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Camel couture: a fashion show

“OMG do you guys wanna go to a Trina Turk fashion show tomorrow night?????” was the text that changed my life on Saturday March 8. Not only is Trina Turk one of my favorite designers, but I was just given the opportunity to meet her and see her new spring line.

Needless to say, me and my best friends were more than thrilled to plan our own outfits for the event. Our outfits for the night consumed our thoughts leading up to the show. If we were going to meet one of our fashion idols, we HAD to look the part.

On Sunday, after bouncing around innumerable ideas and trying on everything we owned, we were dressed and ready to go.

We walked through the doors of Belk into a bustle of well-dressed women snacking on hors d’oeuvres and shopping their hearts out. We rode the escalator up to our favorite area of the store and standing there was the woman of the night; Trina Turk.

As we attempted to play it cool, we approached her and asked for a photo. She was so inviting and friendly, something unexpected of fashion designers.

The fashion show was set to begin soon, so we joined the herd of other anxious women attempting to get a seat near the runway. We wriggled through the crowd to some open seats to find that they were reserved, right behind Trina Turk. When the manager of the Crabtree Belk store saw us eying those seats, he offered that we sit there. We were so humbled and gracious, because we were two rows behind the woman herself.

After all the introductions and thanks, the show began. The electronic music began and the beautiful models emerged wearing even more beautiful clothing. With wide eyes we frothed at the mouth at the new designs and took innumerable pictures.

We were thrilled at the entire experience and were elated that we met one of our favorite designers. The fact that she was so friendly really made the experience one to remember.



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