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Meet the broadcasting team

Zipporah Foster sets up Camera Left the day before the Winterfest assembly. As part of the Broadcasting Crew, Foster and others film the major Leesville assemblies.

Twice a year, a group of select students converge together to broadcast the Leesville assemblies.

In February, the Broadcasting Crew records Winterfest and Senior Assembly, held in May.

No less than a small army transmits the shows from the gym to classroom TVs. Students, under Mrs. Haley, librarian, lie down wires across the gym floor the day before any assembly. The current group of twelve sets up four different cameras. Then, they connect the cameras to the broadcasting board. The board transmits images to the school TVs.

For Zipporah Foster, senior, this is a ritual she has long since memorized, as she has been on the crew since her freshman year.

“I remember seeing someone on the camera for Winterfest and I thought it was really cool,” said Foster. “I  talked to Mrs. Haley and in a month I was doing the Award Ceremony.” On her first day being involved in the crew, Foster claimed the job of manning the center camera as her own.

From years of being on the crew, Foster has gained a unique bond to the group. She loves the opportunity to meet so many people who participate in all aspects of the assemblies. While expanding her social interactions, she has also learned all the technical aspects of broadcasting and has experimented with different camera angles.

“My favorite part of Broadcasting Crew is the day of the actual broadcast. It’s the fact that, yes we know what is about to happen, but at the same time you don’t know what’s about to happen. Just being up there, recording, is amazing, I love it. I just love it,” said Foster who looks back at her memories fondly.

However, this will be Foster’s last year along with two other seniors. In need of more broadcasters, Haley recruited two sophomore girls. Both Jordan Mareno and Abby Tarnowski heard about the crew from being in Mr. Korreck’s Digital Media class. Any student who is a diligent worker and is interested in joining the Broadcasting Crew can talk to Mrs. Haley in the library.

“I was interested in camera operating and thought it’d be cool to broadcast (the assemblies),” said Tornowski. Actually participating in the broadcasting crew had blown away their expectations.

“It was more fun that I thought it’d be. I thought it would be more serious and strict, but we had a lot of fun while I still got to experience new stuff,” said Mareno. “I liked being right there, in the middle of the assembly and being in the front row.”

The older members taught Tornowski and Maren how to operate the cameras and broadcasting board, along with sharing general knowledge that would help them.

“This was my first time I had someone shadowing me, and then trying to get them to understand everything,” said Foster. “I couldn’t really teach them anything; they just had to do and figure out what was right and what was wrong while they were doing it.”

During the Winterfest Assembly last month, both girls took turns in operating the center camera as Foster supervised them.

While this is Foster’s last year, she wishes nothing but the best for the new and returning crew members. With a heavy, but content heart, Foster says goodbye to the group and especially to Haley.

“I hope I can continue to be on the Broadcasting Crew and make as many improvements as we can find,” said Moreno, taking the lead. Tarnowski also hopes to be more involved, to operate a camera on her own and to gain more confidence.

The Broadcasting Crew remains strong as the next generation of students take over. In years past and in years future, students come and go, but the bond and talent remains.



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