Clash Royale Overview

Clash Royale is a popular mobile game that took storm upon its release in 2016. Since then, the app has been rising to become one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Miller)

Clash Royale is a mobile game known for its strategic playstyle and competitive feel.

Clash Royale first released in 2016 and has nearly 600 million downloads across all mobile devices.

The concept of the game is a one versus one matchup where the goal is to destroy the other player’s tower(s). The winner is the player who earns the most crowns for destroying the opponent’s tower(s) within the time limit.

To attack the towers, players use cards from a deck they make. Each player has 8 cards, and each card has a different purpose or ability. The types of cards to choose from include the following: spell, air defense, win condition, building, and cycle.

It’s up to the players to assemble a deck that will be best for them to win.

Party Modes

Clash Royale has a variety of gamemodes to entertain their fan base.

Each game mode is custom made with their own twists and surprises to change the gameplay style.

Some examples of party modes include:

  • Lumberjack Rush
  • Draft
  • Triple Draft
  • Wall Breakers Party
  • Triple Elixir
  • Sudden Death

The Lumberjack Rush mode has the lumberjack card placed in the back of each player’s towers, and the field is raged. When the field is raged, all the cards move faster.

The Draft mode has each player draft 8 cards for their deck. They have two options, and the card that one player does not choose is given to the opposing player.

Triple Draft mode is similar to draft, but instead of two options they have three. The cards not chosen are discarded.

Wall Breakers Party mode has two wall breakers placed in the back of each player’s tower and doubles the amount of them as time goes on.

Triple Elixir mode is when the elixir count is at three times speed for the entirety of the game.

Sudden Death mode is when a player only needs to take out one tower to win.

“My favorite gamemode is Triple Draft because it’s exciting to never know what my deck is going to be,” said Brody Overton, sophomore and Clash Royale fan.


Clash Royale is constantly having events to engage users into playing to obtain new cosmetics, or resources needed to improve their cards.

They currently have four different events that are set randomly at any time.

All events last for a week, and the rewards are distributed once it’s finished.

The events currently in the game include:

  • Gold Rush
  • Gem Rush
  • Crown Rush
  • Slash Royale

Gold Rush is an event that multiplies the amount of gold earned from each match. This allows players to gain enough gold to upgrade their cards.

Gem Rush is an event that allows players to gain gems efficiently. They are rewarded after a win and the amount is randomized.

Crown Royale is an event where crowns are doubled for players to earn rewards from the clash pass.

Slash Royale is an event when all the card upgrade costs are cut in half.

“I like Slash Royale because it helps me upgrade all my cards with less resources needed,” Brooks Bednaz, sophomore and Clash Royale fan

Challenges and Tournaments

Clash Royale has weekly challenges available for users to earn rewards such as resources and cosmetics.

Each challenge is new and has different awards available.

Some challenges have unlimited attempts, and others have only a strike system for every loss acquired. And once a player obtains three losses, then they can’t play in the challenge anymore.

Tournaments are hosted monthly with a different gamemode selected each time. With every win in a tournament player(s) get a reward. But once they lose five times, they can’t continue playing.

“Participating in challenges and events keeps me engaged because I love the change in game modes and prizes I can get,” said Overton.

Clash Royale continues to grow in popularity and provide new content for their users to enjoy.


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