Doodle Google Contest

Scholarships can be a pain, but the Google Doodle Contest is fun and creative. Captured is my doodle for the contest. (Photo courtesy of Cierra Short)

Seniors across the nation are in tremendous competition to earn money for college. Whether the funding comes through an athletic, academic, or outside scholarship, every bit counts. Students in today’s generation want to stay as far as they can from student debt to avoid mistakes to take out loads of student loans.

Particularly for myself I find oftentimes that outside scholarships for programs are tough to find. Many times I run into illegitimate websites, or websites that call for circumstances I may not be able to provide.

Here at Leesville Road High School scholarship bulletins are given to senior students each month. These scholarship opportunities are legitimate and come with an abundance of opportunity, but what about a scholarship that allows you to creatively drawn outside the box?

In my research for outside scholarships, I have learned about a fun scholarship opportunity that seniors should know about — the Google Doodle Contest! If you have ever used Google as a search engine, you should be familiar with the different themes created for the brand name. For example, on January 29, Google revolved a cartoon-themed image of Brenda Lee for the search engine dedicated to her birthday.

Now, Google is giving students across the nation the opportunity to earn money by creating their own doodles for the search engine. When creating my own,I found it fun and unstressful, unlike other scholarship applications that call for essays and volunteer hours.

The national winner’s doodle on the google website, as well as receiving a $30,000 scholarship and other fun Google gifts. Although students from across the nation are competing in the contest, there will be four national finalists that win 5,000 dollars in scholarship money. To learn more about this fun and creative way to get a chance at winning scholarship money, click the link below.


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