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Mr. Lechner: long-term sub for Ms. Cade

Mr. Lechner is one of the newest teachers at Leesville. Replacing Mrs. Cade back in early April, he has come to our rescue to...

Konrad remains number one after six semesters

Kate Konrad has held the highest GPA of the class of 2017 since freshman year. Konrad relies on her religious beliefs to get...

Wake County prepares to pull Blackboard Learn, will replace with better system

On June 30, 2016, Wake County will discontinue the use of the Blackboard Learn Virtual Learning Environment. The county will switch to a new...

No Powderpuff for Leesville Girls

In fall of 2015, Leesville girls signed up to play in the annual Powderpuff game. The game had been rescheduled and thrown to the...

AP Spanish finishes the year off with a movie night

  AP Spanish is a year long world language course at Leesville Road High School. The school year begins with Honors Spanish V in the...

Traffic in Raleigh and the United States is getting worse, and we can’t stop it

  Every year, traffic only seems to get worse. It doesn't seem like anyone can stop it. Trying to accommodate it takes so long, it...

AP Latin students make art

Following the AP Latin exam, the class of six was faced with a conundrum: what to do with the empty last two weeks? AP...

Why You Should Travel by Train This Summer, And Some Advice for Those Who Do

Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Google's Self-Driving Cars by Jonathan Spear on Exposure

In defense of standardized tests

Since I took my first EOG a distant 8 years ago to when I took the SAT back in March, the point I’ve heard...

Sleep deprivation in teens: more than just a bad case of the yawns

In an effort to fix the extremely prominent issue regarding the lack of sleep in many high school students, the American Academy of Pediatrics...

Can sticker cards help with classroom shyness?

A teacher’s role in a classroom is to teach students and make sure they understand the curriculum. A student’s role is to absorb and...

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