The 2018 NC State Fair Opening Day–Students React

Interviewee, Lorena Rivera, snaps a photo of her view at the NC State Fair as the sunsets. (photo courtesy of Lorena Rivera)

On October 12, the annual NC State Fair had its big opening day, originally supposed to be Thursday, the 11. Due to weather conditions caused by Hurricane Michael, Kent Yelverton (NC State Fair manager) announced that the fair opening day will be pushed back one day.

Many students were disappointed to hear Yelverton’s news. However, they were overjoyed with the results of their time spent at the fair on opening day. “My personal experience at the fair this year was amazing. I got to go with my best friends and family and we had such a great time,” said Alix Wilson—a freshman at Leesville Road High School.

Crowding and long lines are always a pressing issue at the state fair, which is understandable with the thousands of people in attendance. On opening day, there was a whopping 73,328 people in attendance, according to the NC State Fair website. Students, however, say that their experience was not dimmed by state fair crowding or lines. “The flow of crowding didn’t seem as bad [this year] due to how fast lines were moving,” said Lorena Rivera—a sophomore at Leesville High.

Without a doubt, One of the biggest hits at the fair every year is the famous State Fair food. “As far as fair food, you can never go wrong,” said Wilson. Ranging from delicious caramel apples to, soft salty pretzels to, fried oreos, people rally at the fair for the wide variety of food provided.

This year the fair has introduced some new food choices, including: the Arepa burger, rolled ice cream, shrimp tacos, and much more for attendees to enjoy. Maggie Salisbury, a sophomore at Leesville High, said “I didn’t have any interesting food because I was so afraid I was going to throw up on a ride.” While both, Rivera and Wilson recommend funnel cake, roasted corn, and fried Oreos.

This year the State Fair did not come with any new rides, but the amount of thrill that comes with the old ones has not changed. “My personal favorite was the ‘F5’. It spins a little but it goes high enough to where ur stomach drops and you feel that intensity throughout your body,” said Wilson. Rivera thinks the best rides are the Zipper and Freebird, while Salisbury’s favorite ride was the Drop Zone.

Although the food and variety of rides are the most popular at the fair, the fair also provides a wide range of attractions. There is the antique farm machinery, the field of dreams, the folk festival, etc. Which are new to the fair year. All attractions are open throughout the day at the State Fair.

The NC State Fair is always a long awaited fall festivity for teens and their families. The fair will closed on October 21. Grab your family or some friends, and join in on the fair fun when it comes back to NC next year.


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