The good teacher conjecture


Studies show that high school students who get nine or more hours of sleep and a nutritious breakfast will do better in school. They even say that students in year-round do better than those in traditional. What statisticians neglect to show us is that we, the students, also need teachers whose methods of instruction actually work.

“I like to have a lot of open discussion, often leading to humorous tangents and hands-on activities. Students can ask anything, get the right answer and not have to be afraid of asking stupid questions,” said Mr. Argao, chemistry teacher. He explained that his method models his personality and teaching is more of a “performance.”

Because students love anything that they can laugh at, this style is preferred by most. It captivates us and we want to pay attention. Still, all teachers have to stick to a curriculum and do their best to make it fun.

Ms. Nusbaum, who uses a variety of mediums when teaching, explained that the level of fun really depends on the age group of her class. In Psychology and Sociology, generally for upperclassmen, fun is incorporated because the students are more mature. Whereas in tenth grade Civics and Economics, “structure comes first and fun last because the students are less mature and goof off.”

Building relationships, respect and trust are big parts of the style used by Ms. McGarry, tenth grade English teacher. She, like Nusbaum, uses various activities in her style of education to be able to draw the best out of all types of students. Not every student learns the same way, so the mixed-up style is very effective.

McGarry also pointed out something very important: “English and many other subjects are not concrete.” Therefore, the ability to learn different subjects varies for all students.

In conclusion, the level of a teacher’s effectiveness entirely depends upon whether or not the students can learn while different styles are applied.


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