Mrs. Cade is Expecting!

An ultrasound of Mrs. Cade’s baby taken on October 17 at 13 weeks pregnant. The baby looks healthy and will keep being monitored throughout Mrs. Cade’s pregnancy. (Photo Courtesy Sarah Cade)

Mrs. Cade, social studies teacher, soccer coach, and wife of Mr. Nick Cain is expecting a new member to her family. Although she knows the baby is 14 weeks and healthy, she wants the gender of the baby to remain a mystery.

“I have no preference whether or not it’s a boy or a girl. I really, more than anything, just want it to be a healthy baby,” said Cade.

To preserve the baby’s healthy, Cade has had several doctor’s visits.

At the Baby Wellness Center in Chapel Hill, Mrs. Sarah Cade gets blood tests and screenings to make sure the baby is healthy. She also gets frequent heart monitors, so they can listen to the baby’s heart.

In a few months, Cade will begin talking about childbirth with her doctor. “ I’m not nervous about it… the only thing that makes me nervous is if something goes wrong, with the baby, not so much being scared of the pain of childbirth,” she said.

The beloved teacher and wife says she has had three goals in her life: “Marry my best friend, which I did, become a teacher, which I did, and be a mom, which I am in the process to get there; so I feel once I have those 3 things, my life will be this well rounded thing I’ve wanted it to be.”

The entire Leesville staff and students hope Mrs. Cade and her baby will stay healthy throughout her pregnancy. The baby is expected to be born on April 25, 2016.


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