Leesville leads school rank


The annual U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Leesville sixteenth compared to all other North Carolina high schools.

Among other school rankings, Leesville placed 1,313th nationally, third in the Wake County Public School System and met 22 out of 27 Federal Annual Measurable Objectives. Of Leesville’s 2,408 students, 83% were proficient in English and 79% proficient in Algebra One.

Dr. A.J. Mutillo, principal of LRHS, attributes the high rankings to a disciplined student body.

“Leesville students take their education seriously. I see that through these rankings and in my classroom observations,” he said.

The rankings also indicated a high percentage of academic growth rate, which Mutillo credits to the implementation of a new curriculum.

Eliot Winkler, junior, feels Leesville’s rankings stem from elective choices and an incentive-based exemption policy. “Leesville has ample choices in terms of core-based electives. I feel that our ability to choose from so many classes and the senior exemption policy motivates students to achieve so highly,” he said.



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