Ms. Kaur Teacher Highlight


At Leesville, staff have lots of pride in students’ personal education. Creating a comfortable but focused learning environment is something teachers work towards every day. 

As stated in the school’s Mission, the goal is to “provide students with a safe, supportive, engaging environment conducive to learning.”

One of the recently hired teachers is Ms. Kaur, a Civic literacy and American history teacher. She engages students in learning activities while also making them feel comfortable and in a relaxed environment. If you walk into her room, it will feel happy and buzzing with energy, an extremely important variable in helping students have a successful classroom experience.

Ms. Kaur said, on her goals in the classroom: “In my first year of teaching, I am trying to build relationships with my students and try to make them feel like this (her room) is their space. My teaching is their future, so I let them feel comfortable in talking to me about any issues they may have.”

Sam Polansky, a sophomore in her Civic Literacy class, said, “I really like her teaching, it makes me feel like I have a home in room 123.”

Ms. Kaur’s foundation started when she graduated from Boston University, a very prestigious and difficult school to get into. She showcases her knowledge in the way she presents information to students, and how well she relates and understands students’ personal needs. 

Though she is a laid back and kind-hearted teacher, she is still able to be serious and punctuate what is important and what needs to be done by students.

There is a bright future at Leesville regarding new teaching talent and Ms. Kaur is just one of the new teachers at this amazing school.


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