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Where Community Service Meets Athletics

Student athletes at Leesville are constantly working to maintain grades, sports, and social lives. With such busy schedules, many find it difficult to find time to participate in the community service colleges love so much.

The Pride Players Club, founded just last year, provides a solution to the problem.

“Pride Players members are athletes at Leesville who want to make a positive impact on the school and community,” said Liz Henshall, a junior at Leesville and a member of the Pride Players Club. “[They’re] hard working, motivated, and overall good kids who are eager to help out with new service projects.”

“We conduct a service project each meeting that gives back to the community, school, and athletic department,” said Brenna Murray, a junior and a club officer. These service projects range from making dog treats with peanut butter and oatmeal for the local shelter, making “tie blankets” for children spending Christmas in the hospital, and even acts as simple as writing letters to our Pride Athletic sponsors and coaches.

“[The] Pride Players’ purpose is to give back to our community, school, and the Pride athletics supporters,” said Hannah Woody, a junior at Leesville and president of the Pride Players Club.

The club was founded by Woody and Lauren Sande, a fellow junior and athlete. “[We began this club] because we never had time to participate in community service projects due to practice and sports.So, we formed a club in order to do community service projects inside of school,” said Sande.

Although the Pride Players Club was founded just a year ago, its popularity has soared. The club was even deemed an Honors Club recently by the Executive Council. Becoming an Honors club calls for meeting the requirements of community service and receive an elevated level of recognition for said club.

The Pride Players Club claims to be different than any other club at Leesville, although they may seem like every other athletic union The way that “everyone comes together on the same team,” as Henshall said, gives the club a community atmosphere that creates bonds capable of bridging sports teams.

Josh O’Donovan, a Leesville junior and club officer, sums up the club with just one phrase.“We are combining the athletic community as a whole which creates a family environment within the club.”


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