Women’s Varsity Basketball seeks success


From Nov. 1 to 3, Leesville held women’s basketball tryouts.  Coach Poole, women’s varsity basketball coach, said via e-mail, “Tryouts were competitive and intense. We had good numbers, maybe a few more than last year came out.  As usual, we had a large freshmen class come out and some new faces we had not seen before.”

After final cuts, thirteen people were selected for the varsity team.

For those who were chosen, this is an exciting time.

Taylor Humphrey, senior, said, “I’m excited because we have new people, and we have some different factors that we didn’t have last year.

Now that the girls are starting to mesh as a team, they are working towards the goals that they have set for themselves this year.

“We definitely want to win a lot this year.  Not only that, but we want to play better together as a team,” said Lindsay Jones, junior.

Humphrey agreed. “We all just really want to get along, work our hardest, show that we do work hard, and be rewarded for all the effort that we put in.”

Jones said, “I think this year will go very well.  We have a good team chemistry, work well together, and have a good skill set, as a team as a whole.”

The varsity basketball team is ready to tackle any challenges that come their way and hope to have great success this year.

“If we work hard, develop solid habits, play together as a team, than wins and losses will take care of themselves.  I just want to make sure I prepare them to the best of my ability for every situation they will face,” said Poole, via e-mail.


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