Dance Club steps into new year


On September 4, at 2:30 p.m., the Dance Club had their first meeting in the Black Box Theatre.With the average number of attenders to be 30, this year was blown out with 50.

The dance teacher, Ms. Hoban, explained that one of her goals for this year’s dance club is for more consistent participation. There were conflicts last year involving people not showing up and losing interest.

“We do not want our membership to dwindle. We need people to show up. I did not really enforce that as much last year but hopefully that will change this year,” said Ms. Hoban.

When asked what her role in the club was she said, “I speak with the officers and brainstorm in term of what’s going to happen in the next meeting and I coordinate guest speakers to come in and teach about dance.”

After introducing themselves to one another, the girls elected leaders then split up into five groups and started working on a dance.

“I dance because it lets you get out your emotions, connect with other people, learn about them and learn about yourself,” said Dani Youmans

“The group of girls is really fun and exciting; they are all very energetic and we all have a passion for dance,” said Caitlin Fogarty.

The dance club is always welcoming newcomers to the group. A high dance skill is not required. The next meeting will be held on October 9.

“It was really fun, energetic, open and everyone really gets to know each other really well,” said Jenny Sloane.


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