Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Anniversary Page

Dear Leesville students, teachers, parents, alumni, and community:

In celebration of the opening of Leesville 25 years ago, the staff of Leesville’s Mycenaean has compiled a collection of stories detailing the progression of  Leesville Road High School from it’s opening in 1993 to now. If you are an alumni or partook in the creation of Leesville over the years, feel free to contact the LRHS Newspaper advisor Eric Broer at  with any information you have. We hope you enjoy this throwback into the history of Leesville!

The staff of the Mycenaean


The History of Clubs at Leesville

Best Movies of 1993-94

2001 Basketball State Championship

History of the Painted Ceiling Tile Tradition in Spanish Classes

11 Years of the Senior Wall

Senior Crown Tradition

“It was definitely a unique experience going to Leesville on its first year…It was a big adjustment for everyone, but it was a very positive & hopeful vibe, and we were lucky to have the late Mr. Murphy, our first principal at the helm because he was a really good guy! I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! Wow, time flies!”

-Dan Dresnok, Staff Writer for the Mycenaean, Class of 1994-95’–via Facebook message

LRHS Alumni Spotlights:

The Keel Family

Geoffrey Graybeal-LRHS student from 1993-1997

Braxton Berrios-LRHS student-athlete from 2010-2014

Carson Ellerby-LRHS student-athlete from 2010-2014


Spotify Playlist with hits from 1993-94