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Leesville students rehearse the step learned at the tryouts. A total of 13 students made the team.

Room 115 was filled with spirit and soul on December 1, 2011, as Leesville’s step team and dance team known as Black Centricity, held tryouts in preparation for the Winterfest assembly.

There were 13 girls who made the team as well as the captain, Jaleassa Henry.  Black Centricity is an outlet for students who might not fit in with other clubs with a major emphasis on team building.

The step team is a mix of a dance team and a drill team with the freedom to individualize.

Tryouts had an upbeat feel with a lot of enthusiasm  and energy. Henry led the new recruits in a complex and confusing sequence of steps which was followed up by auditions. During the actual audition, the contestants performed the sequence they learned earlier in front of Henry so she could pick out the individuals with the most talent.

The team has big expectations for the upcoming year according to Cherrelle Coleman, coach. “I expect the team to grow in membership as well as sparking interest around the school.”

Coleman explained that Black Centricity is not just about stepping. “Stepping is just a part of the Black Centricity program,” said Coleman.

Winterfest and a big sister program which pairs the dance team members with younger girls for mentoring purposes are the biggest events the team will partake in.

Black Centricity will not be without challenges this year. Learning the complicated steps will be a major difficulty. This will require dedication and patience with each other along with creativity to overcome obstacles throughout the year.

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