Chess Club In Action

Leesville Road High School added a new club, Chess Club, accompanied by Jonah Gronstein.Chess club will provide opportunities for people interested in the game, but don't know how to play, and competition for already skilled players.

Chess Club is a new organization to Leesville Road High School inspirited by Jonah Gronstein. Gronstein is the president of the club, trying to inspire the game of chess to our community and youth. When he learned there was no club for students to learn the game of chess at Leesville, Jonah was shocked.

Jonah has always had joy for chess. He has been playing chess competitively for two years. He competed in Asheville and also in the Triangle, hosted in downtown Raleigh. Jonah feels as though the game is a “smart sport” and a challenge anyone can partake with the mental skill.

On Thursday, September 6, Chess Club held its first meeting. With a turn out of forty people, the meeting was outstanding. The meeting consisted of information about chess in general and upcoming sessions for people who want to learn how to play the game. In addition to classroom competition, members of the chess club will also have the option to compete in tournaments outside of the classroom.

Chess Club is arranged every Friday in Mr. Moran’s room (room 125). Every other Friday informational classes about chess are held for people who do not know how to play, but are interested in learning. During these sessions there will also be opportunities for experienced players to improve their skills and compete against each other.

“Chess is a game of self control, concentration, and personality,” said Gorenstein.. He wants all students at Leesville Road High School to know that Chess Club is open to all students.

Chess club will help students learn and maintain the skills of chess while having fun.



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