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Leesville’s “night among the stars”

Leesville students, adorned with formal tuxedos and elegant dresses, gathered at the Wake County Shrine Club on Saturday night, April 30. Attendees experienced a “Night Among the Stars” from 7-11 p.m.

Students enjoyed the large dance floor and intricate lighting. The DJ asked guests to tweet #LRHSprom for song suggestions, which kept everyone moving. The venue held fewer tables than last year’s prom, resulting in a full, active dance floor.

Chick-Fil-A donated chicken nuggets, chicken minis, fruit platters, cookies and drinks. Unlike other high schools, Leesville prom does not provide attendees with a formal dinner. However, students enjoyed the quick snacks provided.

Students could capture the night with Lifetouch, a professional photography service, a photo booth, or on the red carpet.

The Junior Council sold one hundred more tickets this year than for last year’s prom, totaling almost 700. The council has been planning prom since early October, with the help of Mary Katheryn Bryant and Anna Hardy, teacher advisors of the council.


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