Senior Crowns are back

Students display their senior crowns. Each crown shows the students unique personalities and artistic skills. (Photo used by permission of Lucy Leen)

During the week of Homecoming, Leesville Road High School students have plenty to do, especially the seniors. For them, this includes the tradition of the senior crowns. On the last day of Spirit Week, the senior crowns are finally put on display during school and at the Homecoming football game for all to see.

Prior to the week of Homecoming, senior crowns were distributed to students originally as the famously known Burger King crowns. From here, students unleash their creativity and design unique crowns that represent themselves.

There are many different ways students can decorate their crowns. From channeling in on their high school experience and covering their crown in silly pictures of their friends or all of the tardy passes they have received, to just showing off their artistic skills. No two crowns are alike.

Some students who might not have the eye for creativity and/or the time are lucky enough to have friends who will decorate for them. Yazmin Battee, senior, tackled five crowns for herself and friends. Battee uses this as a creative outlet and enjoys helping her friends out.”

It all started with my crown. I worked on it for a pretty long time. I’m pretty picky but as soon as I was done, I boasted about it to my friends and from there, my crown making business began,” said Battee.

Great ways to search for crown inspiration is on Pinterest, where various ideas, designs, symbols, and more are at the tip of your finger. Many students also recommend purchasing supplies from Michael’s, where everything imaginable can be found. Every year, flowers, feathers, and stick on crystals have been very popular on girl crowns. For the gentlemen, sports related and more simple designs can be often seen.

These crowns are not just temporary fun though. They are meaningful keepsakes that every senior looks forward to from the first day of freshman year. Seniors use these crowns as a trophy— finally leading the Pride.

Be sure to compliment the seniors on their crowns and their hard work, Friday, October 13, during school and at the homecoming football game.


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