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Raleigh Parks and Recreation is an awesome company to work for in your adolescence. To work for money is one thing, but to work and earn money while having fun is special. (Photo courtesy of Cierra Short)

For teens in high school money can be essential. The need for money in your adolescence comes from what you prioritize as needs and wants. In the millennial generation money is spent as if it automatically grows back on trees; from allowances to birthday money, the cash always finds a way to dwindle away.

Whether you are a teen in need of money, or your a teen wanting to just save up some cash for a rainy day, there are tons of opportunities to earn. In the city, Raleigh has many  job opportunities, but jobs that fit a full time high school students schedule may be difficult to find. Often times high school students don’t obtain jobs because of the fear of interference with their prior commitments such as school work, clubs, sports, or participation in outside organizations.

Many stereotypical jobs for teens such as fast food franchises like McDonalds pay minimum wage, and nannying the same set of kids may become relentless. But what if there was a job way more exciting as well as geared to your full time student schedule?

As a sophomore in high school, I had the same concern to earn money but still be committed to my schooling. Through the several trial and errors of searching I’ve finally found one that’s worthy enough to share.

Presently, I work as a before and after school counselor for Parks and Recreation through the city of Raleigh, a government job. As you may be thinking, this position is much like working for the YMCA, but I must say the two are very different.

As a counselor, I am responsible for leading participants in our program in fun activities as well as guiding them through the criteria of the day. Raleigh Parks and Rec. offers more freedom to its staff than the YMCA and pays nine dollars an hour versus the YMCA’S $7.25. Even when I go off to college, I will be able to work when I come back home for breaks. The opportunity to work summer camp for Parks and Rec. is also available, too.

In my current position, I have been able to inspire the participants as they inspire me. I have never seen myself as one to like kids, but as I’ve worked with them, I would now call it a passion and pleasure. You never know what it truly takes to inspire others until one inspires you.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a job working with youth, click the link below to find out more information to see if it may be the right fit for you.

Click Here


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