• April 3, 2020

Louis Tomlinson’s <i>Walls </Album Review

Four years since the band One Direction began their ‘18 month’ hiatus, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson released his first solo album, Walls.  The long awaited album dropped on January 31. 

COVID-19 impacts on juniors

College Board canceled the March 14 and May 2 SAT tests nationwide. They haven’t announced when the tests’ makeup days are. They’re considering adding an international SAT administration later this

North Carolina Animal Sanctuaries

 Image is of a ring-tailed lemur, available to see at the Duke Lemur Center. (Photo in public domain) North Carolina has only a few protection laws for exotic animals. Some

The FY2020 Cap

1911 photo of immigrants coming to the mainland US from Ellis Island. (photo from flickr photographer unknown)  There has been lots of controversy over the new FY2020 refugee cap which