Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Two popular Leesville teachers are now enjoying their transitions to administrator.

Both Amy McGarry, former Leesville English teacher, and Jose Espinal, former art teacher, are in the midst of principal internships at other Wake County high schools. Both are also finding that the teaching skills they learned at 8410 Pride Way are still helping them today.

“In transitioning from teacher to administrator, I’ve had to look at education in a more comprehensive way,” wrote McGarry, now at Millbrook, in an email interview. “My focus can’t just be on how to make my students in my English classes successful; now I have to try to make decisions that will help a school full of students be successful.”

“I have learned [in] transitioning from teacher to administrator that an administrator’s job never really ends,” wrote Espinal, now at Enloe, also via email. “I always have something going on; my to-do list never really ends but I like that.”

In many ways, the two jobs are similar. Administrators, like teachers, must still help students learn material, stay safe and make responsible choices — yet the number of students is vastly larger.

“I have learned that my classroom is now bigger; it’s the entire school!” wrote Espinal. “I like the challenges that the admin job brings. I am constantly moving.”

Yet the transition in role has also taught new lessons and approaches to education.

“It is the job of a school administrator to support teachers as they grow in their craft, so I work as hard to build relationships with the teachers in the building,” wrote McGarry. “I have learned a lot about what it takes to keep a school running smoothly on a daily basis…”

While both seem happy to continue the upward curve of their education careers, nostalgia from fond memories of Leesville lingers.

“I miss my students, my art classes and the days of being an art teacher,” wrote Espinal. “I am so glad to be at Enloe but have missed my Leesville family.”

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