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Justin Bieber’s “Justice” is finally here!



Justin Bieber released his album called “Justice” today. On Instagram, Bieber says his goal in creating this album was to “make music that will provide comfort.” He seems to have reached this goal, as his album was quick to reach the top of the charts. 





My Lil happy family💕#fyp #dog #family

♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner


Dogs have taken over Tik Tok with #PleaseDon’tGo. Dog owners are rolling down their windows and playing Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner. They dress their dog in a scarf and sunglasses and record it on Tik Tok. The best part — dogs seem to enjoy it just as much as the owners.


Elementary Nostalgia



Twitter took a trip down memory lane, with some obscure yet shared memories from elementary school. From wooden spoons to scooters, take a trip through the past with a plethora of images that are sure to spark some memories.


Addison Can Sing?



Addison Rae released a new song “Obsession”, adding to the growing list of TikTokers pursuing a music career. There are many mixed reactions across social media, but overall, nobody feels too great about it.


We All Fall



Biden was caught tripping up the stairs to his plane on a particularly windy day. It was funny for some people, but others thought considering the incident news was ridiculous.


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