As fall is beginning, it is good to start planning what activities you want to do. Here are some fun ideas. (Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba at unsplash.com)

Tuesday September 22 marks the first day of fall. This season will be here until winter begins December 21. 

As autumn sneaks in, so does everything pumpkin. Visit your local coffee shops like Sola and NoRa to sip on the fall flavors. 

Sola is only seating outside, so bring a cozy jacket and buy a hot pumpkin spice latte. NoRa is open for inside seating, so people can go there to hangout with a friend or to get homework done, while trying one of their fall drinks. 

For the people who love to take pictures, this is the perfect pastime. There’s a new trend going around on TikTok where you dress up as a ghost and have a photoshoot. For this trend, people buy a cheap white sheet and cut out holes for eyes. Then they run around under the costume and have a photoshoot, posting the results on TikTok

For the Nature Lovers

The leaves will change colors soon, making the outdoors a beautiful scenery. If you’re an outdoorsy person–or if you’re not but want to try something new–go hiking. Some great trails with wonderful sights are Umstead State Park, Lake Crabtree County Park, Lake Johnson, Neuse River Greenway Trail, and Lake Lynn.

When there are enough leaves covering the ground, it’s fun to grab a rake, rake the leaves into a pile, and then jump into the pile of colorful leaves. If you used to do this when you were little, it will give you nostalgia.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. A nice venture is to go to a pumpkin patch, take pictures, and pick a pumpkin or two. All too familiar with picking out pumpkins? Pumpkin-spice it up: Buy the tiniest one you can find, a different color (white, green, etc), or the ugliest one at the patch. Once you have picked out your pumpkin, carve or paint it.

Gather the Monsters!

If you like scary movies, this is the perfect activity for you: The Raleigh Road Drive-in-in has scary drive-in movies for fall. If you decide to see a movie, you will need to buy tickets ahead of time. You don’t have to sit in your car, you’re allowed to bring camping chairs and set them next to your car.

A good venture for when it becomes chilly is to go outside and have a bonfire: Roast marshmallows, eat s’mores, or if someone plays the guitar, you can all sing around the fire– super cheesy, but would be a night to remember.

For the foodies out there, it’s fun to experiment with baking from scratch. Find a recipe on Pinterest and see if you can change it up to create something of your own: For example, if you find a banana bread recipe, try adding cinnamon apples to it. Changing up recipes can turn out better or turn out awful, but the point is to have fun! 

If you’re looking for some autumn-spirited relaxation, read a Halloween book. Harry Potter is a great series to start reading near Halloween  because it is a well-written fiction universe of magic and mayhem. Start reading the series, drink warm apple cider, curl up on a couch, and enjoy a low-key afternoon.

There’s so many fall-tivities, so don’t just waste the season away. Go have fun!


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