Dylan Reeves Football Journey

Dylan Reeves on the sidelines. In the background shown is the liveliness of the game and students. (Photo used by permission of Dylan Reeves)

Football is a game of passion, hard work, and pure dedication. Dylan Reeves, a senior at Leesville Road High School, has been displaying these characteristics since he first started playing the game in the second grade.

Reeves began his football journey when his parents first placed him in Parks and Recreation league. “I didn’t actually like it at first, but then as I kept playing I grew and grew and became passionate about the sport,” said Reeves.

Through the years, Reeves has played many positions, but as a member of the Leesville Road High School football team he currently plays defensive end and tight end.

“I like defensive end because being on the D-line you don’t really have to know much unlike the corners, safeties,and the linebackers who have to know coverage. We just have one job which is to get the person who has the ball,” said Reeves. Being on D-line for Reeves gives him loads of opportunities for making a big play.

These opportunities have allowed Reeves to score exclusively without being as fast as most receivers.During the Millbrook versus Leesville homecoming game Reeves aggressively pursued a loose ball and was able to recover the fumble, securing the touch down in the end zone.

Outside of the limelight football brings, Reeves feels as though it is his “go to”. Football presents positives to his life that other activities normally don’t do. “When I need free space or when I need to let my anger out, football is there. I also feel that football makes my parents proud knowing that their son is accomplishing something, while also keeping me in shape as well,” said Reeves.

Football is a therapeutic gesture that often relieves the everyday stress that life brings.

Reeves has accomplished many goals while playing for Leesvilles football team, but he potentially intends to pursue a football career in college with all his interest. “This year I was invited to play in the Blue-Grey All American Bowl game, which will be held in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in December, which is probably my biggest accomplishment so far”.

At the Blue-Grey All American Bowl game, Reeves will be able to showcase his talents against other high school football players who were also invited to the game. With this big of an opportunity, hopefully coaches and staff from across the nation will be able to recruit Reeves.

Reeves has had many accomplishments on the field but also in the classroom. For his past three years at Leesville, Reeves has been able to maintain his grades, while also able to perform well on the football field. “It gets difficult at many times with trying to maintain good grades and trying to do well in sports,” said Reeves.

He wants all student athletes to know that balancing out school work and sports life is definitely something that can be accomplished, no matter how tough it may seem. “As advice to other student athletes, I would say to stay focused. You can’t just be a one dimensional person, you gotta have both and you can’t have athletics without academics is what I’ve been taught by my parents”, said Reeves. It is very important to have balance especially as a young adult athlete.

While excelling athletically and academically, Reeves also excels in his extracurricular activities. Here at Leesville Reeves and other students are in the process of creating a new club for members of Leesville Road High school.

Reeves and other student members plan on creating a club called the Equity Committee. He and his peers want to bring equality to Leesville as much as possible. Reeves felt as though clubs and student members as a whole should be able to come together on all circumstances. “The equity committee will be a nice safe haven for people that don’t fit in. No matter who you are and what you do everyone will always be welcomed,” said Reeves.

With the Equity Committee Club in process of being started, Dylan Reeves will be sure to give more information when meetings will be held for all that are interested in attending. Reeves also encourages all young males to get involved with the sport of football. “It’s a really fun activity, there’s a little bit of everything and has a lot to offer,” said Reeves.




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