advantage. Treating students differently can help them. 

For example, an introverted student might not want to participate, but an extroverted student might want to speak their mind. If a teacher treats those two students differently to help them progress at their own pace, the teacher is not showing favoritism. Treating students differently can also be a good occurrence as well to help students in individual ways, as students have different needs and personalities. 

Conversely, if a teacher starts treating the extroverted student with better grades because they love to interact and the introverted student has worse grades because the teacher just likes the extroverted kid more, then that is student favoritism — it depends on the bias of extroverted v. introverted and the teacher has a preference that the extroverted student deserves better grades. 

According to medium.com, teachers’ favoritism in the classroom is detrimental and is a form of discrimination. 

But I also believe that teachers can have favorite students. It only becomes a problem when they don’t offer the same resources, help, and opportunities to every student. 

Polls and responses: 

Leesville has its fair share of favoritism. 

In an Instagram poll, students commented on the teachers they thought showed the most discriminatory favoritism towards their students. Because of censorship, I will only be releasing fake teacher names. Out of all the responses, there were recurring names. 

In addition to the Instagram poll, I had a valuable conversation with Mrs. Z, an English teacher. She went on to question and converse with her English students about favoritism. She then let them write anonymous responses about favoritism and teachers at Leesville. Then she handed all 28 responses to me without ever reading them.

The answers varied — some students didn’t mind favoritism as they saw it as a way of having a relationship with their teachers. They felt favoritism wasn’t discrimination and that even if their teachers had favorites it was only preference and not about advantages over one or another student. Similar to how we all have good friends and acquaintances. This similarly goes back to my point above that teachers can have favorites but they still must treat each student as though academically they are equal and offer help to all of those who need it equally. 

The teachers in rebuttal: 

I had a long and personal conversation with Mrs. Z  about how she felt about favoritism. Mrs. Z talked about the importance of knowing the definitions of favoritism, and if the connotation is negative or positive, helpful or not. 

Mrs. Z said, “I think it’s real. I think we all have egos. We all make good and bad decisions; however, I also hope that I can teach my students that what you do comes back to you… I would ask those particular people, ‘Did you follow the rules?’ ‘Were you respectful?’ ‘

Usually, those things run concurrently.”

When it comes to Mrs. Z, I believe she is misunderstood and only human, she is not purposefully trying to talk to some students and not others.  comments that if someone doesn’t talk to her first she won’t talk to them just out of respect that they might want to be left alone. Mrs. Z doesn’t fit into the definition of student favoritism as she offers the same help and support to every student and doesn’t grade them based on favoritism. 

I first approached another teacher about what students said about their teaching and favoritism. Upon asking if she would answer my questions, the teacher took the responses I had in my hand and read through each one, laughed, and declined to answer questions. 

I tried to explain how having favoritism is in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily bad, but she still declined to answer or comment. This teacher has a reputation for having student favoritism and treating students differently based on how much she likes them and often giving the cold shoulder to those she does not. 

I wasn’t sure what to think about this teacher’s response because it was so opposite to Mrs. S who wanted to have a conversation and explore what students thought and the definition of favoritism. It was a stark difference and the two different mindsets were interesting to observe. 

Mrs. R  is also cited for much student favoritism. An anonymous interviewee talked about how this teacher would hold tryouts and reject the students they didn’t like as much even if they were qualified and only accept the ones who they did like. 

Another teacher who I will call Teacher B talked so harshly to students they didn’t like, the teacher made students cry. I witnessed this firsthand and then watched as they seated her two favorite students next to each other. 

As much as I wish I could find each story of favoritism, my free speech is being taken because of the 1988 Supreme Court case of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, which confirmed students in public school journalism can be censored. The case specifically worries me because the school could take down my writing and prohibit me from writing and interviewing. 

I would have liked to hear more because I don’t like to write about a controversial topic without hearing both sides. If any teachers would like to interview I would be open.

Hear from students:

I interviewed multiple students, along with the polls, to get direct stories. 

Hannah and Katie were both present during the conversation with Mrs. Z and wanted to comment on their opinions on teachers with favoritism. 

Hannah, junior, said, “Yes oh my gosh completely. Even when they say they don’t have favorites, it’s so obvious.”

Katie, junior, followed: “I don’t think it’s a bad thing; everyone has favorites.”

Additionally, Sarah, sophomore, commented about her experiences with a Leesville teacher. “So basically in [class x] there would be people they would always put in the front; they had favorites. And others who worked just as hard were put in the back.” 

I agree everyone has favorites, and I think when the line is crossed it’s not okay to have favoritism. I think it’s okay to have favorites as long as it doesn’t turn harmful.

In Mrs. I’s case, they use it to promote good behavior in the class instead. They favor students who treat her with respect and complete their work. 

Mrs. Z  said, “I’m fascinated; Well I guess I can understand that. But let me clarify how I think favoritism looks. I definitely have favoritism –I like the students who are respectful and follow the rules that I ask them to….It doesn’t mean I’m not going to help them as a student but that’s the truth.”


Drake and Kendrick Lamar Rap Beef

The drama between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has completely exploded this month. Here’s a track by track recap to see exactly what’s going on in the rap community. 

Like That – Kendrick Lamar, Future, Metro Boomin, released March 22, 2024

“Like That” is the song that kicks off the drama between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

In this song, Kendrick raps, “F*** the big three its just big me.” He is referring to J Cole’s verse featured on First Person Shooter by Drake “Love when they argue the hardest MC / Is it K-dot? Is it aubrey? Or me? / We the big three like we started a league.”

Kendrick is re-emphasizing his point in Control with Big Sean from 2013 where he said, “I’m usually homeboys with the same guys I’m rhyming with / but this is it them boys know what time it is.” In Control he calls out a lot of big names in rap like J Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Pusha T, ASAP Rocky, Wale, Metro Boomin, and Drake. 

Essentially saying he has a lot of love and respect for these artists but is going to surpass them and become the top rapper. 

Push Ups – Drake, released April 19, 2024 

Both J Cole and Drake respond to Kendrick with their own track. 

J Cole releases “7 Minute Drill” in it he raps “If he wasn’t dissin’, then we wouldn’t be discussin’ him / Lord, don’t make me have to smoke this n**** ’cause I fuck with him / But push come to shove, on this mic, I will humble him.” Just two days later J Cole publicly apologizes to Kendrick Lamar and wipes the song from streaming platforms. Although facing criticism for being a coward, many now see that this was a wise move. 

Drake on the other hand, responds with the song “Push Ups” which pokes fun at Kendrick for being short, having a small shoe size and paying a lot of money to his record label. “You ain’t in no big three / SZA got you wiped down / Travis got you wiped down / Savage got you wiped down / Like your label, boy, you in a scope now.” While the song was mostly friendly fire, by responding Drake officially kicked off the rap battle. 

Taylor Made Freestyle – Drake, released April 19, 2024 

Impatiently awaiting Kendrick’s next diss Drake also drops “Taylor Made Freestyle” which included AI generated lyrics from Kendricks idols 2Pac and Snoop Dogg. Taylor in the song title of course refers to Taylor Swift and the fact that Kendrick hasn’t responded for fear of being overshadowed by the release of The Tortured Poets Department album. 

Euphoria – Kendrick Lamar, released April 30, 2024

Finally Kendrick fires back with “Euphoria.”

Named after the Netflix series starring Zendaya that Drake produced, Kendrick has many notable verses. “You’re not a rap artists your a scam artist / you a scam artist with the hope of being accepted” and “Tell em where you get your abs from”. 

Kendrick is essentially calling Drake a poser. — How more fairytale stories about your life til we had enough? / How many more black features til you finally feel that you’re black enough.” 

He warns Drake that he doesn’t want this fight because Kendrick has plenty of dirt on him. I know s@#$ about n***** that make Gunna Wunna look like a saint” and “But dont tell no lie about me and I wont tell truths bout you.” 

6:16 in LA – Kendrick Lamar, released May 3, 2024 

Kendrick doesn’t stop there. 

Three days later he drops another track and this time he does more than allude to knowing secrets about Drake. While fans speculate that the title is a reference to Proverb 6:16 in the Bible, 2Pac’s birthday and Fathers Day, the lyrics on the contrary couldn’t be more clear. 

Kendrick doubles down on his threats “If you were street smart / then you woulda caught that your entourage is only tryna hustle you / a hundred n***** that you got on a salary / and twenty of em want to see you as a casualty.”

In “6:16,” Kendrick lets Drake know people in his inner circle are leaking information and want to see his downfall. 

Family Matters – Drake, released May 3, 2024 

That same day Drake responds with “Family Matters”. As evident by the title, the song has very personal and serious allegations regarding members of Kendrick’s family. Drake raps “I heard that one of em little kids might be Dave Free.  ”Suggesting that one of Kendricks children with Whitney Alford, Ezi or Enoch, may actually belong to his creative partner and filmmaker Dave Free. “You the Black Messiah wifin up a mixed queen / and hit vanilla cream to help out with your self esteem / on some bobby shit, I wanna know what Whitney need.” 

Many say Drake also crossed the line by rehashing Kendrick’s infidelity and accusing him of domestic abuse: “When you put your hand on a girl, is it self defense because she’s bigger than you?.”

Meet the Grahams – Kendrick 

Not even half an hour after “Family Matters”, Kendrick drops “Meet the Grahams”. Drake has crossed the line that Kendrick explicitly stated not to. Now that nothing is off limits, Kendrick slaughters Drake in a new diss where he addresses each of Drake’s family members one by one. 

Kendrick first talks to Adonis, Drake’s son, “and your a good kid that need good leadership / let me be your mentor since your daddy dont teach you s@#$ / Dont cut corners like your daddy did / f@#$ what ozempic did / dont pay to play with them brazilians / get a gym membership.” 

He goes on to call out Drake’s parents “your sons a sick man / He got sex offenders on hoe-VO that he keep on a monthly allowance.” Not only is he calling Drake a deadbeat father but also of having inappropriate relationships with minors. 

Not Like Us – Kendrick, released May 4, 2024 

Kendrick followed up with “Not Like Us” the next day. He doubles down on the pedophile allegations by rapping “Certified loverboy, certified pedophile” and “tryna strike a chord and it’s probably a minor.” He calls out Drake hanging out with 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and Future to cash in on the black Atlanta rapper persona and says Drake raps about things he has not experienced. 

While the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar drama has come to an end, talk about what the two rappers surely will not for some time. 

“I’m on Kendricks’ side all the way…That song the ‘heart part 6’ was really just giving. I’m doing this for legal purposes from Drake,” said Hannah Holder, sophomore.

“I used to be a Drake fan but these accusations are crazy…Drake’s cooked, his career is over,” said Will Culon, sophomore. 

“The disses were fun at first and the missing daughter stuff was wild but I think Family Matter and Meet the Grahams went way too far,” said Cris Crezeco, junior.

Whether or not the allegations on Drake are proven true or not, one thing is for sure. His career has taken a major hit and he has lost the favor of his biggest fans.

Should Leesville Have Outdoor Classrooms?

Leesville has 83 minute class periods which leads students to be cooped up in classrooms all day. It can be hard for students to focus for the full 83 minutes making them not get the full learning experience and benefits out of their classes. 

Lila Padden, sophomore said. “With such long class times I can get very distracted after about forty-five minutes, knowing that there is still around half of the class left makes me just want to go on my phone. I hate looking at the same classroom every single day. I would love outdoor classrooms because I would enjoy the change of scenery and it would help me to pay attention more.”

Leesville has always had collaborative spaces as an alternative learning environment for teachers to use. They allow classes to get out of their room and work in a new environment. A step up from this could be implementing outdoor classrooms on Leesville’s campus. 

There are multiple locations throughout Leesville’s campus where the outdoor classrooms could be located. One of these could be the courtyards accessed through the downstairs of the main building, they are heavily shaded and not too far of a trek from the classrooms. Another space that could be used is the blacktop area of the track, this would create a great area for desks or large activities to be held. Finally, the grassy area in between the two buildings could be transformed into an outdoor learning area.

According to outdoornebraska.gov, “Children who are taught in an outdoor setting– like an outdoor classroom — tend to score higher on standardized test scores taught in a traditional classroom.” If this isn’t enough of a reason to start having classes outside, here are some more benefits they provide.

Outdoor learning can make a huge difference in the class’s participation as a whole. It can make lessons more engaging and interesting, which leads to student’s motivation levels in learning to increase. Working outside requires teamwork and communication which in turn can improve student’s social skills altogether.

Many physical benefits can come from the use of outdoor classrooms as well. “Your body both energizes and relaxes from the sunlight and fresh air, your cognitive abilities can improve alongside it. Spending time with nature may enhance your memory functions, especially your short-term memory.” This could be very helpful to students who have upcoming presentations or tests and quizzes. 

The subjects that could gain the most benefits from outdoor classrooms are science, art, geography, and physical education. The outdoor classrooms could provide hands-on opportunities that might not be available indoors. These subjects can be effectively taught in outdoor settings and help students connect to the curriculum better.

Senior bricks in newspaper class

Every year, the graduating seniors in the newspaper class are offered a brick to paint in room 240 (Newspaper room).

Every senior in the class for at least two semesters can pick a brick to paint however they’d like.

Most incorporate their future college/university in their brick. Whether by using their new school colors or by including their school’s mascot or symbol, most of the bricks in the room carry some representation of that senior’s future school.

Jacob Dokulil, senior and British Correspondent of Newspaper, said, “I just thought it was a cool idea to paint the mascot of the school I’m going to… It’s showing school spirit for my new school!”

Another popular theme for senior bricks is a hobby or sport that the senior enjoys. For example, there is a brick with the silhouette of a dancer, a brick with a swimming pool, a brick with a running track, and much more.

Kayla Wozniak, senior and staff writer in the Newspaper, said, “I painted a softball on my brick because it was one of my favorite and most important parts of high school… it represents something I love.”

The bricks provide the perfect opportunity for seniors to leave their mark on the class and the school in a creative way. As a result, there are some simple bricks and some extremely intricate and detailed bricks. 

“It was important to me that I made sure [the brick] was exactly the way I envisioned it… I wanted people to know exactly what I painted and not have to try and interpret it.”

Every senior’s brick preserves a sample of themselves and who they were/did during their time in the newspaper.

All of the bricks around the room come together to create a mural in the classroom; they bring together different people and graduating classes. 

Every year when more colored bricks are added to the wall, it adds a new aspect to the classroom and a sentimental piece of the school for seniors to look back on.

The first official portrait of King Charles III was revealed at Buckingham Palace has been met with criticism by the public. 

The first official portrait of King Charles III since his coronation was revealed at Buckingham Palace last Tuesday, May 14, and while largely considered a modern masterpiece by His Majesty, it has been met with criticism by the public. 

Painted by Jonathan Yeo, the large portrait portrays the King standing in the traditional Welsh Guards uniform (perhaps an ode to his former title as Prince of Wales), hands on the hilt of his sword, a half-smile on his face with a butterfly hovering over his right shoulder. 

Unlike the portraits of his predecessors, however, the painting is bathed with crimson. 

This was definitely not the predicted staid symbolism of state, office, pomp, and lineage, but spoke to something much deeper. 

While the butterfly represented Charles’ metamorphosis from prince to sovereign, including his passion for certain types of environmental legislation, to many it looked like he was bathing in blood. 

“I think I can understand that he’s trying to show something modern, but I think that for the younger generation it just doesn’t appeal to us at all,” says Sofia Ortiz-Anglero, senior.

The portrait received criticism a few days after being released to the public. From comparisons to the devil to the idea of colonial bloodshed, even to the mention of the Tampax scandal which was the focus of the tabloids during his tumultuous marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Despite the public perception, the obvious goal of this commission was to create a modern portrait, reflecting a more modern monarch. This time without the pageantry that the royal family is most known for. 

While the red colors are the most striking part of the portrait, the choice of shade seems particularly fraught given the firestorm that the king has endured since his ascension to the throne. It is also a deeply emotional color and can communicate faith, sensuality, or power, having been used by a modicum of famous artists such as Raphael, Warhol, and even Matisse. 

The final work is a reflection not of the false commentary made by the public, but of a period in the King’s life in which he lost his mother, assumed the throne, and faced a presumably serious health diagnosis. There may be only so much honesty one can expect from an image of a leader, but the image appears to show Charles not standing out, but receding into his portrait. 

“There is symbolism behind it, I’ll give him that. Only time can tell though how people choose to see it,” says Noah Anderson, senior.

It’s a fitting representation of a man who, despite his withdrawal from public life, retains his aristocratic silhouette. The additional image of the butterfly by his side emphasizes the fragility of the world we live in, as well as themes of renewal and regeneration. 

This portrays an overall message of a monarch with a bit of showiness and nothingness at the same time and doesn’t reveal a shock of horror, but a King of England with very little of himself to show. He offers a first glimpse into how he understands his role in the years of his reign to come. 

Senior Spirit Week

The week of May 20 through the 25th is Senior Spirit Week. Each day of the week has a different theme for LRHS seniors to follow.

Monday was Dress Like Little Me Day, Tuesday was Dress Like Future You Day, Wednesday was Anything but a Backpack Day, Thursday was Green Out, and Friday was Decision Day.

Senior Spirit Week is meant to be a fun, community-building activity for the LRHS seniors. 

Many of the seniors who chose to participate in Spirit Week were featured in a reel for The Mycenean’s Instagram.

Monday: Dress Like Little You Day

On Monday, LRHS seniors came to school dressed like versions of their past/younger selves. 

Some students came in with pigtails, skirts, and open-toed shoes, symbolic of their pre-elementary school selves. Others came dressed in oversized shirts, high buns with scrunchies, and puka shell necklaces, symbolic of their middle school selves.

Regardless of what version of “little you” seniors dressed as the ones who chose to participate in the theme went all out. 

You can see a sample of LRHS’s participating seniors on the reel posted by The Mycenaen’s Instagram page linked here.

Tuesday: Dress Like Future You Day

The opposite of the theme of the day prior, on Tuesday, the seniors dressed like a future version of themselves.

Whether that was dressing “professionally” to signify success, or dressing in the official uniform of their future occupation, many seniors continued their school spirit for Day 2.

Several people wore medical scrubs, business attire, athletic gear, and more. As a junior preparing to apply to different colleges, it was really fun to see the aspiring seniors dressed as their dream job. 

In my opinion, an unexpected result of the day was seeing how some seniors truly tied together their future fits with props including stethoscopes, briefcases, and “designer” bags.

To see a glimpse of your favorite senior’s future, take a look at the reel posted on The Mycenaean’s Instagram page linked here.

Wednesday: Anything but a Backpack Day

Even though “Anything but a Backpack Day” was dubbed an official Senior Spirit Week theme, it was funny seeing seniors who have already left their backpacks behind continue to do so. 

Considering the fact that the Class of 2024 has less than a week left in their high school career, it makes sense that many have opted out of bringing a backpack full of stuff they aren’t using anymore.

This being said, many seniors participated in the day’s theme, bringing their necessities in suitcases, shopping baskets, trays, purses, and other wacky items.

Although it may have been harder to spot which seniors were truly following the theme, it was still fun and interesting to try and scope out participating seniors.

To see some of the alternative backpack options our seniors selected for Anything but a Backpack Day, check out the Instagram reel linked here.


Thursday: Green Out


In terms of true Leesville school spirit, Green Out is the day seniors can truly show off.


The seniors came to school decked out in Leesville green to show out for their final Green Out. 


Some wore green tutus and face paint, or their superlative crown, while others simply opted to wear a green shirt or green bottoms.


Out of all the spirit days of the week, I’d say it was easiest to identify who was a senior on Thursday. Every senior I know had green in some part of their outfit.


Green Out is the last time Leesville seniors can come together and show Pride for the same school; it offers the opportunity for students to come together one last time before they go their separate ways


To see LRHS seniors show Pride in all green, make sure to visit The LRHS Mycenaean Instagram page and click on the reel linked here.


Friday: Decision Day


On Green Out Day, seniors showed LRHS school spirit, but on Decision Day, they showed school spirit for the school that awaits them.


Even though the seniors’ future schools or pathways were officially released in The Mycenaean’s Senior Edition, it was still fun to see them dressed up in their new school’s spirit wear. 


Decision Day was the perfect way to wrap up Senior Spirit Week because it represented what their time at Leesville allowed them to achieve. 


Every senior I saw wearing their future school’s spirit wear was glowing with pride and anticipation.


In the halls, I saw seniors waving to each other and pointing at their shirts or outfits, excited to show off their new school gear. 


From a junior’s perspective, Decision Day gave me something to look forward to; a day where you’re not worrying about college prep, applications, and the like because you already know where you’re going.

I can’t wait for next year when my friends and I get to show off our school spirit for our future schools, but until then, make sure to check out the Class of 2024’s future school spirit in the Instagram reel linked here.

Dance Concert Review – Spotlight Intermediate/Proficient class

The annual LRHS Spring Dance Concert took place this past Wednesday, May 22 and on Thursday, May 23. The concert started at 7 pm in the Leesville Auditorium and it was open to anyone who wanted to see the dancers. Tickets were sold online or at the doors for 7 Dollars. 

Just as every year, LHRS students enrolled in one of the three dance classes presented their pieces which they had prepared over the last semester. 

The dance class levels are Beginning Dance, Intermediate/Proficient Dance and Dance Ensemble. All three classes together, created a 2-hour long concert with all kinds of choreographies. 

Mrs. Carr, the dance teacher, organized and choreographed some of the performances. Moreover, students partially had the opportunity to create their own dances in small groups.

In order to prepare for the two shows, dance students had to attend two after school rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday. These days were there to run the shows with all class levels combined and it served as final dress and tech rehearsal. 

Every dance told a different story and students put a lot of effort into each one of them throughout the semester. The two shows with all their dances got recorded and posted on the LRHS dance website

Intermediate/Proficient class

This semester the dance levels Intermediate and Proficient are mixed and one class. Mrs. Carr teaches these students everyday in the second period. 

Just as the other two classes, this period worked hard to cover a big part of the concerts with good choreographies and performances. 

After having spent an entire semester together, the class has grown together and students made new friendships. Next to that, everyone progressed in their dance abilities and some of the students were able to audition and make it into the dance ensemble or dance team for the coming year.  

Lillian Hogg, sophomore, is one of the students who auditioned and will be part of the dance ensemble next year. She really enjoyed this semester as a proficient dancer and liked presenting her dances at the Spring Concert. 

Preparing for the concert was easy for Hogg: “We had a lot of rehearsals in class for this,” said Hogg. Rehearing with her classmates made her feel less nervous and more comfortable with the dances. 

When talking about her experience with dance, Hogg said: “This was my first dance concert at Leesville, I’ve only done dance outside of school.”

Reflecting on both shows with her own and the group’s performance, Hogg feels confident and satisfied. “I think it went really well,” said Hogg. “I really liked the dance that Sophie and I choreographed [and] the dance ensemble’s junior dance to the song ‘Get Lucky’. It seemed like they were having a lot of fun,” added Hogg. 

The Intermediate/Proficient dance class had a total of two class dances which were already choreographed. Hung up was one of them, taught by Mrs. Carr, which was also presented on both concert nights. 

Additionally, there was a special dance this semester choreographed and taught by Savannah, Meredith College student . The story of the dance circled around World War 2 and had a dreary mood to it. While students embodied soldiers and victims who died in the war, the dance style was very different from the others.

Ashley Stanziale, sophomore, was a part of these class dances and in the Proficient class. She enjoyed participating in Savannah’s choreography and said: “I thought it was interesting and a good opportunity to learn a different dance style because I would have probably never tried to do that style of a dance.”

Before the concert, Stanziale liked preparing and rehearsing with the other dance students and felt prepared for the show. “I was more excited than nervous because my dances were more fun than stressful and I felt well prepared,” said Stanziale. 

Looking back, her favorite dances were some of the small groups’ choreographies. “My favorite dance was either ‘Back on 74’ or ‘Get Lucky’,” said Stanziale. 

Overall, for Stanziale it was a successful semester with not only work that she put in but also a lot of fun. The people in the class made it so great for her and she said: “I really like the people in this class and it was really fun because everyone is so nice.”

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Here is what some LRHS students did.


With summer right around the corner, Memorial Day weekend is when the feeling of summer first appears. 

Computers will soon be shut, school supplies will be put away, homework will be nonexistent, and freedom will begin! 

Students express that when Memorial Day weekend hit, they knew that summer is almost here. 

Memorial Day is a federal holiday celebrated to honor and mourn the military personnel who died while fighting for the United States. 

Memorial Day weekend took place May 24 to May 27th this year. Most people go to the pool, beach, or lake and spend time with loved ones, family, and friends. 

Let’s take a look at what students did for their long weekend! 

“My family and I flew to San Diego to visit my sister and hung out on the beach as well as just walking around the city. We ate at a bunch of cool places and visited a bunch of cool places,” said Brady Spinak, senior. 

The majority of students spent time out in the sun and water. The beautiful weather made the lake and the beach very enjoyable for many students. 

“Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to my lake house on Hyco Lake with my friends Katie and Jordan. We went on the boat and went tubing and wake surfing. The warm weather made me super excited for summer,” said Payton Haag, senior. 

“This Memorial Day weekend I went to Topsail Island with a big group of friends. We left Thursday after the dance concert and were there till Monday. We went to the beach every day and spent time at the house at night. It was a great preview to summer where there will hopefully be many more beach trips,¨ said Ixy Mejina. 

While everyone’s Memorial Day experience varies, this is a great break from school and an exciting preview for summer! 

Leesville’s favorite travel destinations

The end of the school year means the beginning of summer and the big summer break for LRHS students. A lot of people enjoy a break from their daily lives and school and spend their summers traveling. Whether it is enjoying the sun at the beach or exploring a new place, there is a lot out there to see. 

Traveling as a student can be harder than one would think since there might be a certain budget or not enough time to do so. Students who are minors are also tied to their parent’s or guardian’s schedule and their preferences. It is not always easy to cover the interests of every family member. 

Summer break offers a big period of time to take a vacation or to discover a new place. Whether it is relaxing or being active, traveling is always a brain and mental break from school and an opportunity to learn more about the world. 

Abby Coughlin, sophomore, loves traveling and seeing new places in the summer. She has family members in California who she regularly visits. “My favorite travel destination is Southern California because a lot of my family lives there. It’s so warm and sunny and beautiful and I love In-N-Out Burger,” said Coughlin. 

Trying new or different food is a motivation for a lot of people to travel to places. It is a new experience for the tourists and a big part of the place’s culture that the traveler gets to learn about firsthand.

Coughlin, who has always wanted to go to Italy, connects the country with its good food such as pasta. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy because I love pasta and really want to eat the pasta there, it looks delicious,” said Coughlin.  

The food is not the only reason Coughlin wants to travel to another country. She thinks about the whole experience when traveling which also involves the airplane ride. “I actually love going on airplanes, it feels so cool. Even though it is kind of stressful it’s a new experience every time and so fun,” said Coughlin. 

Although Coughlin enjoys traveling in the summer she still prefers to avoid the big crowds of tourists. Coughlin said: “[The best time to travel is] probably in April/May or August/September/October because it is not peak tourism but still warm and beautiful.”

Just like Coughlin, Abby Gregory, junior, loves traveling for similar reasons. She doesn’t only enjoy visiting her family but is also interested in learning more about her culture. “I’ve been to South Korea and that was my favorite place to go. I have family there and it is good to see them and to also experience my culture in a different place than here,” said Gregory. 

Europe seems to be on the travel list for many students when thinking about places they want to see. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy or Greece because the little towns seem so cute and it seems like something to explore rather than just the beach because we have beaches here,” said Gregory; talking about her wish to experience and discover new things when traveling. 

When going to a different place whether inside the country or even abroad, there is a lot to see and learn about a new place and culture. However, it is not always just about that but much more about the experience and connections you can make with people that you meet. Especially solo-travelers tend to meet a lot of new people who are either other tourists or natives.  

Gregory, who is excited for summer to start, said: “Summer is probably the best time to travel when school’s off even though it is peak tourist time.

Grace Stauffeneker, sophomore, has family in New Hampshire which is also a reason for her to travel. “I love going to New Hampshire because I have a lot of family up there and it is just fun,” said Stauffeneker. 

When talking about the places Stauffeneker has always wanted to visit, she added: “I’ve always wanted to go to Paris because it is beautiful.” Also for Stauffeneker a trip to Europe sounds tempting and is on top of her travel wishlist. 

With all the advantages and disadvantages that come along with traveling, every student experiencing trips to a different place, has always created new memories to remember. Each trip has something special and can be good for a simple change of scenery apart from people’s daily lives.  


My Thoughts on Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer is a Netflix series based on a true story.

If you haven’t watched this interesting series, then here’s a quick overview.

This series stars Richard Gadd, who plays a fictionalized version of himself whose name is Donny Dunn, a wanna-be comedian and current bartender. 

Without watching the show, you would think Richard Gadd was an innocent victim of a dangerous stalker. Little do you know Gadd was entertaining a mentally-ill woman and says it was due to his “past trauma”.  

The recurring theme of validation from others is portrayed multiple 

In the show, Donny is stalked by this woman Martha who has a history of stalking. Martha soon appears in every aspect of his life. Once she starts to threaten his family, he seeks serious help from the police, and she faces jail time.

This show was very entertaining. There are many different plot twists throughout the story that will keep you engaged. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like boring shows this is perfect for you. This show immediately gets to the point by introducing the main character early on.

The plot develops by showing Martha’s strange behavior over a period of six months. You may be wondering why it took him six months to call the police, and I was thinking the same thing which is why I didn’t enjoy his character very much in the beginning.

Throughout the show, after every message, email, or voicemail left by Martha ends with “Sent by iPhone,” which is strange because while Martha claimed to be a well distinguished lawyer, somehow she could not afford to buy a coke from the pub where Gadd had worked.

Figuring out the truth behind Gadd’s behavior will further engage you in the series. The show goes through the past couple years of his life and how the situation with Martha came about.

While the last episode in my opinion has a very boring ending, I recommend this show to anyone who likes to keep up with current social media trends. 

All of the names in the show were changed to keep the identity of “Martha” private.

The real woman whose name is Fiona Harvey has come out about the situation and has made many statements. Fiona Harvey states “It’s a work of fiction, it’s a work of hyperbole, and erm there are two true facts in that. That is his name is Richard Gadd and he works as a jobbing barman on Benefits in the Holy Arms.”

These interviews have kept me interested in this Netflix series. If you want to take a look at a quick watch with a real-life storyline check out Baby Reindeer.

Is Lululemon still popular?

Over the past couple of years, the athleisure brand, Lululemon, has exploded in popularity. Despite changing trends, audiences, and styles, Lululemon has maintained its position as a known clothing brand.

This being said, I challenge whether or not Lulu is still popular based solely on the fact that there have been other athleisure brands that I’ve recently seen rise exponentially in popularity. 

I see girls wearing brands such as Halara and Aerie (not as recent), just as much, if not more than I see girls wearing Lululemon. 

For this reason, I question whether or not Lulu is still at the same level of popularity it was in 2019.

Regardless, in my opinion, a popular clothing brand is a brand that is commonly seen in everyday life and worn by everyday people; therefore, Lululemon is still a very popular clothing brand.

Based on a poll posted on the LRHS Mycenaean Instagram page, Leesville students would agree. 65% of LRHS students who participated in the poll believe that Lululemon is still popular/relevant.

Katie Carrigan, junior, said, “I definitely still think [Lululemon] is still popular… I feel like I still see so many people wearing their leggings or like, their viral “BBL” jacket.”

Social media and word of mouth are huge modes of advertising for Lululemon that help keep the brand relevant. This being said, there are still students who don’t believe Lulu is as popular as it used to be.

“I mean [Lululemon] is still popular, but I feel like I see a lot of girls wearing Athleta and other brands, too… [Lulu] used to be the only popular brand that produced the products that it does, and now there’s so many other brands that produce the same things and are way cheaper,” said Dylan Bancroft, junior.

The price of Lululemon may be a huge reason for their slight decline in popularity. Other brands, such as Aerie or Halara, produce extremely similar products to Lululemon for a much cheaper price.

Regardless of your personal opinion on Lululemon or the style of clothing it produces, it’s impossible to say that Lululemon has truly fallen out of style.

Jews on Campus at Columbia

While many people have been getting news from Instagram and Tiktok, they have not been seeing the full picture of what is happening at Columbia,Ivy league universities and other universities and colleges around the country. 

Since October 7, there has been a 214% increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes in comparison to the same eight month period last year. Now the rampant anti semitism has gotten to a new point at Columbia University. At Columbia, Hamas sympathizers have taken over giving out death threats to Jewish students and generally making Columbia a dangerous environment for Jewish students.

While nothing major has changed in Israel, the many Hamas sympathizers learned that they could become more and more violent with little push back from Mayor Eric Adams at the beginning, with the NYPD getting more involved in the later weeks of the encampments.

“A student told me that they have a WhatsApp group where Jewish students escort other Jewish students when things are too scary because the university won’t protect them,” said Shai Davidai, a Professor at Columbia Business School. 

Many students at Columbia are worried that if they go to school they will never be able to come back and go to school in a safe environment again. 

“In 1940, my grandmother stopped going to school, she was living in Belgium at the time and she had to stop going to school. After she stopped going she never went back. She lost all of her family and had to rebuild her life after the war, and I never want to be in a position where I can’t go to school because of terrorists and anti-jewish protests,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

“I think we should stop considering Columbia as a moral entity because it’s like a corporation. They don’t want to lose money. They just run as a company, work as a company, it is a company.  We have to stop thinking about it as a moral entity who wants to do things the moral way,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

“Yes, in the core curriculum that all the graduates have to go through, they have texts about everything that happened in history. Every genocide, every massacre. Every problem in history they have a text for. Everything; Not a single mention of the holocaust, not a single text about the holocaust,” said anonymously via Shai Davidai’s instagram.  

This is not the first time that Jews have seen themselves in danger on college and university campuses. Jews have also seen threats in Nazi Germany where they ended up being kicked off school grounds from elementary to the phd level, and they were never allowed to come back on until the end of the war. 

Jazz Band Performance

This Thursday May 9th the Intermediate, Concert, Jazz bands played their spring concert along with Orchestra. One of the performances stood out from the rest with the Jazz Band having more pizzazz.

They started off with two of the pieces from this year’s MPAs where they got superior, those two pieces being “Moanin” and “Lady in The Lavender Mist.” While the regular bands will all come out and sit down to play before they start, the Jazz Band decided to have a staggered entrance starting with saxophones and ending with trumpets.

Their newest piece “Orange Colored Sky” they had just started practicing two weeks before and with only 2 Jazz Band meetings a week they had 4 performances to learn the piece and perfect it; they truly did. With the addition of Nina Whittington performing the vocals they truly over performed for the short amount of time they had to prepare

The Jazz Band ended the night with the Piece by Benny Carter and His Chocolate Dandies “Symphony In Riffs”. This is also one of the pieces that they performed or MPAs. Throughout the piece, they had many solos to show off some of the best people in Jazz Band, such as Henry Cash,bass, and Aidan Quinn, trombone.

Overall this is one of the best performances The Jazz Band lead By Mr. C has ever performed at Leesville, and I applaud the many members of Jazz Band and Mr. Cvijanovic the Conductor of Jazz Band.


Benefits of having a job in high school

High school comes with trials and tribulations, fees, and life lessons. So what if I told you that there’s a way to combat all of that and take charge of your high school experience? A job is the perfect way to earn money, gain experience in work, connect with others outside of school, and look good on college applications. 

While the idea of working in retail or fast food may not seem appetizing, working at stores you often frequent can get you a discount. For example, when I worked at Chick-fil-A, I was able to get myself, my family, and my friends a 50% discount. This comes in handy, especially for high school students who often eat out. 

Chick-fil-A was also a wonderful place to meet people, as a lot of the employees there are also students at Leesville Road High School. 

For example, Kennedi Ward, a junior and my previous coworker at Chick-fil-A, said, “Working at Chick-fil-A has of course given me more money for what I want and adapted me to work environments, but over everything it has given me life-long connections that can continue to push me. I love all the friends I’ve met there.”

Working in these departments also means gaining beneficial experience. Whether it’s learning how to diffuse a situation or communicate in a professional environment, the jobs I’ve had throughout high school have taught me both. I already know what to expect from a job, how a boss should and should not talk to you or another employee, and how to stand up for yourself in the workplace. 

These experiences can save you from mistakes later in your career, as they teach you responsibility, time management, and effective communication. 

As working means making money, it’s important to work for a wage that satisfies you. Since in the corporate world, people often negotiate their wages, it could be useful to get comfortable doing that now. Make sure before landing a job you ask about the pay and either make sure you’re comfortable with it or explain that you will only work for a certain wage.

Once you have a job with a good wage you can put that money to use. For juniors going into senior year, now is a perfect time to save to help pay for college applications and graduation fees. For students who can drive, using the money to pay for their gas is always appreciated by parents. For all students in general it’s nice to have money to use for hangouts with friends. 

Gaining all of this knowledge, responsibility, and experience can shape you as a person. So it makes sense colleges think highly of working students as it shows you can balance work, school, life, and other extracurricular activities you put on your college application. If you have a job like babysitting, tutoring, or something on par with your character it can also show your personality to a college on an application. 

If you find yourself with extra free time, consider applying for a job so you can benefit.

4A NC track and field State Championship 

The 4A State Championship track and field meet showcased exceptional talent and determination from both men’s and women’s teams, with athletes achieving personal bests, school records, and remarkable victories.

Chase Harrison emerged as a standout performer in the 400m dash, clocking an impressive 47.38 seconds. His speed and precision on the track were a highlight of the meet, putting him third in the state.

The men’s 4x800m relay team also delivered a stellar performance, finishing with a time of 8:02. Marking Leesville’s second fastest time ever run. 

Dillon Kaulback demonstrated extraordinary athleticism in the pole vault, clearing a height of 14-6. His leap not only earned him a top spot in the event but also added to the excitement of the competition.

Andre Michaels ran a tactical and determined race in the 3200m, crossing the finish line in 9:20. His performance was a testament to his stamina and strategic racing abilities where he will continue to show improvement at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The men’s 4x200m relay team showcased their speed and coordination, finishing the race in 1:32. 

In the field events, Alex Williams made a notable mark in the discus throw with a distance of 133-10. His powerful throws were a key contribution to the team’s overall success.

Women’s Highlights

On the women’s side, Ruth Metaferia delivered an outstanding performance in the 1600m, finishing with a time of 5:02. Her race was run with exceptional pace and endurance, placing her among the top middle-distance runners in the state.

The Leesville girls’ 4x800m relay team also had a significant achievement, finishing their race in 9:59. This impressive time highlighted their teamwork and strategic running during the race. 

In the field events, Halle Gibson excelled in the shot put, achieving a throw of 32-9.5. Her strength and technique were evident as she competed against some of the best in the state.

Overall, the 4A State Championship meet was a celebration of athletic excellence and sportsmanship. The athletes’ dedication and hard work throughout the season culminated in memorable performances and personal bests. These achievements not only highlight the talent within the teams but also inspire future athletes to strive for greatness in their respective disciplines.

Romance Anime You Should Watch and Avoid

Looking for some heart-fluttering romance anime to binge or ones to steer clear of? 

You’re in the right place!

Romance anime can be the perfect escape, whether you’re craving sweet love stories, dramatic love triangles, or a sprinkle of fantasy romance.

From adorable couples who make your heart melt to overly dramatic plots that might just frustrate you, there’s a wide range of shows out there.

In this guide, we’ll explore some must-watch romance anime that will have you glued to the screen and a few that might not be worth your time.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just in the mood for some love-filled adventures, knowing which series to dive into and which to skip can save you time and set you up for a truly enjoyable viewing experience.

Romance Anime You Should Watch

A good romance anime has relatable characters and a storyline that makes your heart race. The chemistry between the leads should be electric, with moments that make you laugh and cry.

The art and music should enhance the emotions, creating a perfect mix of drama and sweet, unforgettable moments.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

(Photo used with permission of A-1 Pictures)

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is a great romance anime because it’s hilarious and super relatable. The main characters, Kaguya and Miyuki, are both geniuses trying to make the other confess first, which leads to all kinds of funny and clever situations. The mind games they play are really entertaining, and you can’t help but root for them. 

The side characters are also great and add a lot to the story. Plus, the animation and music are top-notch, making every episode a joy to watch. It’s the perfect mix of comedy, romance, and high school drama that keeps you hooked.

Your Name

(Photo used with permission of CoMix Wave Films)

Your Name is an amazing romance anime because it has a unique story with a lot of twists that keep you hooked. The characters, Taki and Mitsuha, are super relatable, and their connection feels real and deep even though they’ve never met in person. 

The animation is stunning, with beautiful scenery that makes everything more emotional. The soundtrack by Radwimps is awesome and perfectly matches the mood of the scenes.

Plus, the mix of romance, drama, and a bit of fantasy makes it different from other anime. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that you won’t forget!

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

(Photo used with permission of Studio VOLN)

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is a wonderful romance anime because it really hits you in the feels. The story between Haruki and Sakura is super emotional and deep. Sakura’s positive attitude despite her illness is inspiring, and Haruki’s growth as he opens up is really touching. 

Their interactions are filled with heartfelt moments that make you smile and cry. The art is beautiful, and the music perfectly matches the mood, enhancing every scene. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that stays with you long after watching, making it a standout in the romance genre.

Romance Anime You Should Avoid

When a romance anime fails to impress, it’s usually because the characters lack depth and feel cliché. The chemistry between the main couple falls flat, making it hard to root for them. Predictable plots leave viewers bored, craving something fresh and exciting. 

In short, a lack of originality can turn a promising anime into a forgettable disappointment. Some romance anime are looked down upon for their unusual relationships/concepts.

Scum’s Wish

(Photo used with permission of Studio Lerche)

Scum’s Wish is often criticized as a terrible romance anime because it portrays relationships that are deeply flawed and unhealthy. The characters are entangled in a web of deceit and emotional manipulation, making it hard for viewers to empathize with them. 

The main couple isn’t driven by genuine love but by a need to fill the void left by their unrequited crushes, which creates a bleak and unsettling atmosphere. The story lacks the uplifting and heartwarming moments that fans typically seek in romance anime. Instead of delivering a satisfying love story, it leaves viewers feeling disheartened and uneasy.

Domestic Girlfriend

(Photo used with permission of Studio Diomedéa)

Domestic Girlfriend is often seen as an unpleasant romance anime because its plot is overly dramatic and unrealistic. The story revolves around a guy who ends up in a complicated love triangle with his teacher and his stepsister, which just feels forced and uncomfortable. The characters make poor decisions that lead to endless melodrama, making it hard to take their emotions seriously. 

The anime also tries to juggle too many plot twists, which ends up being confusing and frustrating. Instead of developing a meaningful romantic narrative, it relies on shock value and sensationalism, leaving viewers dissatisfied and disconnected.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

(Photo used with permission of Telecom Animation Film)

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro is seen as an awful romance anime because the relationship between Nagatoro and her upperclassman is based on bullying. Nagatoro’s teasing often crosses the line, making it uncomfortable to watch and hard to believe there’s genuine affection. 

The repetitive humor gets old quickly and doesn’t show much character growth or development. Instead of a sweet love story, it feels more like constant harassment. The romance feels forced and unnatural, lacking the emotional depth that makes a good love story engaging. Overall, it leaves viewers feeling more uneasy than entertained.

Billie Eilish Album Review

Billie Eilish, a 22 year-old pop star, there isn’t a music listener who doesn’t know who she is. Coming into fame from one of her first songs, Ocean Eyes, released in 2016. She rose to fame on TikTok and launched her career with another top song written with Khalid, “Lovely” and a successful EP, “don’t smile at me” in 2017. After it was sealed Billie Eilish, an uprising singer and a fashionista, took the internet and music industry by storm. 

Fast forward to the present: Eilish’s last album was released in 2021, and she wrote a song for the widely popular Barbie‘ Movie called, What Was I Made For?, which touched thousands of heartstrings and is currently her most streamed song on Spotify with 843,799,383 streams. 

Though Eilish has done a good job of appeasing her fans with occasional singles, fans are excited for the new release of Eilish’s album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, released on May 17, 2024.

Let’s start with a review of each song. First, this album is golden, successfully some of the best writing and vibes Eilish has ever created. Similar to her Don’t Smile At Me album and more of her old sound mixed with a new spin of electrodynamics and synth as well as catchy songs to keep moving to or to cry to. Each song feels deeply personal without saying names; it’s almost like the listener is living important life moments alongside Eilish. 

When listening to this album for the first time I think it’s important to listen to it continuously all at once since some songs lead into others and connect the ending and beginnings. Billie Eilish wanted it to be this way as a whole experience that’s why she decided to make it an album instead of just singles. 


The first song on the album, SKINNY, is a remembrance song of emotions previously felt and the emotions that have still carried on behind the scenes of fame. The lyrics, “I still cry” means that there are still many things that Eilish experiences even when she looks happy. Eilish goes on talking about being in a cage at shows and how the internet is hungry and the expectations the world has for her. 

This all adds to show how Eilish is feeling about fame and the consequences. The real star of this song is the instrumental part at the end of the song which spells out the feelings Eilish is feeling without words. It truly is the most beautiful part of the song. You can feel a million words without even saying them, it’s a vulnerable moment. 


 Second on the tracklist is LUNCH which is very different from SKINNY. It’s a happy pop electric song that is about Eilish’s sexuality and loving women. It’s a celebration of shorts but it also is a love song. This has to be my personal top three of this album because of the fun melody and groove she adds to it. You can view the Eilish music video HERE, which adds to the fun creative side the music portrays. 


The name confused me at first, but it is actually a Japanese name inspired from the movie “Spirited Away,”  directed by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. While it also has a meaning, “A thousand questions” in Japanese Kanji, it is speculated that the song was inspired by this movie. Specifically, some of the lyrics match occurrences in the movie such as the lyrical line, “I was waiting’ in the garden” and “Said you won’t forget my name.” These are both references to the movie as Chirhiro the main protagonist forgets her name and is teleported to a magical world where she is a servant and her parents turn into pigs. This song has to be number two on my list for this album. It has unique synthetics and an open interpretation. It gives me a feeling of longing or nostalgia. 


“Birds of a Feather” is absolutely hands down the best song on the album. It’s a beautiful interpretation of love and can even be interpreted as friendship and loving a friend, “Birds of a feather we should stick together.” It truly is a mix of several different styles including pop, R&B, and synth. It brings a sense of happiness to the album and reminds you to care for those around you. This song is a beautiful display of everything healthy in a relationship. 


Another totally beautiful song about taking care of someone hurting and loving them at the same time. As well as how love falls apart and it doesn’t work out even when you want it to. This is the saddest song on the album sung with dripping sadness and a tint of regret in the lyrics, “I should put it all behind me, shouldn’t I? But I see her in the back of my mind.” I have no clue what Billie went through to feel like this. It almost sounds like she’s in between two people and they both fell in love with the same person and all the relationships are breaking down between them. 

The song is truly beautiful and melancholy. It’s about questioning your decisions and actions. It was most likely named “Wildflower” to depict something that grew out of nothing and hardship. I love the open meaning to this song as it gives several different interpretations that allow each person to use the song and change it to their own. 


This one would be number four on my list for this album. It is terribly sad to start by saying, “I’m trying my best.” It’s a song about disappointment and how others never lived up to your expectations or gave you what you put in. It feels raw and Eilish calls herself, “the greatest ” because she gave all her love and patience into the relationship only for it to not work out. It’s a song about wanting more and better treatment but not being strong enough to take it. Truly it is such a sad song but such happy words, it’s almost sarcastic. 


…meaning love of my life in French. It’s a blunt song and something new to Eilish’s previous tunes. Still, it included similar singing techniques, but the intro is as stripped down as possible. It’s a song about love and not loving someone back, “I told you a lie when I said you, you were the love of my life.” It also talks about the reality of a relationship that might be perfect in thought but you can only see how it truly was until you leave and see it from a different perspective.

It continues on and then changes after the lyrics, “I was the love of your life, but you were not mine.” It soon switches to a synthetic voice pitched up of Eilishes voice and then repeats like a broken robot while the beat picks up. 

Then comes the fun part and Eilish has a full synth voice with an EDEM type of beat. It seems these parts were written at different times as Eilish seems more confident about her decision to leave more so than in the first part of the song by saying, “We’re so glad it’s over now.” After that, the song ends in synth and synth voice. Honestly, this song was unexpected, and I enjoyed seeing the new bounds of her musicality being pushed. 


A song about Eilish’s stalker and how he broke into her home. This song is by far the most creative with synth and voice changes. But the reason “The Dinner” isn’t higher on the list is because the song comes from the point of view of the stalker. It talks about the mind and thought process behind her stalker and how he left a “calling card” at Billie Eilish’s house jumped the fence and was soon arrested and put in jail.

It develops what it means to be famous and the scary side of being loved by millions. The song has a creepy tone, but it makes it feel like the actions you take are justified. At the end of the song, Eilish whispers a phone number in the last lines, “310-807-3956,” and if you call it you can hear Eilish speaking, “Hello? Hello? Wait, I can’t hear you,” pre-recorded on. After that, you can sign up for automated messages from Eilish. 


Synthetics 100x with an almost ethereal opening and singing, followed by a single backbeat. “Bittersuite” is about not wanting to fall in love. Halfway through the song the pace of the sound completely changes giving a more calm feeling similar to another one of Eilishes songs, “Ilomilo.” It might be a sister song elaborating on her past self. Eilish wants to show that love is great but it can also be sad, such as “bittersuite” is named but it’s “suite” because it calls back to being in a hotel and memories she might have created in a suite. Ending the song is the tune of “True blue” to lead into the next song but a synthetic version which perfectly leads to the intro of, “BLUE.”


Or also known as “True Blue” an unreleased song Eilish played at concerts a couple of times. The first part of the song is “True Blue” with different changes throughout. As the song goes on it transforms into a completely different song and vibe altogether. Almost like the past is transforming into something from the future. The first part of the song is good, but it is disappointing that she couldn’t release the original. But it does show a different side to Eilish and shows her development. It isn’t a favorite but it still is worth listening to. 

What are seniors doing for their last summer before college?

As the final days of high school come to an end, seniors are preparing for an exciting summer, making every day count and taking all of their last memories in. During this summer, seniors experience many different emotions as they transition from graduating high school to the next chapter of their life.

Adventure and Travel 

For many students, this summer is a perfect opportunity to explore new destinations and travel the world. 

Nara Dietrich, senior, dives into her journey ahead. “I’m going to be traveling with my family. First, I’m going to Korea, and I am staying there for two weeks. My brother, sister in law and my little baby niece are all meeting my mom and I there. I’m so excited to get closer to my family as well as get to know my culture more. I haven’t been to Korea since I was a little baby so I don’t remember anything, but I am excited to explore,” said Dietrich. 

Jackson Scofield, senior, is also traveling out of the country and excited for his adventures. “I’m going to England for a week to see my family, and we have a bunch of things planned then I’m going to Scotland for a few days to play at St. Andrew’s which is like the nicest course in the world,”  said Scofield. 

“My friends and I are driving down to Florida to explore the ocean and the casino and going to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun,” said John Dooley, senior. 

Many seniors have plans to travel around the world for their last summer vacation before they embark on their future. 

Balancing Fun and Responsibility 

With a big future ahead, over summer seniors attempt to find a balance between working, learning new skills, and enjoying their time with friends. Katie Stewart, senior, is a perfect example of this. 

“Over the summer, I will be working at Voda, a boutique in North Hills. I love working at Voda because it is going to give me the experience I need for college when I major in Fashion and Textile Management and NC State University in the Spring. I am also going to use this time to hang out with my friends before they go out of state and leave me stranded. I hope to take in these last memories with my friends and plan fun trips,” said Stewart. 

¨This summer I am taking one summer class, working at a restaurant in North Hills, and traveling with friends and family. I will be taking an online English class at Wake Tech in hopes to put myself a little forward in my credits. Between online classes and AP classes, I am hoping to not have four full years of college. It is still important to me that I spend time with my family and friends and create memories in my last summer before college,” said Sydney Cecil, senior. 

Jackson also plans on going to the gym, fishing, and playing lots of golf and poker with his friends to get ready for my first semester at ECU. He shows a great example of a fun-filled summer but also focusing on his bright future to play golf at the Division I level at East Carolina University. 

To Bittersweet Beginnings 

Moving away from home, going off to college, or other future plans comes with leaving family and friends. Students are excited about the change but going to miss the people who feel like home. 

“Even though I’ll be close to home, I want to spend a lot of time with my close friends and family before going off to NC State. I will be spending this time with them in Topsail Beach and in Wilmington, and maybe even some out-of-state trips,” said Emma Provo, senior. 

As the last days of high school are around the corner, seniors are planning their perfect summer and learning the balance between adventures, fun, responsibility and preparation as adulthood begins. 

What will we do without TikTok?


TikTok, formerly known as Music.ly, is an extremely popular source of entertainment since July 2015. This app is recognized for short snippets, dance challenges, and lip-syncing. 

But, what would happen if this app was suddenly gone? How would this affect our lives? This could become a reality in the U.S.

The company that owns the app has an ultimatum by U.S. officials to either sell the app or the app will be banned. The company has nine months to do so or the app will be banned in the U.S..

Without the entertainment of TikTok, teens will likely seek entertainment on other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

TikTok has appealed to many users due to the short videos which don’t require a long amount of time or attention. This app has a feature called the for-you page which is a curated feed of videos of people you might not follow.

Based on past videos that you’ve liked the algorithm thinks you will enjoy the ones that come up on the for-you page.

Instagram has a feature that is somewhat like TikTok called Instagram Reels, which are short videos. Snapchat has a similar feature called Spotlight which has short snippets and random thirst traps. There are other platforms that have this similar for short reels like Facebook reels and YouTube shorts.

“I would say I spend a good amount of time on my phone and most of that time is spent on  TikTok or Snapchat. I think I would be fine without TikTok because there are other apps I can use,” said Olivia Duford, sophomore.

Instead of spending most of you’re time on this app you can interact with other things. Teens may watch TV and movies instead of scrolling through TikTok. Without being distracted by TikTok teens might binge-watch their favorite shows or discover new ones.

“Most of the time when my TV is playing a show. I’m not watching it — I’m just on my phone doing other things or scrolling on Instagram or TikTok,” said Issac Rivas, freshman.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Those who use the app will be forced to spend time discovering other hobbies like making crafts, hanging out with friends, or just chilling without technology. 

Opening a book may be the last result, but instead of being on a screen you could go to your nearest library and check out a book.

While there are many benefits to living without this app, there are downsides as well. Some teens use TikTok to show their talents, make friends, or even make money. 

TikTok is very useful for the music industry. Many songs became famous or trendy because of TikTok. Songs like “Boys a Liar”, “Ick”, and “Deli” may not be as popular without this platform.

Without the platform, it will be harder for new up-and-coming artists to acquire recognition and for teens to find new music to listen to. 

While other platforms have different settings for finding new music, the sounds that are stuck in our heads come from TikTok.

In the end, there are benefits and downsides to this app. With the upcoming ban of this app your time can be spent on other things like hobbies, schoolwork, etc.

Review of Take a Bite Song by Beabadoobea

Beabadoobea or also known as Beatrice(Bea) Laus was born in the Philippines with her family but her parents moved her to the United Kingdom at the early age of three. Bea wanted to become a preschool teacher and started releasing music in 2017.

Her most viral song, “death bed (coffee for your head)” released in 2020 took off on TikTok and social media catapulting her into fame. Additionally Beabadoobea supported Taylor Swift on the Eras tour allowing her to catch more attention. 

My favorite album of Bea’s is her 2020, Fake It Flowers album. It is a great album filled with alternative music. On different social media, Bea has been sharing snippets of her new song. She finally released it on May 9, 2024 her first single since 2023. Listen to “Take a Bite” here on Spotify

I can say that at first I was in love with the song snippet, but I was also disappointed because I felt like Bea released and let go of too much of her song before it was released. 

For example, the day before she decided to release the lyrics of “Take a Bite” through an automated Instagram DM on April 26, 2024, from her Instagram @radvxz. I was disappointed because I like the surprise of the music. I like exploring it on my own, but I felt less compelled to get excited because of the advanced prerelease. 

Because of the fact above, I felt like I had already listened to the song, so when it did release I felt I had already heard it. Overall — though the song is pretty decent — I would rate it a 8 out of 10. It has a catchy melody and catchy lyrics. Ultimately, it is a love song, but it also is a confession that acknowledges that you are the problem. The only issue about this song is the “take a bite” lyric as It confuses me. Taking a bite of what? Want to do what all over again? I assume that’s also about a relationship but I can’t connect to it emotionally. 

Other than the confusing lyrics I do enjoy listening to “Take a Bite, “ it feels like a good song to listen to in a situationship or heartbreak with the windows down in the car. Additionally with the release of her song “Beabadoobea” announced her next upcoming album, This is How Tomorrow Moves. If I enjoy her upcoming third studio album, then I might just review that too.

Wake County should convert to a four day school week

Many students complain after many full weeks of school — Monday through Friday — in a row without any teacher workdays or holidays, but if the county adopted a 4 day week, students would likely have a much nicer outlook on school.

Pros and Cons

“Proponents of a four-day school week argue that it offers several benefits, including cost savings, improved student attendance and increased teacher morale. By reducing the number of school days, schools can save money on transportation, food and energy costs,” wrote the National Conference of State Legislatures.

With a longer weekend, students would also be able to sleep more, as “without enough sleep, children and teens can have problems with attention, memory, and problem-solving. Sleep deprivation can also contribute to emotional issues and behavior problems that may affect academic achievement,” wrote the Sleep Foundation.

However, a 4-day week doesn’t only benefit students.

“A four-day school week can [also] help to boost teacher morale. With an extra day to plan lessons, grade assignments and attend professional development opportunities, teachers can feel more prepared and engaged in their work. This can lead to better job satisfaction, which can translate into better classroom performance,” said NCSL.

There are some downsides.

If Wake County takes up a 4-day week, the length of the school day would increase, as 1025 instruction hours are required for students each year. “Longer school days can be difficult for students, especially those in elementary grades”(NCSL).

In North Carolina, this would mean the school year would have to go from 185 days to 257 days (1025/4=256.25). If the school day was to be extended, it would be 8 hours and 45 minutes as opposed to the 7 hours that are in place now (7*5=35 35/4=8.75).

The research

While not many places have adopted a 4 day school week, studies were performed on the schools that have, and “the results are mixed; one study of students in Colorado showed a statistically significant improvement in math scores among students on a four-day schedule, while a similar study found no significant differences in student performance”(NCSL).

The conference has done studies not only on performance, but also on student health and morale. According to the NCSL, “The report highlights positive qualitative findings, such as improvements in student attendance, behavioral and emotional well-being, and school climate. But it also indicates when there was no difference in quantitative data, including in the areas of sleep, fatigue and student achievement.”

Now the data may seem counterintuitive because there were no improvements in sleep, even when students had an extra day off, but they are only looking at a small sample out of the whole country.

Another study performed in Oklahoma also found that “Oklahoma high schools saw less fighting and bullying among students after switching from a five-day-a-week schedule to a four-day schedule, this study finds. Fighting declined by 0.79 incidents per 100 students and bullying dropped by 0.65 incidents per 100 students”(The Journalist’s Resource).

To put those numbers into perspective, the incidents of fighting and bullying in these schools were both less than one person out of one hundred people.

Everybody involved would benefit greatly from a 4-day week on many levels, and it could very well be the future of schooling in the United States.

Guitar Club Kara-rock-ee performance

Throughout the year, the guitar club has done multiple performances, but this one is different in the way that anyone who wants to sink can go up and sing in a karaoke like fashion.

The club played songs such as “Are you gonna go my way?”, “Life is a Highway”, “Last Night”, and “Inside Out”.

As lunch progressed, students gathered around the Murphy Circle, where the event takes place.

Ericson Jones, senior, said, “[It was] very cool! They were shredding!”

Mioha Needham, sophomore, was one of the students who stepped up to the plate to sing along with the club. “It’s fun to showcase my abilities that many people don’t know about. It’s something I enjoy doing, and I think more people should put themselves out there to have fun.”

It seems like the guitar club intends on continuing this tradition throughout the years to come, and it is positively received. Needham said, “I love seeing the school add more fun.”

The club puts posters up around the school advertising these events a few weeks before they actually happen, and everyone is welcome to come by, watch, and have a good time.