What does Google Reviews Say About Leesville?


Many members of the Leesville community have been using Google reviews to voice their opinions on the school. These reviews include positive words about a teacher, highly critical reviews of the block schedule or cafeteria, or accuse the school of being a ponzi scheme.

Jared Dix left a more positive review. “Prepared me well for a competitive local university… Great arts and athletics programs… Personal, thoughtful administration,” said Dix. 

Marquez Johnson said, “The only good reviews are from teachers who are not here any more or students who think that a toilet of a school is good.” This comment is similar to other ultra-negative 1-star reviews.

Jenna R made a criticism on block scheduling “Bad school. I HATE BLOCK SCHEDULING! BAD TEACHERS! JUST NO,” said Jenna R. 

Eddie Tosato also made a similar comment. “Block schedule is an ineffective way to teach. Buses arrive late. Students constantly do drugs and drink alcohol on campus. Teachers are nice.” 

There are quite a few block schedule criticisms.

And finally, there are funny reviews like Ryan Scott’s —  “Possibly the single worst magic quest location I have ever been to.”

The Meaning of the Reviews

What do these reviews mean though? Do they truly encapsulate what Leesville students truly think about our school or are they just embellishments?

Once you compile the data together, there are 13 positive reviews, 8 negative reviews, and 5 strange reviews.


Half of all reviewers like our school while the other half have nothing positive to say. Does this reflect on the school’s true opinion? To answer this question I asked students to rate the school on a scale of one to five. 

Student’s Opinion of The School               

I asked 28 students to rate the school from 1 to 5 stars.

The most common answer was 3 stars which were 35.7% of the reviews. Students were also 7.1% more likely to vote negative. The rating most likely to appear 3 stars is similar to the average rating for our school which is a 3.2-star rating.

This shows that the opinion of the students at school is similar to the online reviews. Some overly positive or negative and a lot of 3-star ratings.


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