Quick Bites

Contributors: Lyric Chassin and Lauren Taylor

Coconut Mall Reimagined


On TikTok, @coconut_mall_guy  posts different tempos of him playing the Coconut Mall theme song, the MarioKart song from racing on the Coconut Mall track, on the piano. Viewers tuned in to watch how fast he could play and gained satisfaction by watching him speed up everyday.

Harry Styles “Claps Back”


After receiving hate for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue Magazine, Harry took to Instagram to share a photo taken for Variety Magazine with the caption: “Bring back manly men.” The picture features Styles eating a banana in a blue ensemble, letting all of the haters know just how little he cares for their opinion.

Secret Life of Teachers


“Summers Off” comics are created by Mojo Rose, a teacher and artist who loves to capture the more awkward sides of teaching in and outside of the classroom. She also draws “Single Serving” comics all of which are unique one off ideas. You can find all of her comics and drawings here on the Mojo Rose website. 

The Vacuum of Doom 


If you have ever wondered why your dog runs from the vacuum Magnus the labrador has the answer. When he is not running from the “va-koom” he is working as a therapy dog for his handler Brian Benson, and even helping his owner workout like in this video where he holds Benson’s knees and gives him high fives in between pushups.


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