Effects of Online School on Students


With a new surge of COVID cases, chances of returning to online school are high. Students have reacted to this news in many different ways. The main reactions are either joy or dread. 

First is those who enjoyed online school. While the system students had to use was not perfect, the schedule was refreshing. Students had forty to an hour of class time, followed by an hour of work time. Work could be completed and allow students to have a down time before the next class. 

Online school also helped students focus and learn better. Teachers used more interactive videos and websites to help students learn better. If a student did not understand the material, they could look up and research the topic. Online school has reportedly overall increased student learning. “I enjoyed it,” said Braden King, a junior at Leesville.

But some teachers and students have disagreed with online learning. Online school does have disadvantages to in person learning. One big complaint from teachers was the lack of connection between them and their students. 

Students also could not connect with their friends. For some students, school is the only time they can really see each other, so going online also cuts that connection. This can lead to many mental issues for some students. Issues like depression and anxiety were common for some students.

This split in students depends on multiple factors. A common theory is that more outgoing and extroverted students want to remain in school, while quiet and introverted students prefer online. Students’ home lives also have an influence. 

Whether students have to go back to online school is still up in the air. But this divide between students will probably never change. Some students enjoy online classes and some do not.


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