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New Year, New Club


As the school year begins, many different clubs are making their first debut, but one is already beginning their twenty-second year here at Leesville. Spanish Club has been an integral part of the Leesville community ever since it began, and it only keeps growing.

Almost eighty people showed to the first meeting of the year in the breezeway for A Lunch on September 9, 2017.

Hannah Bruno, a senior and president of Spanish Club this year, has big plans to help improve the club. “My main goal this year is I want as many people as possible to enter the club. I know that last year we had a lot of underclassmen at the end of the year because Spanish National Honors Society is big in the Spring for the upperclassman, but you can do both. I would also like to see a lot more volunteering and helping out the community through tutoring,“ said Bruno.

Besides from the executive board, club members are excited to start the club year. Lelia Saffold, a junior, has attended Spanish Club since she was a freshman. “I think that Spanish club has become more involved over the past few years- I like the fact that we do more service projects and activities during the meetings!” said Saffold over text.

The next club meeting is on October 13 in the Breezeway. If you are interested at all about Spanish language and culture, don’t forget to join Spanish Club!


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