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Vandals strike Leesville’s campus

Driving into school the morning of Friday, October 22, most students were shocked to find the letters “MHS” vanadalized on windows, school walls, the senior wall, speed bumps, stairs, the parking lot, and over the Marshall Hamilton Stadium sign. “It brings tears to my eyes; it really does. They desecrated a memorial,” said Amy Wedge, English teacher, about the destruction to Leesville’s stadium, specifically the Marshall Hamilton sign dedicated in honor of the school’s first athletic director who died of cancer in 2008. The night of Thursday, October 21, an undetermined number of people trespassed onto the Leesville campus, sometime between 12 and 4 o’clock in the morning.

Homecoming pep rally wows crowd

Before the big Homecoming game on October 8, Leesville students celebrated with a parade and pep rally. The day’s schedule was rearranged so that all...

School water fountains an epic failure

In Leesville Road High School, there are only two constants: The first is that on any given day, Mrs. Jackson will bust a girl...

Sports teams added to Homecoming parade

In addition to the plethora of floats, the 2010 Homecoming parade also included sports teams. In the past, sports teams walked across the football field...

Pride beats Wakefield at Homecoming

On October 8, the Pride Varsity football team defeated the Wakefield Wolverines with a final score of 49 to 28 for a Homecoming victory....

The Mycenaean’s biggest fan: a tribute

In a land where newspapers are brushed aside and readership is low, The Mycenaean staff grudgingly posts their articles online, rather than distributing the...

Leesville holds PSAT/NMSQT

On Wednesday, October 13, LRHS students took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, or PSAT/NMSQT. The PSAT is a standardized test designed to challenge...

Homecoming lame, but that’s ok

I had high expectations for Homecoming 2010.   After three years of watching the seniors waltz in at 10:15, I was ready to do the...

LGBT Pride parade full of cliches

On September 25, I enjoyed a gorgeous day filled with music, rainbows, and beautiful men—beautiful gay men. I attended North Carolina’s statewide LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,...

Leesville students enjoy State Fair traditions

The State Fair arrived in North Carolina lon October 14, and many Leesville students are excited about trying new foods and rides and continuing...

Application process destroys students

During fall, seniors across the nation go through the scary process of applying to universities. According to a stratified random sample survey conducted by the...

Choosing the better browser

The majority of students at LRHS use Internet browsers daily and for multiple hours at a time. Choosing the correct browser is crucial in...

Women’s XC overcomes Sanderson

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the Leesville Women’s Cross Country team defeated the Sanderson Spartans 18-45 at Leesville’s home course. Leesville clinched thirteen of the...

Coldstone PB&C a disappointment

With a low tolerance for vegetables and fruits, most of my adolescent decision-making moments have ended with me sneaking Cosmic Brownies before dinner or...

Leesville goes all out for Spirit Week

“Spirit Week” gives students at Leesville the opportunity to dress festively according to a variety of themes. Each day was assigned a specific theme;...

Senioritis: month two

Mrs. Kay Floyd did her first-period AP English 12 class a disservice on October 7, 2010 as she approached her stereo to play a...

Sun Chips’ bags are loud, get over it

Sun Chips has stopped making the first ever 100% biodegradable chip bag because some people think it crinkles too loudly. The bags were made... reads your mind, plays music

iTunes, Pandora and even Purevolume are fairly popular websites among music-savvy students at Leesville. At each website, you make an account and choose your... a procrastination “win”

Ask any student around Leesville who has access to a computer, and they can list tons of websites that they visit instead...

Smokeless tobacco growing in popularity with teens

Throughout history, users of tobacco have received their nicotine fix from a variety of methods. Cigarettes, dip, chew, cigars, hookah and patches are all...

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