• September 19, 2019

What’s The Difference Between Fans Of College and Pro Football?

This past weekend, on September 8-9, I had the opportunity to go on an intense football weekend with my father and his friends. On the night of September 8 (Saturday),

Justin Williams stepping away for the 2020 season

The 2020 season is around the corner, and Carolina Hurricanes fans are already buying new gear and season tickets, and getting ready to see their favorite team back on the

Surprise! Vaping is bad for you!

Originally created to be a way for smokers to wean off cigarettes, teens discovered the nicotine- filled juice of vapes and became hooked. Vaping drew teens in with fun flavors,

Are Finals Fair?

High school students prepare for finals in many different ways. Some create flash cards, highlight important information and review their notes. Others might choose to avoid studying and skip reviewing

Advertising Impact

Whether you realize it or not, someone is always trying to sell you something. Every day you will see approximately 5000 advertisements. With a large volume of advertisements being presented

ASMR: Brain Tingles

One of the most debated topics about high school is the stress that it brings to students. Whether the stress is coming from a difficult class, overwhelment of daily activities,