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Senioritis hits Leesville

Every year, without fail, a certain disease plagues the graduating class of Leesville Road High School, an illness that spreads faster than that weird flu everyone seems to be contracting. It’s tragic; it’s depressing; it’s Senioritis.

Senioritis typically kicks into high gear after March, once most students have been accepted to college. The number of seniors affected peaks in May when the weather is warm and seniors have officially committed to their school of choice. However, Senioritis can also show signs as early as September each school year. In some especially dismal cases, early onset Senioritis can even affect high school juniors.

According to statistics that the Mycenaean made up, Senioritis affects 9 out of 10 high school seniors and 1 out of 10 juniors. The illness is accompanied by an increase in fatigue, lack of desire to complete school work, increase in tardiness, and an inability to care. Students affected by the disease are left with slipping grades, judgmental looks from teachers, and parents asking “what happened?”

To make matters worse, Senioritis offers absolutely no incentive for students to become well again. It operates by pulling students away from the honor roll and AP classes and offering them a full eight hours of sleep a night, a fulfilling social life, and a stress-free final semester of high school. These “incentives” corrupt young teenage minds by showing them the dismal world of leisure.

If you or a loved one thinks they may have been affected by Senioritis you may be eligible to receive, well, nothing. But know that you are not alone in your struggle and thousands of seniors stand with you every year. We hope that you will continue to fight back against senioritis and we here at the Mycenaean will continue to report on and support those affected.


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