Are School Lockdown Drills Effective


Lockdown drills are performed twice a year per school in Wake County. These drills have the intention of teaching kids to be safe at school when an intruder is in the building. 

But are these drills truly effective in teaching students to be safe during a lockdown? 

Normally in a school lockdown drill, students all hide in a corner, lock the door, turn off the lights and shut the windows. The problem is many students are not very quiet and often whisper or talk. Also, many students don’t really hide in effective places and just sit out in the open.

If students don’t take the drills seriously, should we even have them at all? Gretchen Stern believes that we should not stop with drills but that, “We need to put more emphasis on making the lockdown drills more effective.”

She also believes that school lockdown drills are more effective when students treat it like a real lockdown. This means no using phones, talking, or sitting in a bad spot. School lockdown drills are not entirely effective and they could be much better. 

Perhaps if students practice lockdown drills the correct way, Leesville will be safe in the case of a real lockdown.


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