5 things you can do to build your college resume

Alexis, junior, informing herself about taking college classes at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh to build her college resume. (Photo courtesy of Elsa Hermann)

High School is all about educating students but also preparing them for their future life. It is supposed to guide students along the way and help them figure out their interests and knowledge in different fields. 

The goal is that students have it easier after the 4 years of high school to decide what they want to do once they graduate. 

Going to college is a common interest and something a lot of students try to achieve. In order to apply for university, students start early in high school to prepare and fill their resumes.  

Getting a scholarship or financial support sounds tempting to a lot of people since college costs are often really high. Therefore, many factors, such as a good CV or resume, play into the decisions colleges make about their students’ enrollment.

Standardized test scores or GPAs are also important for the consideration of applicants. In order to feel confident and ready for college, here are some tips below about how to build your college resume for a successful application process. 

  1. Extracurriculars

When thinking about college applications, a lot of students consider participating in extracurriculars. It is not only a fun activity inside the school life that connects the students, but also looks very good on the future resume. 

Ashley Stanziale, sophomore, is part of the Leesville JV cheer team and uses that as an opportunity to learn life skills for college. “I think it is a good way to get together with all kinds of people and it prepares me to work with different groups.” 

  1. Prepare for the SAT or ACT

Standardized testing, like the SAT and ACT are often part of the key requirements for college applications. Roughly 1.3 million students in the US took the ACT last year, and about 1.9 million students took the SAT during their high school career. 

Students usually take these tests in their junior year of high school which gives them the first two years to prepare for them. In sophomore year, there are practice and pre-SAT/ACT options. 

Since the outcome of the tests is fundamental and a basis for a successful college resume, it is crucial to spend time and effort preparing for it. 

  1. Wake Tech classes

Leesville students have the opportunity to enroll in Wake Tech classes through the Dual Enrollment or College Career Promise program and can participate in these while still in high school. That is a common and effective way to add on to the college resume and gain experience for their future lives. 

Alexis Cook, junior, shares the opinion that taking a college class is a great opportunity for students. “You get to experience the college environment while still being in high school and the GPA boost is always nice,” said Cook. She is enrolled in a college class at the Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh.

Cook can tell from experience, what possibilities there are to make a good college application: “I’m taking college classes right now, I’m working part-time, and also looking for an internship over the summer. I am a part of the National English Honor Society, National Achievers Society, Student Council, and many more fun clubs!”

  1. Internship

Taking part in an internship is another great activity to add to a college resume. However, it is not only that, but also a chance for students to experience the real work-life first-hand and get a sneak peak into different jobs. 

This can open the students’ minds and views while being part of a job of their choice. That can help students to gain more knowledge and assist them when determining their college major and the direction they want to go. 

  1. Volunteer

Lastly, students can volunteer at different places. A popular job that a lot of students do during the summer is being a camp counselor. 

Depending on the student’s interest, there are many volunteer offers they can apply for. Whether it is a camp with kids or a farm with animals, there are always places in need of some help and young assistance. 

Gaining experience and knowledge while working as a volunteer looks great on the college resume again. Volunteering especially shows the students’ engagement and will to help out and learn new skills. 


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